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  • Full Day Hanoi City Tour

    For over 1000 years as the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi has been the country’s most fascinating, engaging and beautifully bewildering city. Hanoi has been built on centuries of different influences, from Chinese to Japanese to French, and is one of the few world capitals to retain a strong connection with its own ancestry. Hanoi is far from the idea of the modern metropolis; something that Incredible Asia Journeys will show to guests on this full-day Hanoi city tour.Alongside a company with over 2,000 5-star Tripadvisor reviews, our professional and welcoming guide will show you Hanoi from start to finish. Our comprehensive tour takes you from Hanoi’s ancient temples and pagodas, through the architectural enlightenment of the French colonial period and ending with Hanoi’s modern wartime history.Unravel the roots of a city with tradition at its heart on the full day Hanoi city tour.
    $ 40 /person
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  • Hanoi Street Food Tour

    This Hanoi Street Food Tour is a quick, but thorough look at the cuisine of Hanoi’s Old Quarter; the centre of the capital and home to its most diverse range of dishes. The famous 36 Guild Streets of Hanoi were built up over hundreds of years by craftsmen and traders coming from specialist villages country-wide. During their migration to Hanoi, they brought many different facets of food that were welcomed in Hanoi and blended with the existing food culture here, leaving a new, indelible mark on the Asian street food scene.Come with us on the Hanoi Street Food Tour as we take a look at the past and present of Hanoi’s most delicious dishes. Our guide is an internationally renowned food blogger and local of Hanoi, meaning he knows exactly what places to take visitors overwhelmed by Hanoi’s array of eating options. He will help us speak to locals about their wide-ranging stories and asking the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of cooking Vietnamese food.Read other group tours at: Group Tours in Vietnam
    $ 32 /person
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  • Mai Chau Day Trip From Hanoi

    The bamboo and timber stilt houses that dot the valleys of Mai Chau are very different from the kinds of dwellings you would see 150 kilometres away in Hanoi. They are owned by the Thai hill tribe, the ethnic group living in the area who, every day, enjoy the picture-perfect scenery for which Mai Chau is famous. This Mai Chau Day Trip From Hanoi takes you to the heart of this beautiful region of terraced rice fields, rolling green hills, fertile fruit orchards and the quaint gravel paths that run between them all.This one day tour from Hanoi offered by Incredible Asia Journeys shows you the best of Mai Chau, through its scenery, people and food. The magical mountain scenery along the way prepares you for the lush greenery that envelopes Mai Chau, where we will cycle, trek and meet the ethnic Thai people who call this rice-terraced valley home.
    $ 34 /person
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  • Hanoi Scooter Tour

    Hanoi’s local life is best explored the local way; by jumping onto the back of a scooter. Getting lost in the webs of traffic, driving down narrow back-alleys and pulling up next to humble street food stands is part of the daily life for the people of Hanoi, and the Hanoi Scooter Tour endeavours to show you this in all of its authenticity.The Sights: While the Old Quarter offers a snapshot of a very small section of Hanoi life, we show you the parts around it: the charming West Lake, historical Ba Dinh district and the roads and alleys in between that most tourists do not get to see. A lot of these are inaccessible to cars and very hard to find without local knowledge, so you get an utterly unique experience for your trip to Hanoi.The Street Food: The heart of Vietnamese food is in Hanoi, offering northern specialities as well as examples of more southerly foods. You can rarely find the genuine article in big restaurants, so we take you to the freshest spots available, the various stalls and small outdoor restaurants that line the side of the road. Come hungry and we will send you back with a full stomach and a wealth of knowledge.The Hanoi Scooter Tour shows you the best of local Hanoi in 4 hours, leaving the afternoon for you to explore yourself. Join in this group tour in Vietnam for getting a lot of fun!
    $ 58 /person
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  • Ninh Binh Day Trip From Hanoi

