Cu Chi Overview

Cu Chi Tunnels is a system of underground tunnels in the Ho Chi Minh City area, used by Vietnamese guerrillas during the Vietnam War. This network of tunnels was used by partisans as a cover. 

From here, they inflicted covert blows on American troops. In multi-level tunnels, there are secret passages, accommodation, warehouses and even hospitals. At the present time, on the basis of two elements of the complex, a tourist attraction has been built.

What to see and what to do in Cu Chi Tunnels?

Let’s come back to the time of the war with the French in this land. When the Americans "visited" Vietnam, the Vietnamese did not come up with anything new, but again climbed underground.

According to some reports, the length of the tunnels is about 200-km. In the tunnels, there was everything, cinemas, hospitals, restrooms, staffs for meetings and so on. Initially, the Americans could not understand why every night their soldiers were killed although the territory where they were staying was very well guarded.

The tunnel complex is able to withstand the bombardment of even heavy artillery, aerial bombardment, and above the main tunnel, there is a three-four-meter brickwork. By the way, it should be noted that the main tunnel has a width of only 70 cm.

The height is 90 cm. American soldiers could not climb in these labyrinths because of their height and the ones who succeeded in it fell into traps cleverly arranged by Vietnamese partisans, and only a few of them could return from there.

In our time, the tunnels of Cu Chi provide an excellent opportunity to touch the underground life of brave partisans. Some entrances to the tunnel are carefully disguised, and inexperienced tourists find it almost impossible to find them.

Mazes that open to the guests are suitable for people with an average shoulder width - larger tourists will not be able to squeeze through! Behind the conductor, you have to loop around in pitch darkness, sometimes on all fours. Therefore, these exploits are worth the effort!

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What to eat and drink in Cu Chi Tunnels?

As Cu Chi Tunnels is just a small spotlight of Mekong Delta Tour, there are no specialties here. However, you can taste some special foods of Cu Chi Tunnels, which is steamed tapioca with crushed peanuts and palm sugars. For a drink, you can buy sugar cane juice at Vuon Cau Café near the Cu Chi Complex.

When to visit Cu Chi Tunnels?

You can visit Cu Chi Tunnels at any time of the year. As it is very close to Ho Chi Minh City so it has a quite comfortable temperature around the year.

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