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Southern Vietnam Tours are the customized tours offering the great flexibility in deciding how and when to travel, the level of service and the hotel standard. Not to mention that we can combine the private tours with the group ones to help you to save the cost. These are the best Itinerary for your Vietnam Tours. You may travel in 4 days, 5 days, 6 days or 7 days around Ho Chi Minh with us in these tours with our best-designed tours.

Are Southern Vietnam Tours right for you?

Yes, if you love travelling and want to have the remarkable and unique experience in Southern Vietnam but lack of time in researching and arranging the travel. Put your faith in our travel consultants' hands who commit to creating a unique and perfect itinerary to make your dream vacation memorable.

Why will you love these tours?

Southern Vietnam Tours offer you the diversity of experiences thanks to the land's spectacular landscape, hospitable people, great depth of history and culture and culinary superpower. You will certainly choose for yourself an appropriate itinerary in our tour and be in love with the incredible land. Being one of the best operators in Vietnam, Incredible Asia Journeys is the reliable company for your to choose. We offer the best deal for these Southern Vietnam Tours for you.

Southern Vietnam Tours Travel Advice

In Southern Vietnam, temperatures remain unvarying year round, making the climate be split into two simple seasons, wet (between May and October) and dry (from November to April). In general, you can visit Ho Chi Minh City all around the year but if you visit this metropolis and the Mekong Delta in the wet season, especially the period between June and August receiving the highest rainfall of the year, be aware of the heavy downpour in the mid-afternoon. 

Types of Southern Vietnam Tours

1. Cruise, Sailing & Water Tours: 

One of the highlighted activities for your Southern Vietnam Tours is cruise, sailing & water tours. You may enjoy a speedboat ride along the Saigon River to witness the locals' life depending on the river whilst watching the sunset over the river. Otherwise, you may board a dinner cruise which reflects Saigon's stunning and romantic side, under the dark sky. Another major day trip in Ho Chi Minh Tours is Cu Chi Tunnels Tour where you can travel by speedboat through the Saigon River.

Renowned as the water world of Sothern Vietnam, Mekong Delta Tours are the perfect choice in your trip around Ho Chi Minh City for you to participate in the water activities. Hopping aboard the longtail boat to cruise around the gateway of Mekong Delta (My Tho) or the exotic Ben Tre gives you the chance to experience the diversity of the Mekong waterways and discover the rhythms of daily life of this land. Not to mention the scenic journey by speedboat to the mangrove forests of the UNESCO-listed Can Gio Biosphere Reserve. Mekong Delta Tours will be one of your most memorable of your Ho Chi Minh Tours and around.

2. Food, Wine & Nightlife: 

Foods in Southern Vietnam are more vibrant and flavorful, compared to the cuisine in the North and Centre of Vietnam due to the warm weather and fertile soil of this land creating a diversity of fruits, vegetables, livestock, as well as herbs. Participating in our Ho Chi Minh tours, you have the chance to taste culinary delights that have made Southern Vietnamese cuisine famous in the hidden alleys and narrow streets such as ‘banh mi' sandwiches, "Banh Xeo", coffee or join in a cooking class to learn some cooking skills with hands-on experience. Your immersion into local life continues as you travel away from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh to relish Vietnamese Food in the “rice bowl of Vietnam”, Mekong Delta.  Joining in Southern Vietnam Tours you will experience the food in Saigon, Mekong Delta and around!

3. Shore Excursions: 

This types of tours are for the clients who disembark the cruise ship. Embarking on a city tour of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam's most populous metropolitan area or combining it with the legendary Cu Chi Tunnels tour is the ideal choice for you. With these tours, you can discover the highlights and encounter the hidden charm of the city or explore the labyrinth of the famous tunnels. If you are interested in the traditional form of Vietnamese entertainment, you may watch the fascinating Water Puppet Show performed in a large pool using the water as a stage or experience Ho Chi Minh City at night with the amazing A O Show which is globally well acknowledged as a new circus.   

4. Beach vacation from Ho Chi Minh: 

Among Vietnam Sourthern Tours, there are many options if you are keen on a beach vacation away from the bustling Ho Chi Minh City such as Mui Ne Beach, Nha Trang Beach or Phu Quoc Beach. Incredible Asia Journeys can arrange you the customized tours to Mui Ne Beach which is little coastal town blessed with gorgeous beaches and the ideal climate for water sports, and surrounded by some beautiful works of nature. What is better than taking an adventure with kite-surfing or enjoying the stunning sunrise over the Mui Ne Red Sand Dunes. Otherwise, you may take the long journey to Nha Trang Beach to relax on the stunning white sand, embark on an island-hopping boat tour, savor some of the best seafood in the country, as well as explore some cultural gems. 

Hurry up and enjoy the Southern Vietnam Tours.

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