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Cambodia Holiday Packages are the best tours customized by Incredible Asia Team for clients who visit Cambodia. If you have ever watched the Lara Croft in Tomb Raider- a famous adventure movie in the world, you will love to discover the ruins of Ta Prohm or visit all of the best-highlighted Angkorian Temples in Siem Reap as well admire the magnificence of these architectural works. However, there are more interesting things to visit Cambodia. You will not only visit the beautiful temples but also learn more about their culture, their people, and the epic history of Khmer civilizations. Choose one of the suitable Cambodia Tours for you in our Cambodia Holiday Packages when you visit Cambodia and enjoy your wonderful time!

Cambodia Holiday Packages - What are these tours?

Incredible Asia Journeys is pleased to introduce Cambodia Holiday Packages to customers.

Cambodia Holiday Packages are the tours, which are customized and tailor-made only for you when you visit Cambodia. The tours from 3 days to 9 days will be the best options for Cambodia Tours which you will have a valuable chance to visit all of the must-see attractions in Cambodia. Start from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh or from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, we try our best to propose the unique experience for you in your holiday. These Package Tours can be long or short depending on your duration.

Cambodia Holiday Packages -Who are these for?

These Cambodia Tours are suitable for all customers such as friends, family, couples who love the beauty of nature, exploring the exotic and hidden gem of Cambodia while visiting the magnificence and spectacular of ancient Angkor temples. Additionally, if you will learn more about the history of the ancient Khmer - one of the greatest civilizations in the World as well as experience the local life in Cambodia, these tours are perfect for your expectation.

The best time to visit Cambodia?

Cambodia is located in the Indochina Peninsula so it has a tropical monsoon climate. However, it is hotter compared to Vietnam because of its limited coastline.

There are two distinct seasons in Cambodia: The Dry season ( from October to late April ) and Wet season ( from May to late September ). The average temperatures range from 24-Celsius degree (from October to December ) at coolest to 35 – Celsius degree ( from March until June ). 

With Cambodia Holiday Packages, we highly recommend you to visit Cambodia in the dry season. From November to February when the weather is quite chilly and cool. The other months are a little bit hotter but comfortable. Therefore, the dry season is the peak tourist season in Cambodia. Additionally, if you travel in the hot weather, remember to wake up early because after 10 am, the temperature might raise up to 35- 40 Celsius Degree. 

Cambodia Tours - What to prepare?

Similar to other trips, before you visit Cambodia you have to make sure that your passports are valid for getting the visa to Cambodia in advance or on arrival. Incredible Asia Journeys is always by your side to answer all your concerns or questions before, during and after the trips. Kindly inform your health conditions to your travel agent or tour guide in case you do not feel well then we can reschedule your itinerary. Make sure that you check the weather forecast so that you will know which clothes to bring along with you.

Joining Cambodia Tours, you should check your credit card to make sure it works. You can prepare also US Dollar in cash because most of the shops in Cambodia can accept US Dollar. Otherwise, you can change money to Cambodian Riel cash in the banks or money exchange shops. Additionally, you should also have a copy of your passport so you can be easy to bring it outside and keep your passport at your hotel. Besides that, for clothes, you should wear comfortable clothes (at least one or two long pant/skirt, long sleeved top to visit temples, waterproof jacket), walking shoes; prepare sunglasses, hat or umbrella in the summertime and swimming suit for beach tour or swimming pool.

Cambodia Holiday Packages - What experience will you have with ?

Joining the Cambodia Tours you will discover the wide range of traditional highlights and amazing architecture in ancient Angkor Temples.

Cambodia is famous for its massive wonderful temples and architecture works of Angkor Temples consists of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Bayon temples, the Rulous group with its mysterious smiling stones. You will be overwhelmed once visit these iconic attractions. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to explore the amazing of ancient temples which have huge tree roots growing out of the ruin and the huge stone blocks surrounded by the jungle such as Ta Prohm, Beng Malea, Preah Khan. You will have unforgetable memory about the great temples and the friendliness of the local when you visit Cambodia.

Enjoy Buffalo/ox- cart and boat trip in Tonle Sap Lake:

As you may know, unlike the modern life of developed countries, Cambodia is a developing country. Cambodians make theri living on farming. In Cambodia, people hardly affected by modern life and they still keep their daily life for thousands of years. With Cambodia Tours, you will experience the buffalo/ox-cart to see the countryside surroundings with splendid rice paddies and visit a local house where you will learn more about local's daily life. You will relax and find the peaceful on a boat trip along Tonle Sap Lake which has a variety of wetland and green trees in beautiful landscapes and see how local people earn their living in the floating villages. 

Learn more about the history of Cambodia, especially Khmer Rouge regime:

Besides the beauty of Heritages, Cambodia has a darkest history in the Khmer Rouge  Regime. You will be shocked because of the inhuman truth in the darkest period of Cambodia's history when visiting the Killing fields of Choeung Ek and Tuol Sleng Museum in Phnom Penh.

Enjoy the beauty of white-sand in Sihanouk Ville:

Cambodia Holiday Packages offer you relaxation moments in the lovely coastal city- Sihanouk Ville. You can spend your time on swimming, sunbathing, enjoying a stunning sweet cocktail and tasty seafood in here. Furthermore, you will have a chance to join a wide range of exciting activities in Koh Rong Samloem such as fishing, snorkeling or jump tubing.  

How to confirm these tour?

With the private Cambodia Tours, you can depart any dates on requests. However, it is advisable to book your tours in advance when you visit Cambodia (from 2 to 5 months) for the availability of services. That will be the best way for you to enjoy the holiday in Cambodia with arrangement in advance for 2020 and 2021 for the best promotion.

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