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  • Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 Days Tour

    Discover the architectural and natural splendour of two mythical lands on the Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days tour, starting from Vietnam’s cosmopolitan Ho Chi Minh City and ending in the natural paradise of Luang Prabang, Laos. Along the way you will have the benefit of local guides’ vast knowledge, as well as their friendly demeanors, as they show you the famous and not-so-famous delights of Indochina. Beginning in the lively Ho Chi Minh City, the Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days tour unravels the turbulent past of the former Saigon at the Cu Chi Tunnels, before teaching of the city’s advantageous position next to the luxuriant Mekong Delta. After exploring the Mekong’s tropical environment, we fly north to Da Nang, where we will have the privilege of discovering two of its neighbouring UNESCO World Heritage Sites, gorgeous Hoi An and the mystical My Son Sanctuary. We explore the peaceful aura encompassing Hoi An’s rural villages before flying up to Hanoi, where a similar emphasis is kept on tradition in an increasingly modern city. Nearby Halong Bay provides an opportunity to melt into its phenomenal landscape on a relaxing overnight cruise, while the next day’s events in Vientiane will introduce you to Laotian customs and the ever-beating heart of the country’s Buddhist philosophies. The beautiful town of Vang Vieng offers a very scenic continuation of the Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days tour , which later heads to the caves, waterfalls, mountains, jungles and lagoons around Luang Prabang. We finish the conclusive 2-week tour here and watch you safely onto your onward flight.
    $ 1,555 /person
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  • Highlights of Vietnam & Laos

    The northern reaches of both Vietnam and Laos are famous their long-standing beauty. Discover two countries blessed with gorgeous jungle, stunning waterfalls and mysterious caves on the Vietnam and Laos 8 Days tour.From the proud capital of Hanoi and its many historical sites, we head to two of Vietnam’s most striking examples of karst mountain landscape in Ninh Binh and Halong Bay. We explore the beauty of the humble agricultural traditions that persist to this day at Tam Coc, as well as relaxing into an overnight cruise in one of the wonders of the ancient world.The Vietnam and Laos 8 Days tour continues in Laos, a gorgeous country bedecked with thick vegetation and containing a strong religious heartbeat. We will see how nature and Buddhism interact around Luang Prabang, at the Pak Ou Caves, Kuang Si Waterfalls and on a cruise of the evocative Mekong River. We try local produce and discover a deep-rooted tradition of craft making, wrapping up the tour by observing the daily ritual of Laos’ iconic saffron-clad monks.
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  • Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour

    Bridge the gap between nature and history on the 12 Days Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour, an active exploration of two innately beautiful lands in Southeast Asia. We travel by foot, bicycle, car, cruise boat and motorboat around many of Vietnam and Laos’ individual landmarks, as well as looking out over the scenic vistas that run between them.The 12 Days Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour begins in Hanoi, the country’s bustling but traditional capital, before moving on through the north of the country to find brilliant examples of natural splendour at Mai Chau, Ninh Binh and Halong Bay cruises. Here, the peaks of forested limestone mountains reach high from their foothills, surrounded by lush rice paddies at Mai Chau and Ninh Binh, or by the gently lapping emerald waters of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Halong Bay.A flight to Luang Prabang will introduce us to the jungle of northern Laos, where vast swathes of tropical forest are perforated by the jagged tips and rolling hills of its many mountains. With Luang Prabang as a base, we visit the caves, waterfalls, jungles, rivers and gardens dotted around the province, taking the opportunity to meet elephants and members of a unique ethnic minority along the way.The best sense of adventure stems from the freedom to roam. With this in mind, the 12 Days Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour allows for plenty of active trekking and cycling, along with many opportunities to relax afterwards in the heavenly tranquility of two waterfalls, a cruise and a resort.
    $ 1,480 /person
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  • South Vietnam to Laos