    The Ninh Binh Day Trip from Hanoi is an all-inclusive trip to beautiful Ninh Binh from the capital. This is a great one-day tour for anyone looking to escape the chaos of Hanoi for a while. The promise of efficient service with an immaculate organisation is backed up by our 1500 five-star reviews on Tripadvisor, meaning you do not have a thing to worry about.On the Ninh Binh Day Trip from Hanoi, we head to the ancient capital of Hoa Lu to check out two temples named after the two kings who ruled Vietnam from here. Afterwards, proceed to Tam Coc for a buffet lunch and to take a peaceful boat tour down the river, soaking up all the cave and mountain geography surrounding it. We finish for the day with a cycling tour along Tam Coc’s humble village roads, taking in views of the verdant rice paddies and seeing the local way of life for farmers here in Ninh Binh province.The Ninh Binh Day Trip From Hanoi is the perfect option for travellers with a time constraint. Incredible Asia Journeys include everything with impeccable service, meaning you get the most out of Hoa Lu and Tam Coc in one day.
    $ 38 /person
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  • Halong Bay Day Tour From Hanoi

    The Halong Bay Day Tour From Hanoi is an all-inclusive one day tour of Halong Bay offered by Incredible Asia Journeys. The day trip from Hanoi, returning to Hanoi, is ideal for holidaymakers running low on time, as it offers an essential version of the Halong Bay overnight trip with less travel time, but with the same highlights. 2000 excellent reviews on Tripadvisor prove that Incredible Asia Journeys leads the way with a great selection of Vietnam Group Tours; the Halong Bay Day Tour From Hanoi will not leave you disappointed.Our friendly English-speaking tour guide will ensure that your Halong Bay 1 day tour goes smoothly from start to finish. He or she will meet you at your hotel and transport you on an air-conditioned bus from Hanoi to Halong Bay. We will welcome you on board with a filling local lunch, which you can eat as we cruise alongside some well-known Halong Bay islands; the tree-topped pillars given names by locals depending on what they resemble. We will visit Ba Hang Fishing Village to chat with the locals and take a kayak or sampan boat out into the open water. No day trip from Hanoi is complete without a look at one of the mystical Halong Bay caves – Thien Cung Cave (Heaven Palace Cave) – before we return to Hanoi on the bus.Our wonderful staff do everything they can to ensure that you get the experience you deserve from your Halong Bay Day Tour From Hanoi, making it one of the must-do day trips from Hanoi.
    $ 55 /person
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  • Hanoi Motorbike Tour

    For anyone looking to get off-the-beaten-track when it comes to Hanoi, this tour which belongs to Vietnam Group Tours is definitely for you! Hanoi Motorbike Tour opens up the hidden worlds of Hanoi, giving you a glimpse into the remarkable aspects of everyday life that not many tourists have witnessed. Dive into the labyrinth of Hanoi’s backstreets, its crazy traffic and its colonial French avenues with Hanoi Motorbike Tour. Get off-road along the Red River and savour the wealth of delicious food from truly local street vendors.This half-day trip is split into four parts: Unknown Hanoi, Classical Hanoi and City Highlights, Red River Epic and Hanoi Food Experience. Morning Tour:       8h00 AM-12h30PM Afternoon Tour:    13h00 - 17h30 Evening Tour: 17.00 – 21.30 Duration:  4.5 hours 
    $ 55 /person
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  • Hanoi to Ninh Binh Day Trip

    The Hanoi to Ninh Binh Day Trip is a one-day tour departing from and returning to Hanoi. Incredible Asia Journeys provides everything you need on this short break from the bustling city of Hanoi. With over 1500 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor, you can be confident of a professional service with the perfect organization.On the Hanoi to Ninh Binh Day Trip, we will visit two temples in Hoa Lu, the ancient capital of Vietnam dating back over one thousand years. Afterwards, we head to otherworldly Tam Coc for a serene boat trip down the river, passing through wonderful caves and admiring the local wildlife in the river or perched on the adjacent limestone mountains. We will make use of Tam Coc’s rural roads for cycling between lush rice paddies, learning more about Vietnamese farming life as we do so.The Ninh Binh Day Trip From Hanoi is one of the best options for travellers wanting a condensed tour of Ninh Binh’s highlights. We include all of the transport such as the bus, bicycle and boat ticket, along with a friendly English-speaking guide, buffet lunch, entrance fee for Hoa Lu and a bottle of water on the bus.
    $ 38 /person
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Day Trips From Hanoi – A Comprehensive Guide of Short Trips from the Capital

Built on layers and layers of inside and outside influences, Hanoi has risen to become one of the most important cities in Asia, while still managing to retain a deep attachment to its humble roots. The influences of Hanoi’s many invaders over its long history have added to its tapestry of Vietnamese culture that stretches back thousands of years. Yet, as mesmerising as Hanoi is, occasionally the modern issues of smog and traffic can get a bit much and the yearning for humble villages and verdant nature kicks in. 

