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  • Vietnam’s Twin Cities

    Vietnam’s two major cities stand on polar opposite ends of the country, offering vastly different appeal both inside and outside their city limits. Vietnam’s Twin Cities – 7 Day Tour, as part of our Vietnam package tours tailored for Asian tourists from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India etc. We will take you around Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, where very different approaches to life prevailed after the American War.In Hanoi, we find culture and tradition at the heart of everything, revealed on a city tour of its temples and museums and advanced further through the perfect seascape of Halong Bay. In Ho Chi Minh City, we see a burgeoning metropolis with the lush tropics of the Mekong Delta and the historical relic of the Cu Chi Tunnels on its doorstep.In a highly organised manner, Incredible Asia Journeys – One of the best tour operator in Vietnam handles transport, accommodation and most of the meals. Our Tripadvisor reviews can attest to this, with thousands of happy customers rating us as ‘excellent’. Come and discover why on this tour.
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  • The Mountains and Sea of Northern Vietnam

    The stunning region of Sapa in the north of Vietnam treats its visitors to an incredible medley of rocky mountain ranges, forested hills and idyllic farming images of golden rice in terraced fields. In Halong Bay, incredible Vietnamese nature is projected further, across emerald seas, white-sand beaches and limestone rock shooting directly out of the water. The Mountains and Sea of Northern Vietnam – 6-Day Tour offered by Incredible Asia Journeys is part of our Vietnam tour packages arranged for Malaysian tourists or other tour tourists having the same travel style like Singapore, India, Philipines. We spend time exploring the cultural delights of Hanoi before moving to Sapa, where we take some simple trekking trips around some of its most beautiful areas. A day trip to Halong Bay after this will complete our perfect picture of Vietnam with a wealth of activities and many chances to relax.Incredible Asia Journeys offers a professional service with an itinerary organised to perfection. On Tripadvisor, our customers agree, with thousands of 5-star reviews and wonderful comments.
    $ 320 /person
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  • Exotic and Historical Southern Vietnam

    The lush tropics of southern Vietnam is what draws guests most to Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta. The thoughts of beautiful boat rides along palm-flanked canals is an appeal that can’t be forgotten. To this end, Incredible Asia Journeys would like to introduce their 5-day tour of southern Vietnam, one of our Vietnam tour packages geared towards tourists from Singapore, Philippines, India or other countries visiting Vietnam for a short trip.We explore the history of Vietnam through its ancient beginnings in the Mekong Delta, up until the end of the American War and the start of economic prosperity in its most modern city, Ho Chi Minh City. We visit beautiful and unique sites such as Ben Tre province and Cai Rang floating market, before heading onto the Cu Chi Tunnels to hear how the war was fought and won by the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.With Incredible Asia Journeys – The leading Tour Operator in Vietnam, you can put your trust in a travel company with well over 2,000 ‘excellent’ reviews on Tripadvisor. See our itinerary below and book with us today.
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    $ 224 /person
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  • Gems of Northern Vietnam

    There are no more evocative images of Vietnam than Hanoi, Ninh Binh and Halong Bay – three amazing landscapes that offer different approaches to architecture, nature and activity in the north of this highly diverse country. All are available to see firsthand on the Gems of Northern Vietnam 5-day tour, part of our Vietnam package tours tailored to Asian travellers from Malaysia, Singapore, India, Philipines. Customers on this tour will be treated to the best of Vietnam over 5 days, going from the bustling capital of Hanoi to the history-drenched farmland of Ninh Binh, ending with an overnight cruise around the jaw-dropping limestone seascape of Halong Bay. Your trust in Incredible Asia Journeys will be backed by thousands of other reviewers, who have rated us as ‘excellent’ on Tripadvisor for our commitment towards their perfect holiday. Book with us for a similar experience.
    $ 248 /person
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  • The Tropics and History of Ho Chi Minh City

    From old beginnings to a modern existence, Ho Chi Minh City has seen the development of Vietnam from the very start. The Mekong Delta on its southern border is one of the most ancient and luxuriant areas in the country, producing more rice and fruit than any other region, while the Cu Chi Tunnels to the east was the site of some of Vietnam’s most fierce battles during the very recent American War.The Tropics and History of Ho Chi Minh City 4-Day Tour is part of Incredible Asia Journeys’ packages in Vietnam for Asian tourists from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India or other countries who visit Vietnam in the short period, with everything tailored around the needs of our Asian neighbours. We provide you with exquisitely detailed tours of Saigon’s surrounding areas, as well as allow you much free time in the modern metropolis itself.Our company is a highly reliable choice, backed by thousands of positive Tripadvisor reviews from happy customers. Take a look at our itinerary and speak with one of our travel consultants today.
    $ 155 /person
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  • Northern Vietnam Treasures