    Discover the natural heart of Indochina on South Vietnam to Laos 11 Days tour – an extensive tour through the remote areas of southern Vietnam and neighbouring Laos. We focus on taking you through the glorious scenery of these two landmark-laden countries as well as giving you a look at some of the standing architectural wonders that showcase some of the best religious architecture in Southeast Asia.We start South Vietnam to Laos 11 Days tour in Ho Chi Minh City and discover a city keen to heal the scars of war. We explore the resplendent nature that lies on its southern doorstep – the magnificent Mekong Delta, lifeblood of the southern Vietnamese and provider of outstanding tropical scenery.From here, the South Vietnam to Laos 11 Days tour moves across the border, where we find various awe-inspiring natural assets strewn across the Bolaven Plateau, just outside of Pakse. Here we will discover soaring limestone mountains and the thick jungle that encircles and sits atop them. We meet members of hill tribes, welcoming and hardworking people who add so much to the rich ethnic tapestry of Laos.We explore the area of 4000 Islands, a series of stunning islets straddling the border with Cambodia and providing a unique ecosystem for the rare and wonderful animals here. We wrap up the South Vietnam to Laos 11 Days tour with visits to Laos’ breathtaking Buddhist temples, as well as the Hindu temple of Wat Phou that has been standing for 1,500 years.Along the way, we enjoy excellent local food, comfortable travel by plane, car, jeep, motorboat and raft, as well as high quality and sometimes attractively remote accommodation. Our team of local Vietnamese and Laotian guides will professionally show you the way, while our local partner hosts will give you a warm taste of their exotic daily lives.
    $ 1,280 /person
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Across our range of Vietnam and Laos tours, you will find the most well-planned itineraries spanning the two great nations of Vietnam and Laos, separated by a 2100 km border but joined in so many ways through politics, geography and a common approach to life. Visiting both countries is the ultimate experience in Southeast Asia, providing you with some incredible highlights that no other country in the world could offer.

The various activities and experiences on our Vietnam and Laos tours compliment the assets of both countries perfectly. All of the tours listed below are constructed with an overarching view of displaying the countries’ highlights, while also keeping a meticulous eye on detail and adding the finer touches that add up to one magnificent holiday.

Below, we have listed the top five experiences in both countries, all of which feature on at least one of our Vietnam and Laos tours. Read on to discover the perfect destination for you.

The Five Best Experiences in Vietnam

The dragon-shaped country of Vietnam, pressed up against the East Vietnam Sea, has had a long and fruitful history that manifests itself today along its coastline and inland regions. For all the turbulence that this resilient country has withstood, it has emerged afresh as one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. Our Vietnam and Laos tours feature the international attractions of Halong Bay, Hoi An and the capitals of north and south Vietnam, along with the lesser-known destinations of Mai Chau, Ninh Binh and others.

The Mekong Delta

The mighty Mekong River, which flows through Laos and Vietnam, ends at the Mekong Delta, a 40,000km2 area of vein-like distributaries that run off the legendary river into the South China Sea. The crisscrossing paths of the river’s many run-offs create fertile soil all around the delta, which accounts for over half of the country’s rice production, earning it the nickname ‘the rice bowl of Vietnam’. The lush tropical scenery that flanks the delta’s narrow waterways is also a beneficiary of its nutrients, and the beautiful sensation of floating through its canals is a result of the thick forests of nipa palm and coconut trees that grow here.

Close to the tranquility found in its backwaters, the fervent activity of its floating markets takes place. Two in particular, at Cai Be and Cai Rang, have found an audience with tourists, who flock down from Ho Chi Minh City or nearby Can Tho city in the early morning to catch views of the perennial skirmish between vendors and prospective buyers. 

Famed for its coconuts, Ben Tre is one of the twelve provinces that make up the Mekong Delta and occupies an advantageous position on the coast, just south of Saigon. A serene drift down its backwaters is an unforgettably romantic sight, as the light permeates the coconut canopy, filtering down specks of sun that dance on the surface of the water. In its nearby villages and fruit orchards, many villages live an idyllic life, farming and creating myriad handicrafts from the versatile fibres of coconut shells.

What Vietnam and Laos tours go to the Mekong Delta?

• South Vietnam to Laos 11 Days (Cai Be, Cai Rang and Can Tho)

• Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days (Ben Tre)

Halong Bay

The northeast corner of Vietnam has one of the most instantly recognisable landscapes in the world. The glorious Halong Bay stretches its beauty far over the Gulf of Tonkin, creating an otherworldly seascape where streaked, forested mountains stand vertically in the emerald water and traditional junk boats skirt the sides of beaches, caves and lagoons. The unique atmosphere it bestows upon its passengers is profound, and many come for return visits to experience the magic of Halong Bay anew.

The 2-day itinerary that features in our Vietnam and Laos tours gives you plenty of time and opportunity to explore the bay via kayak, through its caves, on its golden sands and in the jade ocean that laps at the foothills of its rising hilltops. On the boat itself, there are cooking classes, tai chi sessions, opportunities for fishing and many indulgent meals served with high-quality hospitality.

What Vietnam and Laos tours go to Halong Bay?

• Vietnam and Laos 8 days

• 12 Days Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour

• Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days

Hoi An

Coated in a unilateral yellow, the buildings of Hoi An belie the long-standing history of an ancient port town, one that was an essential link on the maritime silk road as it passed between Europe and China. The wealth it gained from such a role was spent on ostentatious displays by its traders and businessmen, which often came in the forms of temples, community houses, assembly halls and resplendent private residences. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed town today is a stalwart of Vietnamese tourism, and it creates a beautiful addition to any tours of Vietnam and Laos.

