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  • Vietnam Family Classic Tour

    From ecotourism to family holidays, Vietnam is seeing a boom in international arrivals to one of the world’s current hottest tourist destinations. This 10-day Vietnam family tour takes you and your loved ones on a wonderful journey from north to south, specialising in activities for kids and adults alike. We take in the bustling cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the gorgeous heritage town of Hoi An and the mythical landscapes around the Mekong Delta and Halong Bay.Our local tour company offers you a worry-free vacation by organising the accommodation, internal flights, transport and most of the food, all amidst a great mixture of organised tour and time at your leisure. We provide you with suggestions for your free time, but this tour is all about you and your loved ones, which is why it affords you much freedom in this safe and deeply fascinating country. 
    $ 1,305 /person
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  • Vietnam Family Tour from South to North

    Between the bottom of the Mekong Delta and the top of Ha Giang province, Vietnam provides a host of opportunities for visiting families to explore its rich culture, food and intoxicating atmosphere. This Vietnam family tour runs along the length of Vietnam, exploring some of the more family-friendly destinations and engaging in activities that appeal to every age.For kids, Vietnam represents both a luxuriant tropical playground and a wonderful learning curve for their appreciation of other cultures. For adults, the mixture of vibrant city life and serene rural life creates an enduring image of this beautiful country and the long-lasting family memories that it creates.At Incredible Asia Journeys, we have crafted an itinerary that ensures an intimate and exciting family experience across the course of 12 days. Our combination of guided tours and free time across the length of this itinerary gives you and your loved ones all the advantages of a professional guide, safe driver and experienced travel company, as well as the scope to explore Vietnam at your family’s preferred pace.
    $ 1,545 /person
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  • Deluxe Vietnam Family Tour

    For 17 days, this Vietnam family tour shows you the best of a beautiful, fascinating and highly family-friendly country, built upon a culture of strong family ties that filters down to visiting tourists and their loved ones. We travel from Vietnam’s soaring north to its deep south, experiencing the best of its family-oriented destinations along the way.A great balance between guide-led tour and free time presents you with the opportunity for a stress-free holiday, one where Incredible Asia Journeys will arrange your accommodation, internal flights, transportation and many of your meals. You and your loved ones will be in very dependable hands as we explore this ancient land together, helping you to discover a Vietnam holiday that fits your family perfectly.
    $ 1,898 /person
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  • Central Vietnam Family

    The modern port city of Da Nang and the ancient port town of Hoi An provide wonderful backdrops to this Vietnam family tour, a 6-day exploration of the architecturally and naturally beautiful region of central Vietnam. Our itinerary is geared towards families, with a great mixture of organised tour and secluded family time present throughout. Our professional guide and driver will take care of the logistics and the tours, all that you have to do is sit back and enjoy your private time with those people closest to you.This tour starts and ends in laidback Da Nang, with the day in between spent in gorgeous Hoi An, consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. We will explore the surrounding villages of the town and give you plenty of free time for your family to soak up the magical atmosphere in each other’s company.
    From $ 460
    $ 390 /person
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  • Vietnam Holiday For Kids

    In a country with family squarely placed at the heart of everything, it is no surprise that Vietnam is so well suited for children. Kids here happily playing in the street and develop strong social connections from a very early age, gaining much appeal from visiting families, who can also grant their children the freedom to move and play in this very safe country. The tourism boom that has swept Vietnam has ensured that all visitors can enjoy a trip to its vast green playground.With that in mind, this 10-day Vietnam family tour presents your kids with a truly unforgettable holiday, as well as giving you and the rest of your family a break that will also live long in the memory. Through a mixture of child-friendly activities and a wealth of free time, you can let your kids’ imaginations run wild in this highly evocative land, allowing them to immerse themselves in a completely new culture and gain an early understanding of a new world.For your total convenience, this tour features all of the fun with none of the stress. Let Incredible Asia Journeys organize your accommodation, internal flights, transportation, tours and most of the meals, all while you cherish your family time spent in some of northern and central Vietnam’s most beautiful destinations.
    $ 1,250 /person
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  • Northern Vietnam Family Tour

