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North Vietnam

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  • South Vietnam to Laos

    Discover the natural heart of Indochina on South Vietnam to Laos 11 Days tour – an extensive tour through the remote areas of southern Vietnam and neighbouring Laos. We focus on taking you through the glorious scenery of these two landmark-laden countries as well as giving you a look at some of the standing architectural wonders that showcase some of the best religious architecture in Southeast Asia.We start South Vietnam to Laos 11 Days tour in Ho Chi Minh City and discover a city keen to heal the scars of war. We explore the resplendent nature that lies on its southern doorstep – the magnificent Mekong Delta, lifeblood of the southern Vietnamese and provider of outstanding tropical scenery.From here, the South Vietnam to Laos 11 Days tour moves across the border, where we find various awe-inspiring natural assets strewn across the Bolaven Plateau, just outside of Pakse. Here we will discover soaring limestone mountains and the thick jungle that encircles and sits atop them. We meet members of hill tribes, welcoming and hardworking people who add so much to the rich ethnic tapestry of Laos.We explore the area of 4000 Islands, a series of stunning islets straddling the border with Cambodia and providing a unique ecosystem for the rare and wonderful animals here. We wrap up the South Vietnam to Laos 11 Days tour with visits to Laos’ breathtaking Buddhist temples, as well as the Hindu temple of Wat Phou that has been standing for 1,500 years.Along the way, we enjoy excellent local food, comfortable travel by plane, car, jeep, motorboat and raft, as well as high quality and sometimes attractively remote accommodation. Our team of local Vietnamese and Laotian guides will professionally show you the way, while our local partner hosts will give you a warm taste of their exotic daily lives.
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  • Highlights of Vietnam & Laos

    The northern reaches of both Vietnam and Laos are famous their long-standing beauty. Discover two countries blessed with gorgeous jungle, stunning waterfalls and mysterious caves on the Vietnam and Laos 8 Days tour.From the proud capital of Hanoi and its many historical sites, we head to two of Vietnam’s most striking examples of karst mountain landscape in Ninh Binh and Halong Bay. We explore the beauty of the humble agricultural traditions that persist to this day at Tam Coc, as well as relaxing into an overnight cruise in one of the wonders of the ancient world.The Vietnam and Laos 8 Days tour continues in Laos, a gorgeous country bedecked with thick vegetation and containing a strong religious heartbeat. We will see how nature and Buddhism interact around Luang Prabang, at the Pak Ou Caves, Kuang Si Waterfalls and on a cruise of the evocative Mekong River. We try local produce and discover a deep-rooted tradition of craft making, wrapping up the tour by observing the daily ritual of Laos’ iconic saffron-clad monks.
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  • Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 Days Tour

    Discover the architectural and natural splendour of two mythical lands on the Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days tour, starting from Vietnam’s cosmopolitan Ho Chi Minh City and ending in the natural paradise of Luang Prabang, Laos. Along the way you will have the benefit of local guides’ vast knowledge, as well as their friendly demeanors, as they show you the famous and not-so-famous delights of Indochina. Beginning in the lively Ho Chi Minh City, the Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days tour unravels the turbulent past of the former Saigon at the Cu Chi Tunnels, before teaching of the city’s advantageous position next to the luxuriant Mekong Delta. After exploring the Mekong’s tropical environment, we fly north to Da Nang, where we will have the privilege of discovering two of its neighbouring UNESCO World Heritage Sites, gorgeous Hoi An and the mystical My Son Sanctuary. We explore the peaceful aura encompassing Hoi An’s rural villages before flying up to Hanoi, where a similar emphasis is kept on tradition in an increasingly modern city. Nearby Halong Bay provides an opportunity to melt into its phenomenal landscape on a relaxing overnight cruise, while the next day’s events in Vientiane will introduce you to Laotian customs and the ever-beating heart of the country’s Buddhist philosophies. The beautiful town of Vang Vieng offers a very scenic continuation of the Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days tour , which later heads to the caves, waterfalls, mountains, jungles and lagoons around Luang Prabang. We finish the conclusive 2-week tour here and watch you safely onto your onward flight.
    $ 1,555 /person
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  • Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour

    Bridge the gap between nature and history on the 12 Days Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour, an active exploration of two innately beautiful lands in Southeast Asia. We travel by foot, bicycle, car, cruise boat and motorboat around many of Vietnam and Laos’ individual landmarks, as well as looking out over the scenic vistas that run between them.The 12 Days Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour begins in Hanoi, the country’s bustling but traditional capital, before moving on through the north of the country to find brilliant examples of natural splendour at Mai Chau, Ninh Binh and Halong Bay cruises. Here, the peaks of forested limestone mountains reach high from their foothills, surrounded by lush rice paddies at Mai Chau and Ninh Binh, or by the gently lapping emerald waters of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Halong Bay.A flight to Luang Prabang will introduce us to the jungle of northern Laos, where vast swathes of tropical forest are perforated by the jagged tips and rolling hills of its many mountains. With Luang Prabang as a base, we visit the caves, waterfalls, jungles, rivers and gardens dotted around the province, taking the opportunity to meet elephants and members of a unique ethnic minority along the way.The best sense of adventure stems from the freedom to roam. With this in mind, the 12 Days Vietnam and Laos Adventure Tour allows for plenty of active trekking and cycling, along with many opportunities to relax afterwards in the heavenly tranquility of two waterfalls, a cruise and a resort.
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