Where to Stay in Hue and its Surrounds

Hue’s international renown is finally catching up to its national one. The ancient city in the central region of Vietnam is the focus of many ancient poems and songs, as well as gushing adoration by Vietnamese people from both the north and south of the country for its rich dynastic history, food culture, architecture, a strong sense of religion, the beautiful nature that many things to do in Hue can be found around. Foreign tourists are clocking onto the idea of Hue as a major travel destination in Vietnam’s central regions and it is fast becoming an unmissable 2, 3, or 4-day stop on any itinerary of the country. 

With that in mind, we at Incredible Asia Journeys are here to answer the question of where to stay in Hue. Of course, budgets and preferences vary, but you are sure to find something in this list to facilitate an amazing city or nature break in and around the ancient royal capital of Vietnam.

Azerai La Residence, Hue

1. Where to Stay in Hue for that Royal Feeling

Everyone wants a taste of Hue’s high-class society at least once in their lives. The high-end hotels listed below are some of the best places to stay in Hue to live like a Nguyen emperor or empress.

1.1. La Residence Hotel and Spa 

The opulence of this enormous, pearl-white hotel is matched only by the Imperial City on the other side of the river. This mansion was once the residence of a high-ranking French official but was damaged during Vietnam’s overthrowing of the French and was recently remodeled in an Art Deco style. The colonial-era ceilings, floors, and stained glass windows still remain and the spa, swimming pool, gym, and tennis courts add more than a touch of luxury to this white and green palace.

Two wings were added to accommodate more guests than just the French governor, who only needed a modest 10 luxury suites for himself. The theme of warm yellow and burnished brown runs through all the rooms, contrasting beautifully with the white and green of the outside.

Address: 5 Le Loi Street

Website: la-residence-hue.com

Tel: +84 234 3837 475

La Residence Hotel and Spa in Hue

1.2. Banyan Tree Lang Co 

The Banyan Tree Lang Co finds itself in one of the most beautiful places to stay in Hue, sandwiched quite comfortably between Lang Co Beach and Cau Hai Lagoon. Subsequently, all 49 rooms contain stunning views, either of a crescent bay with untouched sands or a placid lagoon backed by mountains. The architecture throughout remains in touch with the Vietnamese aesthetic, while each villa features huge sliding windows that open up onto a teal pool, in case the water of the adjacent ocean or the largest lagoon in Asia doesn’t quite cut it.

Address: Laguna Lang Co

Website: banyantree.com/vietnam/lang-co

Tel: +84 234 3695 888

The Banyan Tree Lang Co

1.3. Vedana Lagoon Resort and Spa

Another royal response to the question of where to stay in Hue, Vedana Lagoon Resort and Spa makes use of the natural beauty of Hue’s Cau Hai Lagoon with gorgeous huts that stretch out onto the water. Crossing the wooden walkway out onto Cau Hai, you will enter the hut to find simple white and wooden furnishings and walls rising from the tiled floor. The big draw is obviously the view across the unblemished lagoon, a wide, gently shimmering surface where slim wooden boats float serenely in front of a backdrop of dramatic mountains.

Not all rooms are on the water, but the ones that aren’t are elevated in the hills before it, ensuring that all views of the lagoon are as sweeping as they can possibly be. A large swimming pool along with yoga activities are designed to get you out and enjoy the perfect nature of Hue.

Address: Zone 1 Phu Loc Town

Website: vedanalagoon.com

Tel: +84 234 3681 688

Vedana Lagoon Resort and Spa

1.4. Imperial Hotel Hue

With a nod to the imperial status of ancient Hue, this gargantuan hotel features gargantuan decorations to provide that regal atmosphere. The entrance and reception areas are modeled after a traditional Vietnamese pavilion, while the dining room is the epitome of utter luxury. The swimming pool and King’s Panorama Bar offer two spaces where entire days can be spent, and its location near to all the major Hue attractions means that you will never be starved of activities.

Address: 8 Hung Vuong

Website: imperial-hotel.com

Tel: +84 234 3882 222

Imperial Hotel Hue

2. Where to Stay in Hue for a more Modest Budget

The royal pampering most certainly isn’t for everyone. If you want to get more into the culture of the city, as well as its multitude of natural assets, below is a list of where you should stay in Hue with a mid-range budget.

