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  • Aphrodite Cruise

    As the first 5-star cruise ship in Halong Bay, The Aphrodite Cruise; named for the Greek goddess of love and beauty; fittingly serves its purpose with a luxurious service designed to help you get the most out of this romantic region. With 17 cabins in four different classes, you are sure to find the same bountiful pleasure you would expect from any 5-star service; from 100% cotton sheets to a 32-inch television and beyond. 17 to 22 square metres of space per cabin means that you will have the time and space to unwind at your leisure.The Aphrodite Cruise makes your family trips, solo travels, friends trips, or honeymoon time to Halong Bay one of the utmost splendour. Whether you are on the gorgeous open-air sundeck, in the lavish dining room, or in a state of bliss in the Jacuzzi or sauna, our staff are trained to provide a world-class service befitting of a world-class destination.Our dedication to the protection of Halong Bay’s fragile environment is what sets us apart from other tours. We are thorough in our recycling efforts and encourage our customers to take a similar approach.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2012
    From $ 193
    $ 156 /person
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  • Bhaya Classic Cruise

    It’s our marriage of traditional Vietnamese culture and the natural splendour of Halong Bay that makes Bhaya Cruises the largest tour operator in Halong Bay. We provide first-class service and facilities for all of our customers while Vietnam’s magnificent landscape does the rest. Since 2007 we’ve made a name for ourselves with our dogged commitment to customer satisfaction. From one small ship to a fleet of 8 in 11 years, we think the results speak for themselves. Be one of the thousands of tourists who are happy to put their trust in Bhaya Cruises.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2009
    From $ 181
    $ 145 /person
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  • Huong Hai Sealife Cruise

    26 luxury cabins and a constant 4 star level of service makes Huong Hai Sealife Cruises one of the best options for people visiting Halong Bay. We commit ourselves to your expectations: professional service and professional facilities. Our crew is friendly and attentive and our amenities; be it the dining room, bar, sundeck, cabin, or massage rooms; are to the highest standard. During Bai Tu Long cruise trip, we get you closer to the beauty and further from the tourists, with more chances to interact with locals at fishing villages and more stops in secluded spots. Experience Halong Bay as it’s meant to be, with Huong Hai Sealife Cruises. If you are looking for a Halong Bay Cruise for your honeymoon vacation or summer vacation with your family or friends, Huong Hai Sealife Cruise will be one of the best choices you should not miss out.
    Bai Tu Long Bay - Launched in 2013
    From $ 160
    $ 125 /person
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  • V'Spirit Classic Cruise

     “V’Spirit” is short for “Vietnamese Spirit” – a national philosophy advocating warm hospitality to guests, which is what we can guarantee you on one of our Halong Bay Deluxe Cruises. The crew members that you will meet are professionally trained and experienced, committing themselves to show you the true meaning of V’Spirit.We have three wooden junk boats in our fleet designed in traditional Vietnamese style, yet loaded with contemporary amenities. Each of our deluxe cabins includes sea-view windows and a modern bathroom, with large, comfortable beds and plenty of extra space. Upstairs, you will find a classy restaurant where you will taste some of the best food available in Vietnam. The sundeck and the bar are fantastic places for meeting people and catching amazing views of the magnificent Halong Bay.As possibly the biggest highlight of any Vietnam Tour, Halong Bay is awaiting your discovery and V’Spirit is thrilled to be there with you. Our excellent customer service means that you can focus on the beauty all around you while we take care of everything else. As one of the top recommendations on Tripadvisor, we are proud to call ourselves one of the best Halong Bay Cruises and hope to have the fantastic time with your family, friends or have a great honeymoon time in otherworldly Halong Bay.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2012
    From $ 135
    $ 110 /person
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  • Signature Cruise

