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  • La Casta Regal Cruise

    In late 2020, La Casta Regal, a modern cruise offering a unique route, debuted. With only 24 luxurious cabins, each featuring full ocean views and private balconies, the cruise promises an exceptional experience. Guests can enjoy a range of amenities, including outdoor Jacuzzi pools and spa services, while partaking in thrilling activities such as kayaking and squid fishing amidst the stunning landscapes of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2020
    From $ 187
    $ 157 /person
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  • Ambassador Signature Overnight Cruise

    Embark on an unparalleled journey through the unspoiled beauty of Lan Ha Bay, Halong Bay Cruise Trip aboard the Ambassador Signature Cruise. This luxurious 5-star vessel boasts 39 lavish cabins complete with private balconies/terraces, a sprawling panoramic Sundeck, an elegant restaurant serving deluxe Asian-European cuisine, a sophisticated Piano lounge, bars, and a rejuvenating spa. With its impeccable combination of top-tier amenities, exquisite dining experiences, and outstanding recreational activities, the Ambassador Signature Cruise ensures an unforgettable voyage filled with unparalleled luxury for every passenger.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2023
    From $ 245
    $ 215 /person
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  • Erina Cruise

    Erina Cruise is a luxury-5 star cruise ship that operates in Lan Ha Bay. It offers a premium cruising experience with top notch facilities and services. The cruise ship is known for its elegant design, spacious cabins, and panoramic views of the stunning limestone karsts and emerald water of Lan Ha Bay.Onboard Erina Cruise, guests can enjoy a range of amenities such as a restaurant serving delicious Vietnamese and international cuisine, a bar offering a variety of drinks, a spa and wellness center for relaxation, and a sun deck where they can soak up the sun and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.The cruise also offers various activities and excursions, including kayaking, swimming, visiting floating villages, exploring caves, and participating in cooking classes. The staff on Erina Cruise is highly trained and dedicated to providing exceptional service to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for all guests.Overall, Erina Cruise is a popular choice for travelers seeking a luxurious and unforgettable cruise experience in Lan Ha Bay.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2018
    From $ 200
    $ 170 /person
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  • Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island Day Trip from Hanoi

    Located serenely in the Gulf of Tonkin, Lan Ha Bay beckons tourists not only with its breathtaking scenery but also with the seamless integration of nature and human presence, enduring cultural traditions, and diverse ecosystem. Adjacent to Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island emerges as a natural sanctuary boasting a verdant national park, ancient fishing villages, and pristine beaches untouched by time. Together, these destinations form an enchanting refuge, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For those seeking an authentic experience within a limited timeframe, a day trip to Cat Ba Island and the less frequented areas of Lan Ha Bay is the perfect solution. Embarking on the SERENITY CRUISE promises not just comfort and luxury, but also ignites the spirit of adventure with activities like kayaking, swimming, biking, and more, ensuring a memorable journey for all.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in
    From $ 110
    $ 80 /person
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  • Nostalgia Cruises

    Nostalgia Cruises is known as a grand masterpiece of Vietnamese - Hue royal architecture in HaLong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Enthused by the illustrious history of the Nguyen Dynasty and the imperial grandeur of Hue, Nostalgia Cruises embodies a harmonious fusion of traditional opulence and contemporary elegance. Stepping onto the ship is akin to embarking on a journey through time, where intricate architectural nuances, graceful furnishings, and artful accents evoke the allure of a bygone era. The design pays homage to the regal legacy of the Nguyen Dynasty, infusing the onboard ambience with an air of majestic nostalgia. As you sail amidst this breathtaking landscape, Nostalgia Cruises transports you to a realm where history, culture, and nature intertwine, creating an unforgettable voyage that is both enriching and resplendent. The most impressive in every meal of Nostalgia Cruise is an exploration of exquisite flavors inspired by Hue's rich culinary heritage. From traditional delicacies to modern twists, our cuisine captures the essence of the region's diverse gastronomic traditions.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2023
    From $ 233
    $ 183 /person
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  • Orchid Trendy Cruise

