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  • Pu Luong Discovery Day Tour

    When other destinations in the North of Vietnam become more popular, Pu Luong 2 Day 1 Night Tour is a good way to find something different. For a long time, Sapa Tours have been a hot destination after Halong Bay Tours but now is more and more crowded so Pu Luong 2 Day 1 Night Tour can be a highlight of Group Tour in Vietnam.Pu Luong 2 Day 1 Night Tour is a group tour departing from Hanoi to reach the hidden Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Pu Luong is a new destination so it is not very crowded like other places like Mai Chau, Sapa, Ninh Binh or Halong Bay. The local people there are very friendly and they welcome you to their village. When you are there, you will feel that all the people want to make friends with you and they want to show what they have.Pu Luong is still not commercial and local people there earn their living on farming so you can experience more the local life and their culture there.The terrace rice fields there are beautiful so and you will be impressed by its beauty. There is no better to way to go to a beautiful but not commercial area like Pu Luong. Pu Luong 2 Day 1 Night Tour is a great way to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of nature and learn more about the Ethnic Thai People there.
    $ 110 /person
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  • Ban Gioc Waterfall – Ba Be Lake Group Tour

    Ban Gioc Waterfall – Ba Be Lake Group Tour is a highlight tour of the Vietnam Group Tour besides the popular tours of Halong Bay, Sapa or Ninh Binh. Different from the other tours like Halong Bay Cruises or Sapa Tours, Ban Gioc Waterfall and Ba Be Lake Tour is the trip to the authentic area where it is not touristy and commercial. You will see and feel the real life of the local people there and visit the beautiful natural site of North Vietnam. You will have the chance to interact and learn more about the local life of Northern Vietnam. This tour package in Northern Vietnam is for the travellers who have more time than others and like the adventure trip because this tour you will stay 2 nights in homestays in which the living condition is basic. However, the truely experience of this tour is amazing and it is not easy to have from other trips.
    From $ 250
    $ 215 /person
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  • Lan Ha Bay 3 Day 2 Night Cruise

    Cruise companies are opening up a new luxuriant path to tourists in Lan Ha Bay, a sea speckled with tall limestone mountains, wonderful beaches and exquisite caverns. Increasingly, passengers are finding that Lan Ha Bay is every bit as enticing, if not more so, like Halong Bay, its neighbor to the north.This Lan Ha Bay 3 day 2 night cruise takes you around the quiet enclave, giving you a chance to absorb its majesty unrestricted by other boats. We will spend three days cruising around the vast and quiet expanse, discovering a gorgeous wet cave system, island village, white sand beach and peaceful waters for kayaking and swimming. It is the ideal tour for peace-minded passengers and families, with plenty of activities designed to get you closer to both the lush picture of the bay and the culture of the country.Discover Lan Ha Bay your own way on the Lan Ha Bay 3 day 2-night cruise.
    From $ 265
    $ 225 /person
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  • Lan Ha Bay 2 Day 1 Night Cruise

    Perhaps it’s the canals of water uncluttered with other boats or perhaps it’s the sandy beaches, magnificent caves and beautiful islands left uncrowded by other passengers, but it is undeniable that Lan Ha Bay has a stronger air of freedom than Halong Bay, its neighbour to the north. Discover for yourself on this Lan Ha Bay overnight cruise by taking in the majesty of Vietnam’s northeastern corner over both day and night. Here, we sail to the tremendous wet caves and silent kayaking and swimming areas of the bay, as well as providing peaceful accommodation, delicious food and engaging onboard activities. This tour is specifically suited for peace-minded passengers with an eye and an ear for tranquility, so book with us today to enjoy Lan Ha Bay your own way - on the Lan Ha Bay 2-day, 1-night cruise.
    From $ 162
    $ 120 /person
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  • Bai Tu Long Bay 3 Day 2 Night Cruise