The satellite villages in Hoi An’s suburban surrounds have been contributing to the town’s success for centuries. Organic vegetables from Tra Que, wooden ships from Kim Bong and various handicrafts and tools from Tra Nhieu once flowed through the town, which nowadays capitalises on their tourist potential by offering excursions to their humble enclaves.

About an hour’s drive inland from Hoi An, you will find My Son Sanctuary. These are the ruined remains of a Hindu temple complex built by the civilisation of Champa, who occupied the region and started construction in the 4th century. Through natural erosion and wars between kingdoms and countries, My Son Sanctuary still stands in the lush jungles of inner Hoi An, earning UNESCO recognition in 1999 for the grand beauty of its design and the deft touches of its Hindu statues and carvings.

What Vietnam and Laos tours go to Hoi An?

• Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days

Mai Chau and Ninh Binh

These two inland areas are some of the best for seeing Vietnam’s iconic limestone mountains, which soar above rice paddies and rivers, evoking a romantic image of ancient Vietnam. Mai Chau lies about four hours to the southwest of Hanoi, making it a popular weekend trip for adventurers from the capital. The roads that cut through Mai Chau district afford spectacular views upwards from the valley floor, at the jagged rise of mountains, or downwards from its mountain roads, at a valley of steeped rice paddies and diligent farmers in conical hats.

About 130km to the east lies the province of Ninh Binh, where the small enclaves of Hoa Lu and Tam Coc draw day-trippers from Hanoi. Hoa Lu has a rich monarchial history, housing two of Vietnam’s kings and acting as the capital for the 44 years that spanned their rules. King Dinh and King Le are sanctified in two ornate temples here, surrounded by a moat and backed onto by protective mountains; making Hoa Lu an important relic of history in verdant surrounds. Nearby Tam Coc offers a very scenic ride on a simple wooden boat rowed by a local, snaking between golden rice paddies and towering rocky spires, cutting through caves and offering utter serenity for visitors to the region.

What Vietnam and Laos tours go to Mai Chau and Ninh Binh?

• Vietnam and Laos 8 days (Ninh Binh)

• 12 Days Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour (Mai Chau and Ninh Binh)

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

The differences in outlook that drove these two cities away from each other were settled by the long and bloody Vietnam War. There are still huge differences between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in terms of their architecture, people, food and attitudes to progress versus tradition. Hanoi features more heavily on the latter, with many pagodas, shrines and temples surviving from ancient times, while its many lakes and parks provide a natural advancement of the city. Its many highlights include Ba Dinh Square, where the body of Vietnamese hero, Ho Chi Minh, lies in the mausoleum next to his former residence and the One-Pillar Pagoda, while the Temple of Literature stands nearby as Vietnam’s oldest university.

Ho Chi Minh City, on the other hand, focuses more on business and the increasing metropolitan and international appeal of the city. Its construction is a mishmash of Vietnamese, French, Japanese, Western and Chinese styles, viewable throughout the city and its Cholon district. The historic Cu Chi Tunnels lie just 50km away as a testament to the dedication of the Viet Cong, who lived, stored weapons, treated the wounded and plotted the fall of Saigon from a 250km network of tunnels beneath the jungle floor.

What Vietnam and Laos tours go to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City?

• Vietnam and Laos 8 days (Hanoi)

• 12 Days Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour (Hanoi)

• Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days (Hanoi)

• South Vietnam to Laos 11 Days (Ho Chi Minh City)

• Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days (Ho Chi Minh City)

Five Best Experiences in Laos

Laos’ wonderful mixture of nature and religion have put it on the tourism radar in the 21st century. Many visitors from all over the world come for its staggering selection of waterfalls, untouched jungle and the mountains that rise from the banks of zealous rivers. The only sweeping statements of architecture you will find in Laos’ cities are dedicated to Buddha; the country keeps strong ties to its Buddhist roots and displays a graceful resurrection from its costly civil war through its golden stupas and the hundreds of ornate temples that span the country.

Kuang Si and Tad Sae Waterfalls 

Along with Tad Fane, Tad Moun, Tad Phaxuam, Liphi and Khone Phapheng, these Vietnam and Laos tours are graced with the opportunities to explore brilliant and diverse waterfalls, situated in the jungles and on the islands of Laos. In the outlying areas of Luang Prabang, two of the country’s most beautiful falls tumble gradually through the jungle to rest in pools of the most wonderful azure hue. Kuang Si Waterfall is a popular tourist site to the southwest of Luang Prabang, but one that still affords much tranquility, as a quiet spot can always be found here in which to swim.

