Cat Ba Island Cable Car

Cat Ba Cable Car is the longest sea cable car route in Vietnam and the world connecting Cat Hai Island to Cat Ba Town. Cat Ba Cable Car has 4 stops including Phu Long, Cat Ba National Park, Cat Don Station, and Cat Ba Central Station.

The Cat Hai – Phu Long Route will be put in operation on 20th May 2020. The ticket price for this route in 2024 is 100,000 VND/adult and 100,000 VND/children one way.

Cat Ba Island will be a good destination to visit in travel list when you plan for a travel package tour to Vietnam.

1. How long is Cat Ba Cable Car?

Cat Ba Cable Car is 21 km in length with 5 stations including Cat Hai, Phu Long, Cat Ba National Park, and Cat Ba Town. The Cat Hai–Phu Long leg is the biggest leg in the world.

Cat Ba Cable Car is planned to be completed at the beginning of 2021 and by the time of completion, the cable car is capable of carrying 5500 passengers per hour. 

Sun Group expert team is trying the best to ensure the project will be completed in time and safety. A new world record will await to be set by Sun Group soon for this project.

Map of Cat Ba Cable Car

2. Is Cat Ba Cable Car the longest sea cable car in the world?

Yes, Cat Ba Cable Car will be the longest sea cable in the world with a length of 21 km.

It is a longest sea cable in the world and it will create fresh and exciting experiences for travellers who wish to visit Cat Ba. Travelers will save time and have a wonderful experience of traveling in the longest cable car in the world. The transfer time turns into a wonderful trip.

Cat Ba will be sure a hot destination of North Vietnam in the near future. So please visit Cat Ba soon if you have a chance to feel the real Cat Ba as it will be crowded and the price for your will be high in the future when it becomes a hot destination. 

3. Ticket Price for Cat Ba Cable Car

After temporarily closing on October 2nd, 2023, the Cat Ba Cable Car service reopens on April 17th, 2024. The price for the shortest route Cat Hai – Phu Long is 100,000 VND (About 3.93 USD)/person/1 way, and the longest route will be about 200,000 VND (about 7.86 USD)/person but it can be changed when the whole project is completed. 

- Cat Hai – Phu Long: 100.000 VND/adult/1 way, FREE for children under 1m

- Cai Hai – Cat Hai: 200,000 VND/adult

The price seems reasonable for travelers as that is a way of transfer but also an enjoyable experience. 

NOTE: From May 27th to August 31st 2024, Cat Ba Cable Car offers a 50% discount on ticket prices, reducing the cost to just 50,000 VND ($2.20) per 1-way trip for all visitors. Quickly contact Incredible Asia Journeys to book your tour to Lan Ha Bay and get this premium discount!

Cat Ba Cable Car will attract a lot of tourists to Cat Ba in the near future. There will be more entertainment complex and more resorts in Cat Ba to attract travelers.

Cat Ba Island belongs to Hai Phong Province. The province plans to welcome about 8 million visitors in 2021 while Cat Ba will welcome about 5 – 6 million visitors.

Cat Ba Cable Car

4. How to go to Cat Ba by Cable Car?

That is easy to visit Cat Ba. Nowadays there are different options for you. 

4.1. Visiting Cat Ba without Halong Bay

If you just want to visit Cat Ba without taking a cruise in Halong Bay you can get a bus to Cat Hai ticket Station which is near Got Harbour (the cruise to Lan Ha Bay starts from here. See more cruises in Lan Ha Bay). Then you can take the cable car to Phu Long Cable Car Station. From there, you can take a bus/private car to Cat Ba Town to visit Cat Ba Island. In the future when the whole project is completed, you can get a ticket from Cat Hai Station directly to Cat Ba Town.

4.2 Visiting Cat Ba Island after taking a cruise in Halong Bay

Talking about Halong Bay Cruises, we are talking about the Bai Tu Long Bay Cruises, Halong Bay Cruises and Lan Ha Bay Cruises.

Taking a cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay or Halong Bay 

After taking a cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay or Halong Bay you can take a taxi or a private car(about 1 hour driving to Cat Hai Island then you can buy a ticket to Cat Ba Island.

Taking a cruise in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay Cruise

That will be convenient. You can take a cruise bus to Lan Ha Bay. After finishing the cruise tour at Got Harbour then you can walk to Cat Ba Cable Station to buy a ticket to Cat Ba Island. That is the best option for you. After visiting Cat Ba Island you can get back to Cat Hai again by taking a cruise bus to Hanoi. Please get in touch with your travel agent or cruise to arrange the cruise bus for you and Incredible Asia Journeys is here to provide any travel tips & experiences. In that way, you can have the best services as the cruise bus is professional and that is convenient for you when the bus picks you up from hotels in Hanoi and drops you off at hotels in Hanoi. 

Click HERE to see more details for Lan Ha Bay Cruises!

There are different trips to Lan Ha Bay from a day trip to 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 nights. 

See more at:

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5. Who is the owner of Cat Ba Cable Car?

Sun Group is the owner of Cat Ba Cable Car. It is a leading incorporation in the travel and leisure industry with excellent constructions in Vietnam recognized by experts worldwide. After success with different projects in different places in Vietnam like Fansipan Legend in Sapa, Sun World Halong Complex in Halong, Ba Na Hills in Da Nang, Cable Car in Phu Quoc…etc, Sun Group decided to invest in the Pearl of Tonkin Gulf – Cat Ba Island.

This time Sun Group will set the record – The longest sea cable in the world for the Cat Ba Cable Car Project.

6. General information about Cat Ba Cable Car

Length: 21 Km

Capacity: 5,500 passengers/hour

Owner: Sun Group

Plan for Completion: 2021

7. Best Hotels in Cat Ba

Recently, there has been more and more accommodations in Cat Ba which give travelers more choices to choose for your group a good accommodation to enjoy their trip with their family or friends. Please see some good options for the hotels and resorts in Cat Ba as below and choose a suitable one for your group.

7.1.Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa

Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa is a 4-star resort in Cat Ba Island. The resort has good services and friendly staff. With dark woods, ocean view accommodation, Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa is really a good option for a luxury accommodation in Cat Ba Island and we really recommend this accommodation to travellers.

7.2. Nam Cat Island Resort

Nam Cat Island Resort is a local 4-star resort in Cat Ba Island. Located on Nam Cat Island (a part of Cat Ba Island), the resort offer you a private beach and great view to one of the natural wonders.

7.3. Cat Ba Sunrise Resort

Cat Ba Sunrise Resort is a 4-star resort in Cat Ba Island. Located near the beautiful beach (Cat Co), the resort offers a great view of Lan Ha Bay. With excellent services, nice swimming pool, nice restaurant and bar, Cat Ba Sunrise Resort is really recommended to travellers while staying in Cat Ba.

7.4. Paradise Hotel Cat Ba

Paradise Hotel Cat Ba is a 3-star hotel in Cat Ba Island. With 90 rooms and the capacity of the hotel is up to 300 guests, it is a good option for the family group or business group. Located in the town it is easy for travelers to get access to the restaurants, shops, or other services.

7.5. Hung Long Hotel Cat Ba

Hung Long Hotel Cat Ba is a good 3-star hotel in Cat Ba Island. Hung Long Hotel has a great view of the floating village. It is located at the end of the town and near Cat Co Beach so that is very convenient for travelers who wish to go swimming on Beach and who like to discover the town.

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