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  • Bac Ha Market Day Tour

    The rainbow of bright bandanas, multicoloured brocades and dazzling merchandise that descends on Bac Ha Town every Sunday is truly a site worth visiting. This Bac Ha Market 1 Day Tour offered by Incredible Asia Journeys takes you from Sapa or Hanoi to the bustling market of Bac Ha, communal meeting place for distant friends of various hill tribes of the region and the scene of much jubilation and positivity.This Vietnam group tour focuses on exploring the mini-communities of the vast Bac Ha Market, meeting the local people who trek for hours to meet their friends here every Sunday, buy food, sell merchandise and revel in the festival atmosphere. Anything and everything is on offer at Bac Ha Market, from farming tools to working animals, the freshest food to locally-crafted rice wine, clothing to housewares and the most genuine and attractive souvenirs that you can buy.The Bac Ha Market 1 Day Tour gives you the morning at the active market of Bac Ha before moving onto the impressive and surprising H’mong King’s Palace in Bac Ha Town, after which we head to the scenic Ban Pho Village to try their famous corn wine.
    Lao Cai, Bac Ha, Sapa
    $ 27 /person
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  • Sapa Trekking & Bac Ha Market

    Spend 3 full days in the dramatic mountain ranges of Sapa on the Sapa Trekking & Bac Ha Market 4 Days tour. This tour from Hanoi shows you Sapa and its beautiful surroundings by foot, where the majesty of its quaint walking paths, wide-ranging valley vistas, rice paddies, cascading waterfalls, bamboo forests and humble villages will unravel from beneath your boots. Sapa is a stunning time capsule of ancient agricultural practices, where water buffalo plough steeped terraces of rice beneath the shadows of spiraling mountaintops.Along the trekking routes of the Sapa Trekking & Bac Ha Market 4 Days tour, we meet many members of different ethnic minorities who have lived in Sapa for generations. The distinct and unique cultures developed by these hill tribes remains largely intact today and can be seen best at Bac Ha Market. This is a weekly place of business and revelry for members of at least 8 different hill tribes, as they meet in a colourful spectacle to sell their wares and enjoy the company of distant friends and relatives.The perfect marriage of nature and unique hill tribe culture awaits on the Sapa Trekking & Bac Ha Market 4 Days tour.
    Hanoi, Sapa, Bac Ha
    $ 198 /person
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