    This Vietnam family tour is the perfect introduction and exploration of northern Vietnam, one where we discover the beautiful architectural and stunning natural attractions of Hanoi and Halong Bay. Culture thrives in northern Vietnam, emanating from the country’s ancient capital, where faded French colonial buildings create an incredibly charming meld of styles with the Vietnamese ones next to which they sit. Nearby Halong Bay offers a pristine and immaculate seascape, ripe for exploring from the deck of a cruise and the seat of a kayak.This tour allows you to absorb the heritage of northern Vietnam with your family. We feature a family-friendly itinerary with lots of time for exploring; all completely stress-free due to our extensive organisation, including accommodation, transport, tours and most of the meals. At Incredible Asia Journeys, we lift the burden of the logistics so that you can enjoy a special holiday with the people who matter most to you.
    $ 309 /person
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  • Southern Vietnam Tour For Family

    A mixture of ancient tradition and modern history finds a home on this Vietnam family tour, operating around Ho Chi Minh City and its outlying attractions. We focus on showing families the delights of Vietnam’s second city through its Buddhist roots to its more turbulent recent past, as well as the stunning Cu Chi Tunnels and majestic Mekong Delta, all amidst an itinerary designed for all ages. With the use of an experienced local tour guide and a highly qualified driver, you can be assured of safety and friendly companionship, providing your family with a stress-free holiday where all of the accommodation, transport and many of the meals are arranged by a dependable travel company. This gives you more time to explore the wonders of southern Vietnam with your loved ones, along with the opportunity to discover a historically, culturally and naturally rich part of Vietnam.
    $ 305 /person
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What is a Vietnam Family Tour?

With an infectiously free attitude and a love of enjoyable downtime, it’s fair to say that Vietnamese culture equips itself very well for the visits of overseas families. The Vietnam family tours listed below are specially created itineraries focused around the enjoyment of families, where social activities are cherished and the wonderful diversity to each tour ensures that all ages can become enchanted by Vietnam’s attitude and appearance. Running between 5 and 17 days and spanning the whole area of the country, you will always be able to find a completely safe tour that suits you and your loved ones perfectly.

Vietnam Family Tour Destinations

The 331,210km2 area of Vietnam gives kids and adults a lot of space in which to explore. These tours go to some of the most popular spots along the length of the country, and also to some of its hidden charms, where everyone can feel like an intrepid explorer.

Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam’s modern metropolis and the location of some of its most ground-breaking history. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, educates the whole family about the turbulent 20th century that Vietnam underwent through its museums, its mishmash of architecture, its diverse food scene and its neighbouring Cu Chi Tunnels.

Mekong Delta - The Mekong Delta is Vietnam’s premier tropical playground, with miles of evocative waterways and some of the country’s most fertile soils where most of its rice and fruit are grown. Vibrant floating markets, beautiful orchards, quaint villages and local craft workshops make the Mekong Delta an unmissable stop on your Vietnam holiday with kids.

Nha Trang – The beautiful stretches of white sand beaches in Nha Trang contain much appeal with families. Kids and adults can discover the coastal side to Vietnam here, with tropical rainforests and deep blue ocean abounding around them, with the convenience of Nha Trang city always lying within reach.

Hoi An – There isn’t a single age group that the gorgeously colourful buildings and lanterns of Hoi An don’t appeal to. A simple walk through this UNESCO-protected sanctuary of culture in central Vietnam will set the kids’ imaginations flaring and instil a sense of total peace in the adults. Within easy cycling distance of the town, the following child-friendly Vietnam tours contain a wealth of activities for the little ones, mostly revolving around a hands-on approach to farming and fishing.

Hue – Another great place to get acquainted with the rich and exotic history of Vietnam; Hue is the old capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, who ruled for 143 years over the 19th century and first half of the 20th. Letting your kids explore the various nooks and crannies of the city’s iconic Imperial Citadel will give them an exciting lesson in history, while adults can enjoy the placid Huong River and verdant jungles of the old capital’s surrounding areas.

Hanoi – The epicenter of Vietnamese culture has a lot to offer visiting groups on a Vietnam family tour, starting at its pulsating heart, the wonderful Old Quarter. The sight, smell and feel of Hanoi is unlike anything experienced by most families before, with an exceptional taste to match in its incredible food culture.

Halong Bay – Trips around the twice-designated UNESCO World Heritage Site of Halong Bay evoke the most romantic and awe-inspiring feelings in all of its visitors. From the deck of a cruise ship, your family will be transported back in time as you sail through the limestone maze, enjoying the unique combination of emerald waters and tree-topped mountains jutting from the surface. Between relaxing on the boat and engaging on the many attractive activities in the bay, Halong Bay is a majestic wonder for all.

