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  • Ginger Cruise

    The new vessel of Heritage Line, Ginger Cruise, exudes elegance as she skims the water of Lan Ha Bay; a more secluded area of Halong Bay. With only 12 large suites on board; two Regent Suites, four Signature Suites and six Junior Suites; you’re bound to find serenity in the shadows of Lan Ha’s limestone pillars. Large windows and a big balcony ensure that you’ll have natural light and be as close to the stunning scenery as possible. Throughout the vessel runs a meticulously-crafted design; floors of warm timber and bathrooms of marble, creating a harmony of long-held North Vietnamese tradition with modern punctuation.The accordance of interior design features spills to the exterior. Ginger’s terrace deck provides a beautiful al-fresco area that frames a unique, near-360 degree floodlit restaurant offering a view on the chefs’ cooking procedures. The neighbouring bar offers plenty of opportunities for a refreshment after hours of exploration on the bay.The vast sun deck contains a large pool from which you can watch Lan Ha Bay glide past. Relaxation comes in many forms around Ginger, but the pool, the sunbeds and the spa rooms complete with steam baths and spa treatments are some of the best places to find it.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2018
    From $ 278
    $ 251 /person
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  • Orchid Classic Cruise

    Leading the way in luxury cruises of Lan Ha Bay, Orchid Cruise is a modern pioneer in an ancient world. Eschewing the congestion of Halong Bay, Orchid Cruise has paved a path in Lan Ha Bay, offering luxurious transport through the jade waters, beneath the tree-topped peaks of Halong Bay’s southern neighbour.Being the first company to offer this type of cruise in Lan Ha Bay, we have developed an unparalleled knowledge that sets us apart from other companies. Our staff know the bay better than anyone and are happy to point out features while providing you with a 5-star level of service.Our cabins ooze chic and you will certainly get the royal feeling while sleeping in one. Burnished wood and marble décor is a standard of the Orchid Cruise, as is the perfect white of your large bed and bathtub.The huge windows throughout this luxury cruise give you an amazing view of the beauty of Lan Ha Bay at all times, but you can see it best from the sundeck, our long and wide communal area offering fresh air and a panoramic view of the vertical cliffs.Let Orchid Cruise be your guide through the incredible Lan Ha Bay.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2016
    From $ 267
    $ 230 /person
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  • Perla Dawn Sails

    The true beauty of the isolated Lan Ha Bay opens up from the deck of the Perla Dawn Sails. Our Luxury Lan Ha Bay Cruise offers you the utmost comfort and sublime service as it glides quietly past the limestone giants of Lan Ha, revealing a quiet, peaceful bay far removed from the bustle of Halong. Based on the traditional junk boat design, the sleek wooden aesthetic of the Perla Dawn sails gives you the most authentic experience possible, with its 18 cabins providing a first-class voyage and a chance for you to see some of Vietnam’s most magical scenery in complete opulence. Perla Dawn Sails is one of the newest cruises in Lan Ha Bay which is suitable for a group with kids, and also for couples with honeymoon time.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2018
    From $ 210
    $ 155 /person
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  • Era Cruises

    After launching late last year (2017), Era Cruise became the second cruise to depart on a daily basis from Dinh Vu pier, Hai Phong, through Lan Ha Bay and into world-renowned Halong Bay.18 cabins and suites onboard provide customers with luxury accommodation and the promise of travel with style, which is an ideal choice for families, couples and friends. Our state-of-the-art liner glides effortlessly between the towering limestone karsts, hidden beaches and mysterious caves of the bays.You are never far from the magic of the bays from the private sun terrace featured in all of our large cabins. Should you feel the need to leave your cabin, you have a spacious 74 square metres in which to roam, the biggest of its kind in Halong Bay. Era Cruise also offers rooms for families travelling with young kids, so it's easier for your family to enjoy your vacation in Halong Bay.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 230
    $ 200 /person
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  • Mon Cheri Cruises