    Bai Tu Long Bay 3 Day 2 Night is one of Vietnam Group Tour and it is suitable for travelers who want to discover Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay as much as possible. This 3 Day 2 Night Itinerary in Bai Tu Long Bay will help you to discover the less touristic area of Bai Tu Long Bay comparing to Halong Bay Cruise where the number of cruises and tourists are too many. Moreover, the 3 day 2 night on the cruise in Bai Tu Long will give you more chances to discover the future of the bay to enjoy the kayaking and swimming in the natural beaches.
    From $ 275
    $ 235 /person
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  • Bai Tu Long Bay 2 Day 1 Night Cruise

    Bai Tu Long 2 day 1 night Cruise is a good option for travellers when you are in North Vietnam and want to enjoy Halong Bay Cruise in a less touristic area. Comparing to Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay is less touristic and more natural so you may enjoy the cruise more. The 2 day 1 night cruise will be suitable for most of  travellers who want to visit Halong Bay and Bai Long Bay but do not have too much time for 2 nights. You will have chance for cruising, kayaking, sambpan boat trip and visiting the local village.This is definitely the best part of your Vietnam Tour Package.
    From $ 165
    $ 120 /person
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  • Sapa Adventure By Trekking Tour

    This Sapa Trekking Tour for 3 days and 2 nights is an extended tour in the beautiful region of Sapa for tourists who want to immerse themselves in the delights of this mountainous area. Starting and finishing at Lao Cai Train Station, this is a group tour North Vietnam trekking through the heart of Sapa, its wonderful hill tribe villages and the steeped rice paddies for which this region is famous.Recommended by Tripadvisor, Incredible Asia Journeysprovides everything you need for this 3-day trekking tour of Sapa - One of the best daily group tour in Vietnam. An English-speaking tour guide, all breakfasts and lunches and all entrance fees are covered, while we give you a choice of whether to book a hotel yourself or let Incredible Asia Journeys do it for you.
    $ 75 /person
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  • North Vietnam & Sapa Excursions

    This North Vietnam & Sapa Excursions offered by Incredible Asia Journeys is a new group trekking tour around the phenomenal Sapa region in Northern Vietnam. On this tour, we focus on your interaction with members of Sapa’s various hill tribes, staying at two homestays from two different ethnic minorities and meeting many others along the way. We see where and how they live, with their contoured rice paddies descending down the beautiful Sapa mountains to the valleys below. We see glorious forests of bamboo, imposing rocky mountains and the cascading Lavie Waterfall. The Sapa Homestay 3 Day Tour offers trekkers a comprehensive feel of Sapa through its diverse itinerary and freedom for self-exploration.
    $ 75 /person
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  • Discover The Best Of Sapa

    Discover The Best Of Sapa  is designed to give tourists a look into the enchanted world of world-famous Sapa. This is a 2-day trekking tour around the best of Sapa’s offerings, through its gorgeous nature and with its friendly local people. Beginning and ending at Lao Cai Train Station, the Sapa Homestay 2 Day Tour belongs to Vietnam Group Tours which provides a shuttle bus, all meals and an English-speaking tour guide. We go to a local house, meet with members of various hill tribes and learn about their lives; their relationships, their work, their food and their culture in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Join in this group tour for the best price and best services!
    $ 56 /person
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  • Short Sapa Tour & North Vietnam

    As part of our Sapa Tours, Incredible Asia Journeys is proud to introduce our Short Sapa Tour & North Vietnam, starting and ending from Lao Cai Train Station. We focus on bringing you the untouched areas of Sapa through our visits to stunning Giang Ta Chai, Suoi Ho and Ma Tra, along with other more established destinations like Lao Chai, Ta Van and Ta Phin.The Sapa Tour for 2 days 1 night is one of the best of Vietnam Group Tours and this 2-day tour focuses on trekking through the beautiful steeped rice paddies of the region. We chat with locals of different tribes to get a better understanding of their happy lives in the vast tea plantations, fields and gardens of this lush province.
    $ 65 /person
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Vietnam Group Tours are the most popular tours with the best price, which you enjoy sharing the experience of traveling with others whilst in the expert hands of an experienced and knowledgeable local guide. The philosophy is just the same as for our tailor-made trips that let you stroll through the highlights in Vietnam while getting beneath the surface to discover the real people, places, and cultures.  