    The Signature Cruise Halong is gaining popularity by the day. It is one of the biggest cruise ships in Halong Bay and can boast large suites with plenty of room to go alongside its top-class facilities. The Signature Cruise features all the amenities for a truly comfortable time in UNESCO World Heritage-listed Halong Bay: twelve luxury cabins, plush restaurant, fully-stocked bar, large movie room and gorgeous open sundeck with the charming grassy area. We care deeply about the safety of our passengers and are proud of our impressive safety record. The environment is another deep concern for us and, to this end, we support local community work for villagers and welcome the indigenous people of the area to work with us should they wish. This junk boat cruise is perfect for a family with kids vacation, honeymoon time or relaxed time with friends.Let Signature Cruise Halong show you the way to go with the best cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay.
    Bai Tu Long Bay - Launched in 2013
    From $ 222
    $ 170 /person
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  • Signature Royal Cruise

    The Signature Royal Cruise is the second cruise ship in the Signature line. Designed in 2014, its 16 luxury cabins are graceful, modern and come with a large amount of space with the most up-to-date amenities available. The choice of cabins ranges from the Signature Junior Suite to the Signature Royal Suite, with all budgets and preferences in between catered for. The refined designs with generous open areas are suitable for everyone: families, solo travellers, friends and honeymooners will feel at home on a Signature Royal Cruise. A professional service and efficient cruise ship is a guarantee on any of our cruises because we want to make sure that you are able to experience the best Halong Bay Cruise - Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise in Vietnam.
    Bai Tu Long Bay - Launched in 2014
    From $ 202
    $ 142 /person
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  • Perla Dawn Sails

    The true beauty of the isolated Lan Ha Bay opens up from the deck of the Perla Dawn Sails. Our Luxury Lan Ha Bay Cruise offers you the utmost comfort and sublime service as it glides quietly past the limestone giants of Lan Ha, revealing a quiet, peaceful bay far removed from the bustle of Halong. Based on the traditional junk boat design, the sleek wooden aesthetic of the Perla Dawn sails gives you the most authentic experience possible, with its 18 cabins providing a first-class voyage and a chance for you to see some of Vietnam’s most magical scenery in complete opulence. Perla Dawn Sails is one of the newest cruises in Lan Ha Bay which is suitable for a group with kids, and also for couples with honeymoon time.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2018
    From $ 210
    $ 155 /person
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  • Mon Cheri Cruises

    Mon Cheri Cruise launched in 2017 is the ultimate connection between great hospitality and Halong Bay’s beautiful natural landscape. Our first class service is there to facilitate your enjoyment of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed bay and its surrounding areas.Your comfort is always our number one priority from start to finish on any of our tours. The professional and warm aura of our staff members will be a constant presence on your cruise. They will listen to your requirements and meet them with enthusiasm.We travel to the more quiet areas of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay so you can enjoy their splendour in peace. We always strive to get the best views of the bays’ limestone cliffs, white sand beaches and magical caves and we anchor in the most secluded spots so you can enjoy a level of tranquillity that no other service can provide.We maximize your family vacation or honeymoon time in Halong Bay by ferrying you between Hanoi and Halong in a much quicker time than other services, meaning you have more opportunities to enjoy the wonders of the bay.Sit back and let Mon Cheri take care of you.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 231
    $ 191 /person
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  • Hera Grand Luxury Cruise

    Truly in a class of its own, Hera Cruise offers the only 4-stars boutique cruise in Vietnam’s Halong Bay. Providing unparalleled opulence as we glide elegantly across the silken water, in between the towering limestone peaks and around the gorgeous golden beaches of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Halong Bay, Hera Cruises is a uniquely lavish experience.The immaculate service on a Hera Cruises Halong Bay tour is a class above. Our Concierge Level features six enormous suites decorated in the finest marriage of traditional Vietnamese décor and modern amenities. These suites come with a private butler and chef to ensure your Halong Bay Overnight Trip is one of pure indulgence.The boutique approach continues in our beautiful restaurant and wonderful sundeck. The top-of-the-range spa and gym are there for your health and wellbeing.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 189
    $ 139 /person
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  • La Regina Legend Cruise

    With 27 luxury suites, the La Regina Legend Cruise signals a new cruise in Lan Ha Bay, one with exquisite presentation and enviable prestige. This starts in our excellent cabins, all of a contemporary design and with state-of-the-art facilities, aimed at bringing Lan Ha Bay and its quiet waters closer to you. Throughout the ship, up to the tops of its golden sails, you will be at the service of a professional company with huge ambitions for Lan Ha Bay – come with us as we realise them with you.Among the best cruises in Halong Bay, La Regina Legend Cruise will the good option for your holiday to Vietanm. 
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2018
    From $ 218
    $ 178 /person
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What is a Halong Bay Honeymoon Cruise?

