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  • Luxury Tour from Vietnam to Siem Reap

    The "Luxury Tour from Vietnam to Siem Reap" 9 days tour will show the beauty of the best destinations from Hanoi to Siem Reap. We combine majestic northern scenery and dreamy beauty of the sea and lost temple cities. Experience the blend of old and new, classic and contemporary, traditional and modern, discover the region's culture and beauty as we visit the stunning ancient temples of Angkor, and be immersed in Vietnam's markets and vibrant street.
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    $ 1,560 /person
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  • Hoi An To Siem Reap

    Discover two of the biggest highlights of Indochina in the Hoi An to Siem Reap 7-day tour, operated by Incredible Asia Journeys in a bid to show you a mix of culture, history, food and religion across Vietnam and Cambodia.We start in the ancient port town of Hoi An in central Vietnam. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, Hoi An was once a bustling and very important stop along the maritime Silk Road connecting China with Europe. The mix of yellow-plaster architecture with hanging lanterns, and quaint wooden bridges over rivers flanked by tropical vegetation sets the tone of Hoi An, a remarkably pretty town where life moves at a languid pace. The Hoi An to Siem Reap 7-day tour spends four days in Hoi An, its neighbouring UNESCO-recognised site of My Son Sanctuary, its nearby nature reserves and the modest handicraft villages that dot its surroundings.Following this, we fly to Siem Reap to visit Angkor Wat, the otherworldly embodiment of Khmer religious beliefs through jaw-dropping architecture. Much of Angkor Wat and the ancient Khmer capital of Angkor Thom are in states of ruin following neglect and active war, but this makes for some of the most ethereal scenes not only in Asia, but surely throughout the world. Along with a thorough exploration of Angkor Wat, the Hoi An to Siem Reap 7-day tour visits the beautiful Tonle Sap Lake and allows time for relaxation in Siem Reap. Your tour in Vietnam and Cambodia with Incredible Asia Journey - Vietnam most reliable tour operator has completed.
    $ 556 /person
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  • Explore Bangkok to Angkor Wat

    Cambodia and Thailand are two of the most alluring countries in Southeast Asia. Our 11-day package is will designed to take you through the marvels of culture, history and local life, the incomparable landscapes, and the endless wonder to explore. The ancient cities and hidden temples in Cambodia, to the incredible hill tribes and elephant camp in Thailand, you will find the unique and the treasured, the fabled and the masterful as if were created just for you. Hidden within the spectacular flavors or wondrous gastronomy, you will discover surprises and find experience is the ultimate reward.
    $ 1,994 /person
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  • Wonders of Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia

    Join us on this 11 day adventure that covers the highlights of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. You will start by exploring the hidden gems of Hanoi Old Quarter, then cruise along the tranquil waters of Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Next, you will fly to Luang Prabang, a charming town that blends culture and nature. You will visit the ancient temples, waterfalls and caves that make this place so special. Then, you will travel to Cambodia, where you will marvel at the majestic Angkor Wat and the mysterious Ta Prohm, where the jungle has taken over the ruins. Finally, you will end your trip in Saigon, a vibrant city that showcases Vietnam's modern side. This tour will give you a taste of the three amazing countries in Southeast Asia, where you will experience their rich history and stunning scenery.
    $ 1,556 /person
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  • Northern Vietnam to Cambodia Adventure

    The deep-rooted history and beautiful, sweeping nature of Indochina reveal themselves to you on Northern Vietnam to Cambodia 11 Days tour. This is an extensive tour giving you an in-depth look at the fascinating cultures of these two great Indochinese countries.We start Northern Vietnam to Cambodia 11 Days tour around Hanoi, in areas known nationwide for their stunning mountains, rippling rice paddies, humble villages, friendly locals and their complete encapsulation of the idyllic Vietnamese image. We discover the many delights of Vietnam’s capital city before heading out into Mai Chau, Pu Luong, Ninh Binh and Halong Bay, four areas that showcase the best of Vietnam’s dramatic limestone cliffs, with all the examples of agriculture and cycles of wildlife that take place in their shadows.We continue the tour with a flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia. This is the doorstep to the architectural colossus of Angkor Wat, home to 400 acres of temples, statues, shrines, fortifications, palaces and entire ancient cities all in various states of ruin. The jungle around it also houses two ancient and highly evocative Hindu temples, while just to the south lies the gorgeous Tonle Sap Lake. The Northern Vietnam to Cambodia 11 Days tour pays visits to all of these over 3 days from Siem Reap, the bubbling hub of activity in the region. The best Vietnam tour agency - Incredible Asia Journeys proudly brings the tour Cambodia and Vietnam to our customers.
    $ 1,052 /person
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  • 12 Days Vietnam And Cambodia Tour