    In Hanoi, Ninh Binh province and Halong Bay, northern Vietnam can boast some of the most stunning architecture, culture, history and natural beauty in the country. Understand these three distinctive and ancient lands on this 4-day, 3-night Northern Vietnam Treasures tour, one of our Vietnam tour packages tailored for people from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India or other countries visiting Vietnam for a short trip.You will arrive to the culture-soaked capital of Hanoi, which has established itself as one of Asia’s greatest cities over the 1000 years it has spent as Vietnam’s capital. From here, we head to Hoa Lu and Tam Coc in Ninh Binh Province, where we find a strong historical and scenic identity on a walk, cruise and cycle across its beautiful rural surroundings. We finish in Halong Bay, a fantasy world turned real, where jutting limestone mountains atop an emerald sea comprise this legendary UNESCO site.With Incredible Asia Journeys, you can be sure of a solid commitment to our customers, evidenced by the thousands of 5-star reviews we have received on Tripadvisor.
    $ 167 /person
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  • North Vietnam Tour Package

    Visit three of the top destinations in the country with this 4-day itinerary, part of our Vietnam package tours suited for tourists from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India or other countries with the same travelling style, providing everything you need for an incredible time in the northern stretches of Vietnam. Around the capital of Hanoi, Vietnam’s ancient history and current outstanding beauty project themselves vividly, in Ninh Binh province and Halong Bay, both of which lie within easy reach of our hub in Hanoi.We delve into the history and nature of Hoa Lu and Tam Coc, located in Ninh Binh province, boasting feudal Vietnamese architecture and a lush green world of rice and forested mountaintops. We conclude the tour with a daytrip to Halong Bay, a location of legend amongst everyone who has visited and wishes to visit its incredible seascape of rising mountains, beaches, caves and serene waterways.Incredible Asia Journeys is one of the highest-rated tour operators on Tripadvisor, with over 2,300 ‘excellent’ reviews and scores of happy customers. Under the leadership of our highly experienced guides, you will be in very safe hands.
    $ 166 /person
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  • Hanoi and Halong Bay Package Tour

    The highlights of northern Vietnam reveal themselves on Hanoi and Halong Bay Package Tour, part of our Vietnam tour packages tailored to tourists from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia or other countries with the same travelling style. We discover the magnificent appeal of two ancient lands, Hanoi and Halong Bay, one shaped by attractive traditional architecture and the other shaped by the beautiful hand of nature.Starting in the capital of Hanoi, we provide transport from the airport before engaging on a food tour of the city, exposing the hidden wonders of Vietnamese cuisine around the Old Quarter and its ancient streets. From here, we move to the twice-recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay. A magnificent overnight cruise, which you will choose from our selection upon booking, will unveil the ethereal beauty of the bay amongst its phenomenal seascape, where forested pillars of rock jut in various angles from an emerald sea.Incredible Asia Journeys’ thousands of 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor have told us everything that we need to know about our tours. Book with us for the guarantee of professionalism.
    $ 199 /person
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For Malaysians, Vietnam represents the perfect long weekend getaway - a land full of incredible places to visit and one that lies under two hours away by flight. In Vietnam’s beautiful cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Hue, Malaysians can find excellent locations in which to base themselves, spending a few days around such locations to find stretching paddies of golden rice, dramatic tree-topped mountain ranges and placid rivers opening into shimmering lakes. The proud country of Vietnam is certainly a destination for everyone, but for Malaysians in particular, there is an awful lot to discover and cherish.

With this in mind, Incredible Asia Journeys would like to introduce our Vietnam tour packages from Malaysia, a collection of tours specifically suited to our Asian neighbours to the south. In these tours, we visit areas of the most interest for Malaysians, as well as ensure that our Malaysian customers are kept happy with tailored services throughout. We keep the itineraries of our Vietnam tour packages for Malaysians to less than a week, giving you a chance to enjoy your work break in a comfortable land lying right on the doorstep of beautiful Malaysia.

Please note that the following tours do not feature airfare from Malaysia to Vietnam or vice versa.

The Destinations of our Vietnam Tour Packages from Malaysia

As more and more people in Malaysia move from their rural homes to the big cities of Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Ipoh or Johor Bahru, many still yearn for their past lives and miss the attractively simple nature of the countryside and its gorgeous scenery. On these tours, we feature an excellent mix of city life and their rural surrounds, where the best of Vietnam can be seen across history-soaked architecture and scenery that spans the traditional to the outstandingly individual.


The capital of Vietnam draws a lot of similarities with Kuala Lumpur and other Malaysian cities, but also some very noticeable differences. From its foundations, Hanoi was built on prevailing Asian principles, where the ‘land of the dragon’, as Vietnam is sometimes called, is manifested in spectacular dragon statues at ancient temples and a strongly spiritual side that keeps Hanoi’s roots strong.