The romance of Halong Bay is strong and palpable, capable of bestowing a truly magical atmosphere upon newlyweds as they drift throughout the bay. The following list comprises our Halong Bay honeymoon cruises, which focus on the intimate and private time of newly married couples and help to celebrate their joyous new matrimony.

What Special Features can we find on a Halong Bay Honeymoon Cruise?

The Halong Bay cruises for newlyweds listed below by Incredible Asia Journeys have a service built to promote a relaxed and intimate time between you and your special someone.

Through a variety of beautiful honeymoon cabins, they can do exactly that. These romantic cabins in Halong Bay are usually of the decadent persuasion, supplying honeymooners with a king-sized bed, seating area, stylish bathroom with bathtub and more often than not, a furnished balcony or terrace, perfect for enjoying some of the most magical scenery in total privacy from the rest of the ship.

Honeymoon cruises in Halong Bay also tend to go that extra mile to make sure that your first foray into married life goes as smoothly as possible. To this end, most cruises offer a range of personalised celebrations, starting with a complimentary bottle of wine or champagne found upon checking into the cabin, along with a celebration cake presented at some point during the cruise. These little touches are what make romantic Halong Bay cruises that extra bit special.

The magnificence of Halong Bay is magnified at night, and the option of a private dinner on Halong Bay cruises for new couples enhances it that much further. On many ships, you can arrange to have your food and beverages brought to your room, along with suitable furniture to be set up either inside the room or outside on the private terrace, overlooking a sparkling, deeply romantic bay.

In the field of luxury Halong Bay honeymoon cruises, some of the higher-end services offer the convenience of a private butler, whose sole job is to keep you and your loved one happy and entertained as you enjoy the initial stages of marriage. Your private butler can make several personal arrangements for you, including ones for private dining and by fetching drinks from the bar. All butlers are expertly trained, knowing exactly when to join in for friendly conversation and when to leave you to enjoy your own private time.

For getting to and from the bay from Hanoi, the option of a private transfer makes the journey a smooth and relaxed one. Private transfer vehicles are offered by all the cruise companies listed below and can ensure that your trip both starts and finishes with extra private time.

What Activities can we do on a Halong Bay Honeymoon Cruise?

The cruises listed here contain itineraries that heartily promote your together time. The activities they feature enhance the splendour of Halong Bay by providing the necessary means for two lovers to enjoy it in their own space.

Kayaking – Kayaking is the ultimate two-person activity to enjoy around the emerald waters. Once you have received a quick briefing from the tour guide, you and your loved one are left to your own devices, free to explore a deeply gorgeous bay in your own placid stretch of water.

Secluded Beach Visits – Most 3-day, 2-night itineraries of Halong Bay honeymoon cruises feature a second day full of exploration around quieter waters, hidden coves and secluded beaches. Much fewer people opt for this, instead choosing the standard 2-day, 1-night itinerary, meaning that in the vast majority of cases, your second day will be a more intimate time on a beautiful smaller vessel.

Stargazing – There aren’t many places better in Vietnam for watching the sparkling stars in the night sky, and a more private Halong Bay honeymoon experience can bring you closer to the natural beauty of the country. Recline on your private terrace or head to the top deck to enjoy the comfort of sun loungers and the company of any new friends as you watch the cosmos shimmering above.

Taking the Seaplane – As a very exclusive service for the most luxurious honeymoon cruises in Halong Bay, a 30 to 45-minute seaplane ride can grant you the breathtaking majesty of the Gulf of Tonkin from above, which is the perfect, private excursion for you to enjoy as a couple.

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