2.2. Hue Riverside Villa

The charm of the Hue Riverside Villa is immediately apparent when stepping through its wooden entrance gate. Though it may not possess the opulence of the royal court, it is the delightful trees, stone paths, and marble white huts topped with thatched roofs that enrapture visitors to this beautiful hotel. Its location at the banks of the Nhu Y River, just as it meets the Perfume River, affords spectacular views and a constantly changing backdrop through the large windows. The furnishings inside are modest and comfortable and the staff are courteous and attentive.

Address: 16/7 Nguyen Cong Tru

Website: hueriversidevilla.com

Tel: +84 905 7716 02

Hue Riverside Villa

2.3. Midtown Hotel Hue

This tall block of a hotel might not be much to look at from the outside, but its interior is decked with many fantastic touches. The most impressive of these is the 12th-floor swimming pool; though not quite a rooftop pool, it does add a touch of elegance to any stay in Hue for an affordable price. The actual rooftop is reserved for the Sky Café, a wonderfully decorated space high into the Hue skyline that offers great views over the Imperial Citadel, Perfume River, and far beyond into the surrounding hills. Rooms feature wide beds and are decorated in a quirky manner, while various colored lights throughout the hotel make it one of the more interesting places to stay in Hue.

Address: 29 Doi Cung Street

Website: midtownhotelhue.com

Tel: +84 234 6260 888

Midtown Hotel Hue

2.4. Alba Spa Hotel

This detached, mini-skyscraper in the heart of Hue is one of the most tranquil spots to stay in the city, not just for its pearl-white exterior and interior, but the choice of mineral water spa treatments offered here. The nutrient-rich water used in the Alba Spa Hotel was discovered in a nearby hot spring and is utilized through foot baths and jacuzzis to provide guests with a touch of royal treatment for their stay in Hue. A heavenly dining room with exotic plants is matched in the rooms, where the attempted theme of paradise is certainly achieved to full effect.

Address: 29 Tran Quang Khai

Website: albaboutiquehotels.com

Tel: +84 234 3828 444

Alba Spa Hotel

2.5. Hong Thien Ruby Hotel

Of the tall, thin buildings throughout the country, one of the best in which to stay in Hue has to be the Hong Thien Ruby Hotel. Prices are cheap and the service is impeccable, but the biggest draw of the hotel is the large, lilac rooms hinted at by the name. The warm walls are matched by the colored furnishings in these long, simple rooms, while balconies and big windows provide a wealth of natural light which most certainly doesn’t feature in all buildings of this architectural style.

Address: 35/12 Chu Van An

Website: search on booking.com

Tel: +84 234 3837 399

Hong Thien Ruby Hotel

2.6. Beach Bar Hue 

If there’s ever a place to sit and do nothing for hours at a time, it’s probably Beach Bar Hue on an extension of An Thuan beach. Life here is far removed from the pomp and ceremony of royal Hue as the owners realized that not much more is needed in a hotel than a comfortable bed, a few walls, and an incredible beach. It is certainly the latter of these that is Beach Bar Hue’s biggest draws; huts back onto a private section of beach with very few signs of development to spoil the views. Rooms are very cheap and can be made cheaper if you share in a dorm. This is definitely one of the most relaxing places to stay in Hue.

Address: An Duong

Website: beachbarhue.com

Tel: +84 (0) 917 673 656

Beach Bar Hue

2.7. Do Quyen Villa 1

Between the beach and the mountains, it can be hard to think of where to stay in Hue for its amazing scenery, but Do Quyen Villa 1 provides a fantastic answer in Bach Ma National Park, about 50km to the south of Hue. The villa is named after the 400m waterfall found in the park, while all around it lies fantastic nature in the form of mountains, lakes, and stunning views from cliff peaks. The Do Quyen Villa 1 won’t be the most glamorous place you ever stay; rooms are comfortable but very simple, and you will need your own transportation to reach here, but the nature surrounding it is the main attraction and the serenity felt by one night under the stars of Bach Ma National Park is palpable.

Address: Bach Ma

Website: search on agoda.com

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