Sapa – Sapa is Vietnam’s top destination for mountain scenery, rising to the country’s highest point of Fansipan Peak. Trekking is the main activity here, and the beautiful scenes that it provides find universal appeal across all ages. Waterfalls, markets and some of the quaint activities available through its villages help kids get a better understanding of a completely different lifestyle than the one they’re used to.

Activities Included on a Vietnam Family Tour

The countrywide tours listed below are filled with a great melding of child-friendly activities and ways for the older family members to relax.

The Cu Chi Tunnels

As well as being very educational, with an intense history that is appealing to the whole family, the 250km of the underground Cu Chi Tunnels affords a lot of space in which kids can explore. The tunnels are completely safe and children love to discover the secret cubbyholes dotted around their interior.

Cai Be and Cai Rang Floating Markets

Adults can recline and kids can marvel at the jubilant activity amidst these two daily morning markets in the Mekong Delta, set amidst gorgeous tropical scenery lining their shores. Many of our Vietnam family holidays visit at least one of these markets, using a local wooden boat to skirt the surface of the water, finding great deals on products sold by the firm but friendly locals.

Beach Time

Vietnam’s 3,400km of coast is becoming more and more famed for its touristic potential, much of which appeals to visiting families. The beaches of Nha Trang are regularly voted amongst the best in Asia, while those in Hoi An are part of the vast, tropical play area incorporating most of the country. Vietnam’s beaches are totally safe and are popular with local families, offering great opportunities for cross-cultural friendships for the kids.

River and Ocean Cruises

Nothing enflames children’s imaginations as much as a cruise on a boat through an ancient land. For adults as well, Vietnam’s family vacations provide much scope for relaxation along its placid waters, best found in the Mekong Delta, Hoi An, Hue and Halong Bay.

Farming and Fishing Eco-tours

Undoubtedly a favourite amongst kids and a trove of precious moments for the whole family, farming and fishing agricultural tours in Vietnam are very much on the rise. Around Hoi An and the Mekong Delta, visiting families can opt for a hands-on tour, where local farmers show the traditional methods through which they still make their livelihoods. Kids are then given the freedom to plant, water and harvest crops with an attractively ancient methodology, with steering a basket boat and ploughing the fields atop a water buffalo providing beautiful and lifelong memories.

The Royal History of Hue

Even for children not particularly into history, the grand, sweeping architecture of the Imperial Citadel in the old capital of Hue will certainly pique their interests. After the excitement of exploring an enormous palace, a relaxed river dragon-boat cruise on the Perfume River will lead families to the various ornate tombs of the Nguyen kings, where nature and architecture are matched in stunning harmony.

Kayaking and Visiting Caves

These are two of the more consistently popular activities on Vietnam tours for families, operating out of Halong Bay and its two satellite bays. Once the family has soaked up the magic of the bay from the cruise’s sundeck, it is possible to climb into kayaks or take a guided tour of an immaculate cave to get closer to the World Heritage Site on a more personal level.

Experiencing the Museums

History comes alive for the whole family in Vietnam’s many fantastic museums. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi provides an excellent account of the 54 vibrant ethnic minority cultures around the country, all through colourful artefacts and full-scale stilt house replicas. Similarly, the National Oceanographic Museum in Nha Trang joins a growing list of child-friendly attractions in Vietnam, offering excellent exhibits on the wonderful sea life to be found in the country’s abundant waters.

Getting out into Nature

All Vietnam tours place a profound importance on getting out of the cities and enjoying Vietnam’s various natural delights, and the following family tours are no exception. Families enjoy the wide-open spaces of destinations like Sapa, Nha Trang, Halong Bay and the Mekong Delta and can gain a much better understanding of the country’s resplendent flora and fauna with a simple trek or cruise through these locations.

Advantages of Choosing a Vietnam Family Tour with Incredible Asia Journeys

• Safety – We ensure that your tour is 100% safe from start to finish, using only experienced tour guides and highly qualified drivers.

• Diversity – We focus on activities for everyone that span the various natural and man-made delights available throughout Vietnam.

• Zero Hassle – We cover all transport, accommodation and internal flights on the following tours, as well as most of the meals, giving you much more time for the important stuff.

• Free Time – We understand the importance of your family’s Vietnam retreat, so our itineraries contain much free time for you to enjoy the company of your loved ones in peace.

Book the Vietnam Family Tour for 2020 and 2021 in advance for the best deal!

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