Hanoi is located at the heart of the Red River Delta, home to many villages strung along the banks and vital life source for residents since ancient times. Along with these villages that specialise in artisan crafts, there are numerous national parks and pagodas in the vicinity of Hanoi that offer peaceful breaks from the chaos of the capital. This is Incredible Asia Journey’s comprehensive guide to the top day trips from Hanoi.

For Nature

The sight of trees that aren’t surrounded by pavement is a curious novelty for most residents of Hanoi. Getting out of the city and into nature is the best cure for the pollution, and there are a few places to do that within a couple of hours drive from Hanoi.

Ba Vi National Park

Distance from Hanoi - 60km (1.5 hours)

The 1200m Emperor Peak of Ba Vi crowns the top of its steeply ascending access road. The views on the way up give you a bit of appreciation for the nature that remains in Hanoi Province, as well at the other adjacent provinces of Hoa Binh and Phu Tho. At the top there are two trekking options, one up a very haphazard staircase of 1300 steps to Bac Ho Temple, providing fantastic views of the valley below, or a more mild version that ascends about 600 steps to Den Thuong Temple.

Visits to Ba Vi National Park should really be on a motorbike to allow for full freedom of exploration. For a full day trip from Hanoi, bikes can be rented for as little as $5 and can be taken around all of the side attractions of Ba Vi. There are numerous lakes, mountains and temples to visit along with old abandoned churches and other buildings left behind from when Ba Vi was a French hill station.

Cuc Phuong National Park

Distance from Hanoi – 130km (3.5 hours)

Seeing as Ho Chi Minh cut the ribbon to open Cuc Phuong National Park in 1952, it is only fitting that the most beautiful highway in the country, the Ho Chi Minh Highway, leads all the way here from Hanoi. What Cuc Phuong might lack in activities, it makes up for in undisturbed beauty. The one road that cuts through Cuc Phuong is easily traversable by motorbike and features many branches to stops like caves and lakes, making it hard to get lost. There is a short 2-hour trek to a thousand year-old tree along with two longer treks to remote Muong hill tribe villages.

Mai Chau

Distance from Hanoi – 150km (4 hours)

Mai Chau’s scenery has been a popular attraction for Vietnamese people for decades, but improved road connections with Hanoi have put the gorgeous area on the tourist map as well. You will need to set out early if you want to make the most of Mai Chau in one day, but the stunning scenery on the way there will comprise a lot of the enjoyment for the day. Mai Chau’s Lush rice paddies and pointed mountain peaks are the homes of the White Thai hill tribe, who offer cheap homestays in the region where you can sleep in a traditional wooden stilt house.

The Thac Pung and Go Lao waterfalls near to the main village are the perfect places to grab some pictures or relax after the long drive. There are also many villages strewn throughout the rural roads where you can see villagers going about their humble businesses in the farms or in their homes.

Halong Bay

Distance from Hanoi – 180km (4 hours)

No visit to Vietnam is complete without a trip to Halong Bay, conveniently located within close reach of the capital and the site of many day trips from Hanoi for people who do not have time to stay overnight. The various jutting limestone peaks that make up the ethereal Halong Bay have become the quintessential image of Vietnam both inside and outside of the country. 

There are beaches and caves strewn throughout the UNESCO World Heritage site, with kayaking and swimming activities adding to the long list of things to do in Halong Bay. Day trips from Hanoi usually consist of at least one of each activity along with a tasty lunch and a visit to the locals of the region who live in its floating fishing villages.