What are Vietnam Group Tours?

Incredible Asia Journeys is pleased to introduce Vietnam Group Tours to clients. Vietnam Group Tours are the tours which clients travel in a tour group with other travelers, accompanied by our friendly guides. The group travels together by air-conditioned coach and will also share a cruise.There are several group tours for you to consider: 

Hoa Lu Tam Coc Day Trip Group Tour

Hoa Lu Tam Coc & Halong Bay 2 day Group Tour

Essence North Vietnam 4 Day Group Tour

North Vietnam 5 Day Group Tour

Halong Bay 1 Night Cruise

Halong Bay 2 Night Cruise

Vietnam Group Tours - Who are they for?

Vietnam Group Tours are suitable for most clients, in particular for younger travellers and for those who want to meet new people from all over the world and experience exciting activities in Vietnam. Touring in a group offers clients the opportunity to interact with other travellers and our knowledgeable guides while exploring new destinations in Vietnam.

Our philosophy is to connect travelers who are eager to visit new destinations for a reasonable price and to have fun with others. Our friendly English speaking guides travel with you on all tours to help you enjoy your trip and explore new destinations in Vietnam.

Vietnam Group Tours Size?

The group size of the tours is about 12 to 20 people on the bus depending on the bus size. In some cases, the group size can be larger on the cruise. On your group tour our guides are always on tour to support you and the group tour will be a very interesting tour as you will have more chance to know one another on the bus, van or on the cruises.

Vietnam Group Tours - Depart date and Confirmed Booking date?

In general, tours depart daily, making it easy for clients to book and join a tour. However coach and cruise numbers are limited, so early booking is recommended to ensure the availability of services.

Some group tours in Vietnam with more than 1 day we stay overnight on cruise or hotel so the accommodation can be not available when you book the tour in urgent. So we recommend the early booking for better arrangement and better price. Normally, the early booking will be good for the price and arrangement.

Advantages of joining in Vietnam Group Tours.

First, traveling in a group tours gives you the chance not only to explore in the company of like-minded travelers but also to make new close friends who you can share your feeling about the journeys.

Not to mention that it is safer to travel with a group, especially to solo travelers. 

Last but not least, Vietnam Group Tours are the perfect choice for those who want to budget in advance for the trip. It keeps things simple to give you incredible experiences at a great price. With all the advantages mentioned above, Vietnam Group Tours is the option you may consider to experience charming Vietnam's captivating natural beauty, explore bustling cities and historic sites. Our group tours depart daily.

How to confirm Vietnam Group Tours.

For confirming the tour please contact our travel consultants via email. The tours are only confirmed via email or fax.

50% of the total cost will be required at the time of booking online by credit card and the balance can be-be paid just before arrival or on arrival by cash.

Join in our group tours, experience the real life of Vietnam and learn more about its beauty!

Vietnam Group Tours - The Best Sample:

Travelling to Vietnam, you may want to find a tour with the low budget because you are a solo traveler or you are a small group so you want to join with a group for saving the cost where you can share the cost with other people. Some people may want to join in a Vietnam Group Tours for having more chance to meet the new people and friends. In that case, Vietnam Group Tours will be the best for you for any of those purposes. 

Day 1: Hanoi Arrival

Arriving in Hanoi, your guide will pick you up at the airport with your name board after you collect the luggage and clear the visa procedure. You will take the transfer to your hotel for relaxing. Spend your own time for discovering the Captial City of Hanoi. You may stroll around for shopping or just drinking a cup of coffee while watching the local life on the street.

Day 2: Hanoi City Tour with lunch

Joining in Vietnam Group Tour you will do the Hanoi City Tour for visiting the best destinations in Hanoi like Ho Chi Minh Complex, Temple of Literature. You will have lunch at a local restaurant in Hanoi.

in the afternoon you will visit one of the nice museums in Hanoi like Hoa Lo Prison Museums or Ethnology Museums then go back to Hanoi City Center for a walking tour around the Old Quarter. The Water Puppet can be an option for the Vietnam Group Tours. Please contact your travel consultant for that option.

