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On top of the Rong Mountain, on the height of 1700 meter above sea level, you will find the Lung Cu flag tower. The tower has an impressive height of 33 meters and a huge flag of 54 square meter, that represent the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. It stand on the most northern point of Vietnam, right at the border with China.

There are 839 stone steps, divided into 3 parts that bring you to the top. If you get here by motorbike you can drive to the top parking spot, so you only have to walk the last 283 steps. If you get there by car you can take an electric buggy to the the top parking spot. After walking the last steps you get to the viewing platform and the base of the Lung Cu flag tower. From here you have great views over the Vietnam countryside and the mountains of China.

There are not many facilities around the tower, but you can find a few local shops where you can buy some snacks and drinks and there are a few restaurants. It is recommended to visit Cafe Cuc Bac, located in a small authentic minority house.

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