    12 Day Vietnam and Cambodia Tour starts in Hanoi and ends in Siem Reap. You will visit most of the highlights of Vietnam to Cambodia in 12 days from Hanoi, Halong Bay 2 day 1 night cruise, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta to Siem Reap with Angkor Wat Temples. This 12 days in Vietnam and Cambodia gives you the best experience for classic North Vietnam Tours to Southern Vietnam Tours and a brief tour in Cambodia. With thousands of excellent reviews on Tripadvisor, Incredible Asia Journeys is proud to introduce this 12 days in Vietnam and Cambodia to customers with the best deal. This trip will be one of the unforgettable trips for you.
    $ 852 /person
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  • Angkor Wat Tours and Around

    Touchdown in Cambodia tours and the Angkor Wat Tours and Around will be a perfect opportunity for you to explore this charmingly chaotic and vibrant city. You will visit all the top attractions such as amazing holy Angkor Temples, Ta Prohm (also known as the ‘Tomb Raider Temple’ from famous action movie of the same name) and learn more about the Bayon Temple with the ancient Khmer’s art, culture, and architecture. Furthermore, you will be impressed by the ox-cart adventure, a motorboat trip and even have a chance to enjoy local tropical fruits and local wine production. For those who want to do a similar tour with less time, you may see Siem Reap Treasure Tour 4 Day. 
    $ 450 /person
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Angkor Temples Overview

Stretching across 400 square kilometers, the Angkor Archaeological Park, which was the center of the Khmer empire for more than 500 years and is still the spiritual heart of Cambodia, is a point of pilgrimage for all Cambodians. And no traveler to the region wants to miss the extravagant beauty of the most important archaeological sites in the world. Angkor Tours are always the most memorable time in Siem Reap Tours and Cambodia.

What to see and what to do in Angkor Temples?

Being home to hundreds of temples, including the popular Angkor Wat - the world’s largest religious building, Bayon, Ta Prohm, etc, the temples of Angkor, which are the perfect fusion of creative ambition and spiritual devotion, are a source of inspiration and the national pride to all Khmers as they struggle to rebuild their lives after the years of terror and trauma. 

As there are so many temples to visit in the Angkor Complex, the decision on where to go is based on the amount of time that you are about to spend at Angkor, the roads, the proximity of the temples, and sometimes, the favorable light conditions. 

However, there are some that you should not miss. The Angkor Wat, which was built in the 12th century by King Suryavarman II as a tribute to the Hindu god Vishnu, is one of the most inspired monuments ever conceived by the human mind. 

Here, the monuments and the surrounding jungle offer unlimited textural and lighting opportunities to compose the best photo ever. Figuratively heaven on earth, Angkor Wat is so synonymous with Cambodia that it is featured on the Cambodian national flag.  

Smaller compared to the Angkor Wat, Bayon, which was built in the late 12th- and early-13th-century as the official state temple of King Jayavarman VII, is another much-loved temple on the tourist trail best famous for a sea of over 200 massive stone faces looking in all direction. 

Manifesting itself in the large scale of the construction, Angkor Thom, the last great capital of the Khmer empire takes monumental to a whole new level. A depiction in stone stretching 350m in length of a famous battle in Khmer history, the Terrace of Elephants is the highlight. 

If the tourist crowd of the Angkor Wat is a nightmare to you, let’s head to some quiet areas to catch your breath and reflect on your surroundings such as: Preah Vihear, the Baphuon, Phimeanakas, Thommanon, Chau Say Tevoda, etc. 

What to eat and drink in Angkor Temples?

Angkor Temples Complex is located in Siem Reap which is very famous for street food. Among which, you should definitely try curry crab (fried crab with green onion and eggs), Sgnou Chruk Bong Kang (colorful and tasty soup of Khmer people), Nhoim Troyong Chiek (Banana flower salad) and Tom Yum.

When to visit Angkor temples?

As the Angor Temples are on the main tourist circuit, it is better to plan to go there early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the majority of the visitors. 

Lunchtime, when the sun is strongest and everyone else is at lunch, is also the best time to see the fewest people. However, you should avoid visit Angkor Temples at lunchtime and noontime from April to August.

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