Tam Dao National Park

Distance from Hanoi – 70km (1.5 hours)

Another hill station used by the French during their occupation of Vietnam, Tam Dao National Park lies in Hanoi’s neighbouring province of Vin Phuc to the northwest, offering many Hanoi locals a reprieve from the smog, heat and rain of summer. Its main attractions are the three peaks by which the national park gets its name, Thien Thi, Thach Ban and Phu Nghia, all of which stand in a line. The 50m drop of the Silver Waterfall is also a big draw of Tam Dao, as is Rung Rinh Peak, a moss-covered mountain top offering views of orchid foliage below. 

The truly unique attraction of the national park is the Tam Dao Bear Sanctuary, an establishment for moon bears rescued from bile farms across Asia who are now free to roam around in large enclosures. Tam Dao Bear Sanctuary is responsible for the end of cruel bear farming in many places in Northern Vietnam and tours to see the now-happy bears can be arranged by contacting the sanctuary directly.

Van Long Nature Reserve

Distance from Hanoi – 85km (1.75 hours)

While Tam Coc usually takes the plaudits for attractions in Ninh Binh Province, the Van Long Scenic Reserve is less touristic, more unspoiled and closer to Hanoi. Jumping into a tiny sampan boat and being rowed out into the middle of the Van Long marshland is still off the radar for most tourists, but it is certainly one of the best options for Hanoi day trips. The scenery looks similar to that of Tam Coc and there are plenty of caves and wide-spanning views to enjoy. A path runs adjacent to the lake for those who would prefer cycling, walking or jogging.

For the Temples

Vietnamese folk religion is the predominant following for the people of the Red River Delta and the many religious offerings, from tiny shrines to gigantic temples, are speckled around the region. There are also many examples of Buddhist temples around the area as well as spectacular Christian architecture to be found in Ninh Binh.

Thay Pagoda

Distance from Hanoi - 25km (40 minutes) 

Built by members of the Ly dynasty in the 11th century, Thay Pagoda is one of Vietnam’s most ancient religious buildings. It is a popular place to watch water puppet shows and consequently, some tour companies feature small excursions here during festival time. The pagoda was built around two caves and features bridges over Long Tri Lake as well as a 250-step stone staircase up to the ‘high pagoda’. As part of a full day trip from Hanoi, tourists can see Thay Pagoda as well as nearby Thach Xa Village and Tay Phuong Pagoda (mentioned below).

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

Distance from Hanoi – 100km (1.75 hours)

While the original citadel and the two kings who resided here have long gone, Hoa Lu remains a historically important as well as beautiful site for tourists to learn about Vietnam’s ancient capital. King Le and King Dinh ruled in Hoa Lu during the 44 years that it acted as capital and are now immortalised in two large temples, surrounded by green mountains and a small lake. Nearby Thien Ton Cave is a place of worship for both Buddhists and Taoists, as there is a chamber devoted to each religion.

Bai Dinh Pagoda

Distance from Hanoi – 105km (1.75 hours)

Located just around the corner from Hoa Lu, Bai Dinh Pagoda is the largest religious complex in the country, comprising 700 hectares of impressive buildings that slope up from the lake on the Ba Rau Hills. Phap Chu, Tam The and Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara temples are all impressive wooden buildings with bronze statues, but these were all built between 2003 and 2010. The 800 year-old pagoda is the most authentic building here and it stands at the foothills of the overall complex.

Phat Diem Cathedral

Distance from Hanoi – 117km (2.5 hours)

The mix of Vietnamese and Western styles for this Catholic cathedral in Ninh Binh is quite an extraordinary sight. The tall, square blocks of grey stone are topped with traditional Vietnamese tiled roofs donned with a crucifix on the outside, while inside it is an attractive match of conservative wooden pillars and a colourful red and gold altar. The cathedral is just south of Ninh Binh City and is worth a look to discover the various fascinating aspects of Vietnamese Catholicism for the country’s 6 million followers.

Perfume Pagoda

Distance from Hanoi – 65km (1.5 hours)

One of the top day trips from Hanoi, a visit to Perfume Pagoda, called Huong Pagoda in Vietnamese, is usually considered one of the essentials. After a 1.5 hour drive to the river on which the pagoda sits, visitors climb into a locally-rowed boat and head down the river to the entrance of the pagoda. A few stone steps lead to the cable car, which carries visitors above the tree line and up to the mystical Huong Tich Cave, used as the inner temple of the complex.

