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  • Highlights of splendor of Laos

    Discover the Highlight of splendor of Laos on this amazing tour that will take you to the most enchanting places in this hidden gem of Southeast Asia. From the vibrant capital of Vientiane to the serene town of Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang, you'll be mesmerized by the beauty of Laos. You will explore the golden temples, the majestic monuments and the fascinating museums that showcase the rich culture and history of Laos. You will also experience the authentic life of monks and locals, and enjoy the stunning views of the Mekong River and its surroundings. And you will not miss the opportunity to explore the rural side of Laos, where you will meet the friendly ethnic groups and learn about their traditions and customs. This tour will show you the splendor of Laos that will make you fall in love with this country.
    $ 520 /person
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  • Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 Days Tour

    Discover the architectural and natural splendour of two mythical lands on the Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days tour, starting from Vietnam’s cosmopolitan Ho Chi Minh City and ending in the natural paradise of Luang Prabang, Laos. Along the way you will have the benefit of local guides’ vast knowledge, as well as their friendly demeanors, as they show you the famous and not-so-famous delights of Indochina. Beginning in the lively Ho Chi Minh City, the Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days tour unravels the turbulent past of the former Saigon at the Cu Chi Tunnels, before teaching of the city’s advantageous position next to the luxuriant Mekong Delta. After exploring the Mekong’s tropical environment, we fly north to Da Nang, where we will have the privilege of discovering two of its neighbouring UNESCO World Heritage Sites, gorgeous Hoi An and the mystical My Son Sanctuary. We explore the peaceful aura encompassing Hoi An’s rural villages before flying up to Hanoi, where a similar emphasis is kept on tradition in an increasingly modern city. Nearby Halong Bay provides an opportunity to melt into its phenomenal landscape on a relaxing overnight cruise, while the next day’s events in Vientiane will introduce you to Laotian customs and the ever-beating heart of the country’s Buddhist philosophies. The beautiful town of Vang Vieng offers a very scenic continuation of the Best of Vietnam and Laos 15 days tour , which later heads to the caves, waterfalls, mountains, jungles and lagoons around Luang Prabang. We finish the conclusive 2-week tour here and watch you safely onto your onward flight.
    $ 1,555 /person
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  • Discover Highlights Of Laos

    If you would like to gain a deeper knowledge about friendly Laos, let Discover Highlights Of Laos soak you up with all the highlighted and cultural wonders from charming Luang Prabang to the spectacular scenery of Vang Vieng and end at remarkable temples of Vientiane. With the tour from Luang Prabang to Vientiane, you will have a valuable chance to learn more about the culture and enjoy the wonderful landscape of Laos.
    $ 963 /person
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  • Laos Adventure with Luang Prabang Waterfall

    Travelling in Laos within one week from Vientiane to Luang Prabang, you will understand Laos at a glance by having chances to explore almost attractive sites in each destination from bustling Vientiane capital to quaint Vang Vieng and charming Luang Prabang as well as react to the local people to understand about the rural life of Laotian. Laos Adventure with Luang Prabang Waterfall is an ideal trip for people who wish to book a short stay to connect to other longer trip surrounding Indochina countries.
    $ 825 /person
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  • Discover The Secrets of Laos

    Laos is a country that offers a glimpse into the past, where ancient traditions and natural beauty are preserved. You can explore the stunning landscapes of mountains, forests, rivers, and rice fields, and marvel at the ancient temples - Wat - that reflect the Buddhist culture of the friendly people. You will feel like you have entered a different world, where time slows down and peace prevails. You will also meet the diverse ethnic groups that live in harmony, each with their own customs and heritage that enrich the country. Join our Laos Mysteries Revealed 9 days tour and discover the hidden gems of this fascinating land.
    $ 796 /person
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Vang Vieng Overview

Often underrated as only a bus stop on the long haul between Vientiane and the World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng which is the only place in Laos with a party scene has managed to become a destination in its own right. 

What to see and what to do in Vang Vieng?

Since 2004, Vang Vieng has been a popular base for outdoor activities, jungle hikes, and lazy days cooling off in the river. 

Tour companies offering tubing - an activity that dominates this town and any visitors to Southeast Asia, cave visits (Water Cave, Xang Cave, Nang Oua Kham Cave, Padeng Cave and Ring Cave, etc), dirt buggies, kayaking, ziplines, rent an ATV or go dirt biking, mountain climbing (Sunset Hill / Pha Ngeun), swimming in waterfalls, cooling off in lagoons and rivers and combinations thereof are everywhere in the city. 

Still not much more than three streets and a bus station, the river flowing through the exceptionally wild karst formations, laid back countryside and many caves are considered to be the main attractions. 

Vang Vieng is an excellent place to learn rock climbing (all year round) and to experience hot air balloon ride (in the dry season, from the end of October to around mid-May).

 If you are looking for anything remotely close to real Laos, let’s rent a bicycle or motorbike to get out of town to find yourself in an entirely different world of dirt roads, farmland, tranquil villages and friendly locals knee deep in mud hard at work doing farm affairs. 

What to eat and drink in Vang Vieng?

If you are looking for traditional Lao culture and good Lao food, Vang Vieng might not be able to satisfy you. But having your own Beer Lao, admiring the small town’s striking river landscape lined with towering karst when the sun goes down behind the mountains, gazing at the tranquil Nam Song (Song River) with a backdrop of serene cliffs and a tapestry of vivid green paddy fields will be an unforgettable memory. 

On average, you can expect to pay about 15,000-35,000 for street food; a big breakfast of baguettes, eggs and jam for about 24,000 LAK; coffees or fruit shakes for 5,000-7,000 LAK. 

A small serving of Lao, American, Italian, Chinese and Thai food at restaurants is 20,000-45,000 kip. For quick eats and late night snacks, large chicken and pork kebab skewers or pancake and sandwich can be bought for 5,000 Kip.

When to visit Vang Vieng?

The dry season from November to March, when temperatures are somewhat cooler with January being the coldest month of the year, is the best time to visit Vang Vieng. 

With the temperature rising to 33°C and the rains about 11% of the time, the climate between January and February is pretty beautiful. On average, March to May, when the temperatures can reach 40ºC or even higher, is the hot season. 

During the wet season from May to October with July and August being the rainiest months, the heavy rains can make it really difficult to travel around the surrounding area. In short: January, February, March, November and December are the months for good weather in Vang Vieng.

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