Day 3: Hanoi - Hoa Lu - Tam Coc day trip with lunch

Your guide and the shuttle bus will pick you up at your hotel and you will take the transfer for about 2 hours to Ninh Binh for visiting Hoa Lu with Dinh and Le Temples. You will learn more about the history of Vietnam back to thousands of years ago.

Have lunch at a local restaurant. You will have a buffet lunch with different dishes so there are a lot of choices for you if you are on diet or some special requests.

In the afternoon, you will visit Tam Coc caves with the sampan boat trip. That will be a great time to communicate with local people while they row the boat and you may help them to row the boat if you want. Tam Coc caves tour is an amazing trip for you on your Vietnam Group Tour. Finishing the boat trip you will go back to Hanoi with your bus waiting for you. Your third day of Vietnam Group Tour ends at your hotel.

Day 4: Hanoi - Halong Bay Cruising full board

Your Halong Bay shuttle bus and your tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in the Old Quarter for about 4 hour-drive to Halong Bay. You will have a break time on the way and arrive at the harbour around noon time. 

Have a welcome drink and you will do the check-in process to your cabin. Have a nice lunch on 3-star cruise then your cruise will take you to the most beautiful places in Halong Bay. You will do some actives like visiting one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay, going kayaking in the beautiful area of Halong Bay - One of the best places in the world.

Go back to your cruise and enjoy the sunset time with the happy hour. Have dinner and enjoy the night time on the cruise. You may chat with your friends or try your luck with squid fishing. Stay overnight in Halong Bay. That will be a memorable time of your life and your Vietnam Group Tour.

Day 5: Halong Bay Cruise - Hanoi 

You may get up early for enjoying the Taichi lesson with Taichi master on the cruise. Have breakfast then continue your trip. Go to the Titov Island for climbing up to the top for taking great photos of Halong Bay or just go swimming/relaxing on the nice beach there.

Go back to your cruise for checking out your cabin then your cruise will travel back to the harbor. You will have lunch before going back to your shuttle bus. Spend 4 hour-drive to go back to your hotel and the shuttle bus will drop you at your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter. 

Halong Bay is the most highlight of your Vietnam Group Tour.

Day 6: Hanoi - Fly home or next destination in Vietnam.

Your 6 Day Vietnam Group Tour ends in Hanoi if you just have a short time for Northern Vietnam. If you have more time in Vietnam you may take a flight from Hanoi to Hue.

Arriving in Hue, our driver will pick you up for the transfer to Hue City. Check in hotel and stay overnight in Hue City.

Day 7: Hue City Tour with dragon boat

Our guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel at 07.30 AM. You will visit Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Tomb where you will learn more about the history of Vietnam through our guide's story and the lively museums of Khai Dinh and Minh Mang Tombs. You will know how Vietnamese people and royal family lived in some hundred years ago. After that, you will enjoy the traditional Kinh Van An Martial Art Show where you will know Vietnamese Martial Art in Nguyen Dynasty using to protect the royal families. That will be a great time for experience. You will then visit Tu Duc Tomb and the Conical Hat & Incense Making Village.

Have lunch and you will visit the Imperial Citadel of Hue to learn more about the Nguyen Dynasty and the royal life and works. You will then take a boat trip on Perfume River for enjoying the views along the bank and the life of local people. Get back to your hotel and ends the Day 7 of Vietnam Group Tour.

Day 8: Hue - Bus to Hoi An over Hai Van Pass

Today you will take a bus from Hue City to the charming town of Hoi An. The bus will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to Hoi An. On the way, you will have a chance to enjoy the beautiful view of Vietnam. Stop on the Hai Van Pass - the longest and highest pass in the Middle provinces and that is one of the 4 longest passes in Vietnam. Enjoy your time on the top of Hai Van pass and take the beautiful photos of Vietnam Coastline. You will arrive in Hoi An and check in your hotel. Stay overnight in Hoi An.