    Mon Cheri Cruise launched in 2017 is the ultimate connection between great hospitality and Halong Bay’s beautiful natural landscape. Our first class service is there to facilitate your enjoyment of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed bay and its surrounding areas.Your comfort is always our number one priority from start to finish on any of our tours. The professional and warm aura of our staff members will be a constant presence on your cruise. They will listen to your requirements and meet them with enthusiasm.We travel to the more quiet areas of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay so you can enjoy their splendour in peace. We always strive to get the best views of the bays’ limestone cliffs, white sand beaches and magical caves and we anchor in the most secluded spots so you can enjoy a level of tranquillity that no other service can provide.We maximize your family vacation or honeymoon time in Halong Bay by ferrying you between Hanoi and Halong in a much quicker time than other services, meaning you have more opportunities to enjoy the wonders of the bay.Sit back and let Mon Cheri take care of you.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 231
    $ 191 /person
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  • Azalea Cruise

    Stepping into Lan Ha Bay with Azalea Cruise has a very different to feel to doing the same with Halong Bay cruises. It looks the same, but there are much fewer boats. That’s because Azalea Cruise takes you to places you won’t have heard of, all the hidden gems of a bay that is consistently overlooked, stemming from the years of knowledge that Azalea Cruise has in the region.Our beautiful vessel is the best way to see the unknown majesty of Lan Ha Bay, with its 20 luxury cabins fitted with beautiful décor, bathrooms, balconies and the most modern amenities available. Our gleaming dining room bespeaks pure opulence, and our sundeck provides excellent views over the karst mountains of Lan Ha Bay.Our well-trained, English-speaking staff will help you in every way they can, providing you with a wonderful level of service throughout your cruise. They understand your needs for both companionship and privacy and are very welcoming and respectful of both.Azalea is a trailblazer in Lan Ha Bay, and we want to show you its majesty.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 229
    $ 184 /person
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  • Stellar Of The Seas

    New luxury graces Lan Ha Bay in the form of the Stellar of the Seas Cruise, the right choice for your 5-star passage through stunning Lan Ha Bay. Here at Aclass Cruises, we believe in new experiences. The Stellar of the Seas eschews the copy-and-paste tours of Halong Bay to offer you something fresh, bold and wild in its beautiful yet underappreciated neighbor to the south, Lan Ha Bay. Our itinerary has taken months of sculpting; we are determined to give you an individual experience with the perfect balance of relaxation on our 5-star cruise ship and excursions to some of La Ha Bay’s gorgeous attractions and the paradisiacal aura that they emanate.To this end, the Stellar of the Seas contains amenities you won’t find on any other Lan Ha Bay cruise. Our wine and cigar cellar is the epitome of opulence; many an evening can be spent here indulging in the finest wine and cigars from around the world. We have a mini-golf course on the bottom deck and a luxurious swimming pool on the deck above, perfect for unwinding after an eventful day on the bay. If it’s a deeper relaxation that you seek, you can find it in our onboard massage parlour where our range of spa treatments will match the aura of tranquility encompassing Lan Ha Bay. Our fine dining room, panoramic bar and 22 luxury cabins complete the rest of the Stellar of the Seas – your royal vessel in Lan Ha Bay.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2018
    From $ 306
    $ 268 /person
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  • La Regina Legend Cruise

    With 27 luxury suites, the La Regina Legend Cruise signals a new cruise in Lan Ha Bay, one with exquisite presentation and enviable prestige. This starts in our excellent cabins, all of a contemporary design and with state-of-the-art facilities, aimed at bringing Lan Ha Bay and its quiet waters closer to you. Throughout the ship, up to the tops of its golden sails, you will be at the service of a professional company with huge ambitions for Lan Ha Bay – come with us as we realise them with you.Among the best cruises in Halong Bay, La Regina Legend Cruise will the good option for your holiday to Vietanm. 
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2018
    From $ 218
    $ 178 /person
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  • V’Spirit Premier Cruise