The winding road down to the bottom is lined with small shops that open only during Tet (Vietnamese New Year) and the Huong Pagoda Festival held shortly afterwards. Reaching the bottom, visitors then head to Giai Oan and Thien Tru pagodas as well as Den Trinh Shrine, past the giant kneeling elephants.

For the Villages

Hanoi’s growth from tiny village to bustling capital has seen it expand ever outwards in search for space. All of the satellite districts of Hanoi were once villages and these villages did, and still do, specialise in one trade each. Their wares are sold in markets around the north of the country and specific examples of expertise even make it to international markets around Asia.

Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Distance from Hanoi – 13km (30 minutes)

One of Hanoi’s closest craft villages is its most well-known, and it’s most prolific. Bat Trang exports beautiful pottery, kitchenware and toys made of ceramic to the tune of $40 million per year. That is an outstanding amount for a Vietnamese village that wasn’t really on the Hanoi radar in the last century. Tourists on a Hanoi day trip can explore the various markets for absolute bargains on souvenirs, as well as seeing their creation in the family workshops around the greater area. Look out for the gigantic, sometimes human-sized flowerpots that they create for special occasions and luxury hotels.

Van Phuc Silk Village

Distance from Hanoi – 12km (30 minutes)

Van Phuc used to be a village in its own right before being swallowed up by the expanding capital and amalgamated into its Ha Dong district, with local buses leaving from the centre every 20 minutes or so. The silk products that Van Phuc produces make fantastic gifts and are very cheap for the kind of good quality they contain. You can see the whole process from creation in the workshops to sale in the outdoor stalls. Many shops sell similar items here so try to bargain to find the best priced gift for someone back home.

Duong Lam Ancient Village

Distance from Hanoi – 45km (1.5 hours)

Not so much a trade village as it is an old one, Duong Lam Ancient Village has resisted the advance of time to stay firmly in the 17th century, when many of its houses were built. Local fame came to Duong Lam when it produced two great Vietnamese kings, Phung Hung (761-802 AD) and Ngo Quyen (896-944 AD), who resisted invasion from China and have thus been immortalised in two temples. The red laterite bricks that make up most of the town’s buildings are now symbolic of its heritage and resistance to modernisation, creating a beautiful traditional scene along with the greenery of its surrounds.

Thach Xa Bamboo Butterfly Village

Distance from Hanoi – 30km (50 minutes)

Located just west of Thay Pagoda and slightly east of Tay Phuong Pagoda is Thach Xa Village, home of one of the more adorable Vietnamese crafts. The villagers here specialise in weighted bamboo dragonflies of all different sizes and colours, loved by adults and the source of much wonderment for kids when the nose of a dragonfly is balanced on the tip of a finger. Some of the dragonflies are conservative in their colours but most are garish and stylishly created, proving to be wonderful gifts back home if you can transport them safely.

As a bonus, you can head to the village’s Tay Phuong Pagoda, a masterpiece of 7th century wooden architecture.

Phu Vinh Bamboo & Rattan Village

Distance from Hanoi – 25km (1 hour)

Another village specialising in bamboo is Phu Vinh Village in the Chuong My district of Hanoi. Three quarters of the village practice bamboo and rattan weaving in their spare time after the day’s farming activities, which earns about $10,000 US dollars annually for the village. Bamboo baskets and fishing traps are universal throughout the country and Phu Vinh has become a high quality and sought-after brand for any professional bamboo produc. Villagers also craft art, shoes, bags, ornaments, bracelets and practical kitchenware from the very versatile bamboo and rattan trees of the region.

Tho Ha Rice Paper Village

Distance from Hanoi – 45km (1.5 hours)

A drive to the Northeast with a ferry ride across the Cau River makes for a romantic day trip from Hanoi to Tho Ha, an artisan village that used to specialise in ceramic until the 1990s before they abruptly changed to rice paper production. Used for eating rather than writing, rice paper, or ‘banh da nem’ is a crucial ingredient in many northern dishes such as fried spring rolls (nem rang), pork and lemongrass rolls (nem lui) and crispy shrimp pancakes (banh xeo). Villagers work hard to produce high quality rice paper and this is reflected in the abundance of Tho Ha rice paper in inland markets as well as its export to Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

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