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Mekong River is one of the longest rivers in the world, which flows through China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and ends at Vietnam. As flowing through Vietnam before emptying to the sea, it formed the Mekong Delta.

Mekong Delta Overview

In Vietnam, Mekong Delta is also called as “The Nine Dragon River Delta”. Through thousands of years, Mekong River’s sediment enriched the Mekong Delta – the rice basket of Vietnam. It can be said that the Mekong Delta is the richest land in Vietnam with endless rice paddies, hundred kilometers of mangrove with thousands of different kinds of plants and animals.

Favored by nature, Mekong Delta is not only rich of land and ecosystem but also culture, lifestyle and culinary. It is the living house of 2 great ethnic groups in Vietnam: The Kinh and The Cham. Each of ethnic has distinguished culture, lifestyle, and custom. That will be great to visit Mekong Delta on your Vietnam Tour as Mekong Delta is listed in the top destinations in Vietnam.

What to see and what to do in Mekong Delta?

Delta Mekong is well known as a "little Asia" because only here you can see:

rice fields plowed with strong buffaloes;

floating houses of local residents;

fragrant fruit plantations;

shacks built of straw;

temples which are more than one hundred years old, etc.

The delta of the powerful Mekong River is inhabited by a multitude of nationalities, for example, the Chinese, the Khmers, the Chamas, etc. All of them profess different religions, such as Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism ... There are no roads in the delta, so residents move between houses and areas on water by small boats.

The Mekong Delta is a real magnet for many tourists, so excursions to this area of Vietnam are in great demand. During the trip along the delta of excursionists are carried along the tributaries and branches of the river, where everyone can get acquainted with the local population, observe their life and work. 

For example, here you can see how coconut candies or rice cakes are made, how to cut out original souvenirs from the wood of coconut trees, and see the production of coconut soap and, if you want, you can buy it at a low price.

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What to eat and drink in the Mekong Delta?

Mekong Delta’s cuisine is amazingly various. Each province of Mekong Delta has several specialties. Generally, it can be said that fruits are a specialty of Mekong Delta as there are a lot of fruits in Mekong Delta such as mangoes, bananas, watermelons, durian, custard apple, dragon fruit, etc.

Thanks to the great number of fruits, Mekong Delta people created sweet and soft Pia Cake (a kind of cake made from durian and flour) in Soc Trang. Another specialty of Mekong Delta is Coconut Candy of Ben Tre, which made from coconut water, malt syrup, and sugar.

Moreover, there are a lot of tasty dishes such as Sa Dec Noodle Soup, Hoi Cake eaten with baked rolls, Cho Moi’s sticky rice, Chau Doc’s palm sugar steamed rice cake, Bot Loc Cake, Cho Moi’s sticky rice, etc.

When to visit Mekong Delta?

The best time to visit Mekong Delta is from December to May as the sky is crystal clear, the land is lush and the water is calm. From June to August is not the good tie to visit Mekong Delta as the rainy season begins.

Being one of the best places to visit in South VietnamMekong Delta trip will be an unforgettable memory for you.

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