Southeast of Luang Prabang is the location of Tad Sae Waterfall, nestled into the thick vegetation of the jungle and interspersed with many trees that rise directly up through its teal pools of water. Located at the end of a jungle trek, Tad Sae enjoys a more reclusive location than Kuang Si and the lack of tourists that comes with it. However, the falls dry up almost completely during the dry season, which is in operation for about half of the year, between February and August.

What Vietnam and Laos tours go to Kuang Si and Tad Sae Waterfalls?

• Vietnam and Laos 8 days (Kuang Si)

• Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days (Kuang Si)

• 12 Days Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour (Kuang Si and Tad Sae)

Vientiane’s Buddhist Temples and Alms Giving

The beating orange heart of Laos is represented in its Buddhist monks, who embody the country’s complete devotion to this ancient religion and the continuation of its traditions. One example is the daily alms giving, a solemn procession of Buddhist monks draped in bright orange robes accepting the food and gifts of residents, which is a tradition that dates back to the 14th century.

The alms giving is an attractively humble tradition, but one dwarfed by the grand Buddhist temples of Vientiane and other cities. That Luang Stupa is the national emblem of Laos, built of 1 golden stupa and 30 smaller ones, while Wat Sisaket and Wat Prakeo showcase incredible architecture and a level of detail in their ornate decorations that demonstrates the undying commitment of Laos’ devout people to their god.

What Vietnam and Laos tours go to Vientiane?

• Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days

The Bolaven Plateau 

On the doorstep of Pakse lies the Bolaven Plateau, a beautiful expanse of land lying high above the rest of Laos. Its elevated position gives it fantastically cool temperatures while the rest of the country is gripped by the heat of the wet season. The volcanic soil creates the perfect conditions for coffee, which is grown in abundance across the plateau by the many diverse ethnic minorities of the area. Two in particular, the Laven and the Suay minorities, have attractive homes in the jungle where they weave vibrant textiles into clothes, and create handicrafts from the coconut, rattan and other materials that they have on offer.

Plant and animal life flourishes on the Bolaven Plateau. The paradise of verdant jungles speckled with waterfalls and rising mountains in the background is a very real one here, and it brings with it an ecosystem perfect for monkeys, tigers and elephants, along with about 300 species of birds.

What Vietnam and Laos tours go to the Bolaven Plateau?

• Southern Laos Exploration 7 Days

• South Vietnam to Laos 11 Days

Luang Prabang River Cruise 

The Mekong Rivers cleaves the town of Luang Prabang in half, where one side offers stunning views of spiralling mountains on the other side. Luang Prabang enjoys a wealth of activity along its banks, through the perimeters of the town to the outlying areas where vegetation is left to profit from the nutrient-rich soil. In the jungle here is one of the accommodation options on our Vietnam and Laos Tours, the gorgeous Nam Ou Riverside Resort, situated close to the twin chambers of the Pak Ou Caves. These caves contain thousands of Buddha statues left by pilgrims at the end of their voyage and lie on a cruising path that takes tourists back to Luang Prabang, skirting the foothills of majestic mountains and offering the ideal setting for a vivid sunset.

Following the river’s southerly flow, cruises pass by a local bear sanctuary, where bears are removed from the threat of trafficking and given free space to roam in their natural jungle habitat. Another attraction on the Mekong’s banks is the ever-popular Ock Pop Lok Living Center, which gives a platform for Laotian and ethnic minority artisans to showcase their colourful wares.

What Vietnam and Laos tours feature a Luang Prabang river cruise?

• Vietnam and Laos 8 days

• 12 Days Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour

• Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days

4000 Islands

Laos’ deep-south is reserved for Khone Island and the 4000 Islands, which operate as a miniature archipelago during the dry season where the Mekong’s levels recede to reveal a multitude of landmasses, previously submerged in the water. Save for a few homestays, the largely flat expanse is not built for tourism, and electricity is a rather new luxury added only recently.

The appeal of these islands is their exclusivity. Travelling around by boat or bicycle, you can find an area with very few tourists and untouched beaches, island outcrops and cascading waterfalls (including the largest in Southeast Asia, Khone Phapheng). Life operates at a much slower pace around the 4000 Islands, and simply lying in a hammock with a book while listening to an ambient soundtrack of chirping birds and the soft flow of water can offer wonderful tranquility.

What Vietnam and Laos tours go to the 4000 Islands?

• Southern Laos Exploration 7 Days

• South Vietnam to Laos 11 Days

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