    For all the beauty of Halong Bay and its wide-open seascape of incredible, natural features, the increasing popularity of the bay has put a strain on its waterways and diminished its feeling of absolute freedom. Along its southern route, Lan Ha Bay, the unrestrained nature holds as strong as ever, projecting its beauty to those explorers on the V’Spirit Premier Cruise– The newest cruise in Halong, Lan Ha Bay.Not only does the V’Spirit Premier provide access through this untapped wilderness, but it does so in a style befitting the beauty of Lan Ha Bay. This modern cruise is highly traditional in nature, with wooden decks and billowing sails set atop a safe and secure steel frame. Its luxury stretches from the cabins below to the sundeck above, encompassing a restaurant where exquisite, 5-star meals are served.Between 2 and 3 days in Lan Ha Bay, we engage in activities that bring its beauty directly to you. Kayaking, swimming, cycling, trekking and riding through caves on a local wooden boat will show you that there is still a serene appeal to find in the luxuriant world of Halong.Travel with V’Spirit Premier Cruise - one of the best cruises in Halong Bay and you will have great time.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2019
    From $ 185
    $ 145 /person
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  • Indochine Cruise

    Indochine Cruise is a pioneer among Halong Bay cruises and Lan Ha Bay cruises, having amassed over 20 years of experience sailing through Vietnam's premier seascape. The company’s newest venture sets its sights on new records, presenting a new itinerary and the largest luxury cruise in Lan Ha Bay.43 cabins are all home to 5-star comforts, including a balcony and between 32m² and 80m² of space. All suites come with a personal Jacuzzi, while guests at all levels are invited to make use of the giant communal hot tub on the 3rd deck. Along with this, the spacious sundeck, sultry lounge, spa centre, international bar and two beautiful restaurants complete a luxury cruise bringing new horizons to Lan Ha Bay. Do not hesitate to choose Indochine Cruise Halong Bay for your trip in Halong Bay.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2019
    From $ 218
    $ 188 /person
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1. What is a Lan Ha Bay Luxury Cruise?

Are you curious about a Lan Ha Bay luxury cruise? It's a beautiful blend of elegance and seclusion on a 5-star journey through Lan Ha Bay. Unlike the more bustling Halong Bay to the north, Lan Ha Bay offers tranquil waterways and a more peaceful atmosphere.
Cruise trip in Lan Ha Bay moves at a leisurely pace. Tourists will be treated in spacious suites with polished wood interiors, widescreen TVs, A/C, and private balconies for taking in the stunning views. Onboard, you'll find panoramic vistas from the sundeck, delightful dining experiences akin to those in luxury hotels, and bathrooms with awe-inspiring views of the bay's karst scenery from your bathtub or Jacuzzi.
Luxury cruises in Lan Ha Bay have uncomplicated itineraries, allowing you to fully appreciate Halong Bay Complex's hidden gem such as Dark and Bright Caves, Viet Hai Village, Tra Bau Area,... Tourists can choose the Lan Ha Bay cruise itinerary from a 1-night cruise to a 2-night cruise, ensuring that you have ample time to relish the opulent experience aboard the cruise.
The staff aboard a Lan Ha Bay luxury cruise are incredibly warm and attentive, striving to ensure that your journey through this limestone paradise and reflective emerald waters is truly exceptional. With the above characteristics Lan Ha Bay luxury cruise always be the no.1 choice among tourists. Some best luxury Lan Ha Bay cruises can be considered such as Heritage CruiseScarlet Pearl CruiseGinger Cruise, and Indochine Cruise,...

2. What do we do on a Lan Ha Bay Luxury Cruise?

Are you getting ready for an amazing journey through Lan Ha Bay and curious about activities in Lan Ha Bay? Check out the detailed itinerary below to get a sneak peek at the incredible experiences waiting for you!