    Orchid Trendy Cruise is a cutting-edge and stylish cruise line that offers a unique and contemporary experience on the seas. With its modern design, state of the art facilities, and trendy atmosphere, Orchid Trendy Cruise is the perfect choice for travelers seeking a chic and fashionable Lan Ha Bay Overnight Cruise. Our 20 cabins are equipped with private balconies that offer breathtaking views of the bays. You can also pamper yourself in our outdoor jacuzzi that lets you immerse yourself in the natural beauty. Our restaurant serves a variety of delicious Asian-European dishes that will satisfy your taste buds. Orchid Trendy Cruise is the ultimate destination for a memorable and upgraded experience!
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2021
    From $ 256
    $ 206 /person
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  • La Regina Legend Cruise

    With 27 luxury suites, the La Regina Legend Cruise signals a new cruise in Lan Ha Bay, one with exquisite presentation and enviable prestige. This starts in our excellent cabins, all of a contemporary design and with state-of-the-art facilities, aimed at bringing Lan Ha Bay and its quiet waters closer to you. Throughout the ship, up to the tops of its golden sails, you will be at the service of a professional company with huge ambitions for Lan Ha Bay – come with us as we realise them with you.Among the best cruises in Halong Bay, La Regina Legend Cruise will the good option for your holiday to Vietanm. 
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2018
    From $ 218
    $ 178 /person
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  • Era Cruises

    After launching late last year (2017), Era Cruise became the second cruise to depart on a daily basis from Dinh Vu pier, Hai Phong, through Lan Ha Bay and into world-renowned Halong Bay.18 cabins and suites onboard provide customers with luxury accommodation and the promise of travel with style, which is an ideal choice for families, couples and friends. Our state-of-the-art liner glides effortlessly between the towering limestone karsts, hidden beaches and mysterious caves of the bays.You are never far from the magic of the bays from the private sun terrace featured in all of our large cabins. Should you feel the need to leave your cabin, you have a spacious 74 square metres in which to roam, the biggest of its kind in Halong Bay. Era Cruise also offers rooms for families travelling with young kids, so it's easier for your family to enjoy your vacation in Halong Bay.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 230
    $ 200 /person
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  • Le Theatre Cruise

    Le Theatre Cruise is one of the most luxurious cruises in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Launched in 2019, Le Theatre cruise is also one of the newest cruises in Halong Bay with full amenities. The cruise has a unique design – The combination of the modern and tradition with 21 luxury and large cabins will bring the conform for travellers when you travel with Le Theatre cruise. There are 4 floors for use on Le Theatre cruise so there are a lot of spaces when you travel on the cruise.With a swimming pool on the top floor, Le Theatre Cruise will be one of the Best Halong Bay Cruises for family with kids because there will be space for children to play while you can enjoy the trip.Unique Itinerary:The itinerary of Le Theatre cruise is Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay route. You will go through Halong Bay which is the Heritage Site and go to Lan Ha Bay Area where is the less touristy area of Halong Bay to experience the best holiday in Halong Bay. Luxury and comfortable Cabins:All the cabins are luxury cabins on Le Theatre cruise with ocean view and the facilities are luxurious and comfortable.  You will have a good experience with the cruise and never regret to add Le Theatre cruise to your holiday in Vietnam.Great food:Le Theatre cruise serves delicious food with various options for customers. There are seafood meals but customers also can have special requests. You will enjoy the food with us on our cruise.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2018
    $ 172 /person
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  • Heritage Cruise

    With 20 cabins, two restaurants, a spa, swimming pool, bar and two lounges, the Halong Bay Heritage Cruise is defining the pinnacle of luxury cruises in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Passengers will be spoiled for choice in onboard entertainment, which together with our attentive staff and royal décor, creates an experience of the utmost comfort and opulence.The route sailed by the Heritage Cruise takes our passengers through Lan Ha Bay, where the beauty of the scenery is absolutely equal to that of Halong Bay. Lan Ha is a lesser-known route with the same incredible limestone karsts as Halong; something that bestows a greater sense of peace to every cruise undertaken by Heritage.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2019
    $ 214 /person
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