Day 8: Hoi An Rural Cycling

After having breakfast in your hotel, our guide will pick you up with the bicycles. You will cycle from your hotel/resort to the rural area with the farm and fishing farm. Enjoy your time taking the nice photos of the countryside and fishing villages. You will meet the local people and you may chat with them as they are very friendly. You will arrive Van Lang Village where you will take a rest after cycling, have a drink prepared by a local host. After getting back energy, we will enjoy the round bamboo boat along the river and you may try your luck with the rod for crab fishing. That will be very enjoyable and funny time in Hoi An. 

After taking the round bamboo boat, you will get back to the host family for a rest and enjoy the herbal foot massage by the local people there. You may enjoy the time there learning how to cook some Vietnamese dishes then enjoy the lunch with your products you have done. Say goodbye to your local host and cycle back to your hotel/resort. In the afternoon you may go to the beach or your swimming pool for swimming. In the evening you may go to town for enjoying the charming town of Hoi An and taste some local food there. Stay overnight in Hoi An.

Day 9: Hoi An Free Day

After 8 days of this Vietnam Group Tour, you may have a day for free and that will the time for getting the energy before your trip to the next destinations in South Vietnam. Take your time swimming in one of the best beaches of Vietnam and walking around Hoi An Town for sightseeing. Stay overnight in Hoi An.

Day 10: Hoi An - Transfer to Da Nang for your flight to Ho Chi Minh City.

Today you will enjoy the last hours in Hoi An before our driver come to pick you up for the transfer to Da Nang Airport for the flight to Ho Chi Minh City. 

Arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, our driver will pick you up for the transfer to your hotel for check-in. You will stay overnight in Ho Chi Minh City before the trip visiting Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta. 

Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta is an important part of Vietnam Group Tours as most of the people visit Vietnam may fly to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

Day 10: Ho Chi Minh Cu Chi Tunnels and Ho Chi Minh City Tour

Guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel and you start the tour visiting the key sites of the city like Independence Palace, Central Post Office, and War Remnants Museum. All these sites will help you to know more about Saigon in the past and about the war in Vietnam some decades ago.

Have lunch in a local restaurant then you will take the transfer to Cu Chi Tunnels. You will visit the amazing Cu Chi Tunnels which were created in the war for fighting and hiding. You will be surprised by the ability of human being in the hardest time of life and they can live in the hard condition like that. Learn more about the history of Vietnam via stories of our tour guide. Go back to your hotel and stay in Ho Chi Minh City.

Day 11: Ho Chi Minh - Mekong Delta - Ho Chi Minh

Known as an important part of all Vietnam Group Tours, it is worth to visit Mekong Delta and enjoy the boat trip there.

Picking up from your hotel for transfer to Ben Tre. Hop on the boat and enjoy the relaxing time in Mekong Delta seeing the local life. You will stop at various workshops for seeing the ageless techniques to make the skillful crafts including the coconut husk brooms, charcoal, dry coconut and other artworks from coconut fiber. You will enjoy the time on a rickshaw - a local vehicle. You will do the kayaking through the coconut canal.

You will have lunch in a local family then enjoy your relaxing time in the family or cycling around the village. After that, you will visit a fruit plantation and enjoy the seasonal fruits. Enjoy the time on the rowing boat back to the harbor then take the drive back to your Ho Chi Minh City. Stay overnight in Ho Chi Minh City.

Day 12: Ho Chi Minh - Depart

Today will be your last day in Vietnam. 3 hours before your departure flight time, our driver will pick you up for the transfer to Ho Chi Minh Airport and you will take your flight home or to other destinations in your trip. End of your Vietnam Group Tour.

Above is one of the best tours in Vietnam Group Tours clients may take.

Vietnam Group Tours - Note:

+ Vietnam Group Tours are the tours for all the travelers to join in so the itineraries are fixed to make sure that all travelers can follow easily.

+ On the trips there may be a stop for a break. That is the time for travelers to go to toilets and drivers may have lunch because our drivers may have to start 2 hours before the trips start to drive from outskirts to the cities for picking up clients.

+ The standard of the tour will be basic to save the cost and meet the demand of all the travelers.

+ Some parts of a long trips Incredible Asia Journeys may use it's partners' services and tours.

Please choose one of the Vietnam Group Tours as below for your holiday.

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