Day 1: Hanoi - Tuan Chau – Lan Ha Bay – Tra Bau (L, D)

08:15 AM - 08:45 AM: We'll be there to pick you up from your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter if you're using our transfer service.
11:45 AM - 12:00 AM: Upon arrival at Lan Ha Bay Luxury Cruises lounge at Tuan Chau International Harbour, we'll help you complete the check-in procedures.
12:00 AM - 12:30 AM: Your short transfer to the main cruises by tender boat will be followed by a warm welcome and a drink as we go through the cruise briefing and safety instructions.
1:00 PM: It's time to savor a delightful lunch at the luxurious restaurant while taking in the beautiful scenery as we sail from Halong Bay to Lan Ha Bay.
2:45 PM: Are you ready for adventure? Join us for a kayak exploration at the Tra Bau area, and weather permitting, we might even spot a hidden temple.
4:15 PM: Let's make a splash with some swimming and water activities in the bay!
5:00 PM: Join in on the fun with our Vietnamese cooking demonstration on board.
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM: It's time for a picturesque sunset party with complimentary drinks during our happy hour.
7:00 PM: Get ready for a special dining experience. Dinner is served at the restaurant!
9:00 PM: The night's just getting started. Come join us for some entertaining activities on the top deck, including game shows and optional squid fishing.

Day 2: Lan Ha Bay - Viet Hai Village – Ba Trai Dao Area (B, L, D)

6:15 AM: Start the day with a relaxing Tai Chi session on the sundeck while enjoying the sunrise.
7:00 AM: Delight in a light breakfast served at the restaurant.
8:00 - 8:30 AM: Hop on the day tour cruise for more fun exploring Lan Ha Bay.
9:00 AM: Upon arrival at the pier, take your pick between a scenic bicycle ride or an electric car to Viet Hai Village, passing through a lagoon and cave.
11:30 AM: Head back to the cruise for a delightful lunch.
2:00 PM: Have a great time kayaking around fish farms at Viet Hai Pier.
3:00 PM: We'll take you to the Ba Trai Dao area for some swimming or beach relaxation, weather permitting.
4:30 PM: Return to the cruise for a stunning view of the sunset along with refreshing cocktails.
5:30 - 6:30 PM: Enjoy a blissful happy hour at the top deck bar, sipping on your favorite drinks.
7:00 PM: It's dinner time at the restaurant, followed by an evening of activities or peaceful relaxation in your cabin.

Day 3: Bright Cave – Lan Ha Bay – Tuan Chau - Hanoi (B, L)

06:15 AM: Energize yourself with a Tai Chi session on the sundeck.
07:00 AM: Fuel up with a light breakfast served on board.
07:30 AM - 08:45 AM: Immerse yourself in the exploration of Light & Dark Cave on a traditional rowing bamboo boat guided by locals.
09:00 AM: Conclude your stay on the cruise by checking out of the cabins.
09:30 AM: Indulge in a luxury set menu brunch as we cruise back to Tuan Chau port.
11:00 AM: Disembark at Tuan Chau port.
03:00 PM: Safely arrive and check in at your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter.

3. Who is a Lan Ha Bay Luxury Cruise for?

A Lan Ha Bay luxury cruise is designed for travelers seeking an exclusive and pampered experience in Vietnam. It's particularly suited for:
For guests to Vietnam with a higher-end budget, looking to enjoy their time in Lan Ha Bay in the utmost class.
For guests who enjoy the extra touches and the 5-star attention to detail displayed by wonderful cruise staff.
For guests who enjoy the serene life, when unwinding in the Jacuzzi and sunbathing on the sundeck takes ultimate precedence.
Incredible Asia Journeys offers a selection of luxury cruises that cater to these preferences, promising an unforgettable exploration of Lan Ha Bay in comfort and elegance. Contact us to get hot deals with exclusive offers for your upcoming Lan Ha Bay luxury cruise now!

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