During the era of colonialism however, as Malaysia was dealing with their British occupiers, so was Vietnam dealing with their French. Both colonial powers made vast architectural changes across their respective colonies, and now colonial architecture stands vividly amongst the ancient and the modern of both Hanoi and much of Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur’s vast growth into an Asian metropolis has seen the loss of some of its ancient culture, which is one of the aspects that Malaysians moving to the city will miss about their countryside home. On a Vietnam tour package from Malaysia to Hanoi, visitors are treated to a step back in time, where Vietnamese culture is prized over the expanding of the city’s skyline.

Ninh Binh Province

The province of Ninh Binh in the north of Vietnam is where traditionally gorgeous scenery is delivered in abundance. Visitors are amazed by the diversity of the region but are usually drawn to two spots that promote the best of its history and nature – Hoa Lu and Tam Coc.

Those on a tour package from Malaysia to Vietnam can find a wealth of history at Hoa Lu, one that stretches back to the 10th century and is displayed within an enclave of stunning architecture nestled into the embrace of forested mountains. Hoa Lu was the capital of Vietnam for 42 years during the reigns of two separate dynasties, before it was seized and Hanoi become the seat of power.

At Tam Coc, visitors can find a verdant world of green and yellows hues, shining vividly from rice paddies and the luxuriant foliage that covers its incredible limestone mountains. The Ngo Dong River cuts through the centre of Tam Coc, presenting the region’s beauty on a silver platter for tourists who cruise through it on a simple wooden sampan boat.

Halong Bay

The jewel in the crown for most tours, not just Vietnam tour packages from Malaysia, is Halong Bay. The destination about 3.5 hours east of Hanoi is universally recognised by everyone, but that takes nothing away from its jaw-dropping appearance, one that has been largely left unaltered by the hand of man. Across its thousands of limestone islands, rising directly out of an untroubled sea, visitors can find beaches and caves, as well as fishing villages in the water and perfect cruising conditions on the boat.

Cruises in Halong Bay come in daytrip, 2-day and 3-day forms and are constantly improving their services for the passengers who cruise with them. One can now find luxurious restaurants, gyms, spas, swimming pools, modern cabins and wide-open sundecks, all of which comprise the highly comfortable state in which cruises now operate. With cooking classes, fruit carving demonstrations, themed dinners, live traditional music and tea ceremonies, tourists from Malaysia on a Vietnam tour package will be treated to some fantastic elements of Vietnamese culture that are still linked to the strong cultural identity of the country.

What are the Advantages of a Vietnam Tour Package from Malaysia?

Though there are cultural differences, our ties with our Malaysian brothers and sisters stays strong, and Incredible Asia Journeys believes that there are many reasons for Malaysians to come to Vietnam on any of the following tours.

Religious Respect – The majority of Vietnamese citizens follow a folk religion that has no particular international ties. That being said, when a follower of other religions come to our country, traditional Vietnamese hospitality dictates that we take care of them and welcome them with open arms. In Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other major hubs, visitors from majority Islamic Malaysia can find mosques in which to pray during salat times, and our tour guides are very accommodating of Muslim tourists who need to take a break in proceedings to pray. 

For the 20% of Buddhists and 10% of Christians that make up Malaysia’s religious base, Vietnam has got you covered. Temples and churches abound in major cities as well as small towns, as the influence of both religions reached many corners of Vietnam in the past. Whatever your religion, these Vietnam tour packages from Malaysia will ensure that you will have time to express it in the most proper of areas.

Suitable Food – Buddhism is still a strongly followed religion in Vietnam and many food places around temples in major cities and rural surrounds cater for Buddhist locals and tourists. For Muslims, halal food is available in the big cities and delicious vegetarian food is available in the places where meat is not. Many types of international food are available in Hanoi, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City, while areas like Halong Bay and Ninh Binh are very well-equipped to serve outstanding vegetarian cuisine in the absence of halal meat.

Short Tours – Vietnam’s location under 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur means that the country presents a viable option for short tours and even weekend trips. These Vietnam tour packages are all below a week in length, meaning that you have time to visit our beautiful country with minimal disruption to your work. Though the tours are short, you will still be leaving Vietnam with a comprehensive view of the country, its long history and its evocative nature.

What Flights go from Malaysia to Vietnam?

Between AirAsia, VietJet Air, Malindo Air, Malaysia Airlines and Vietnam Airlines, you will be sure to find a suitable method of transportation to start your package tour to Vietnam. The following is a quick look at some of the important information on flights between our two countries.

FromToLengthOne-Way Price From (USD)
Kuala Lumpur
Hanoi3 hrs 10m$55
Kuala Lumpur
Ho Chi Minh City1 hr 55m$35
George TownHanoi3 hrs$32
George Town
Ho Chi Minh City1 hr 45m$48
Johor BahruHanoi6hrs - 12hrs (No direct)$73

Ho Chi Minh City2hrs$50

Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam Tour Packages from Malaysia

The following is a list of frequently asked questions that we have received before from our visitors from Malaysia:

Q: Do I need a visa for Vietnam as a Malaysian citizen?

You don’t need to arrange a visa beforehand if you are coming to Vietnam for 30 days or less, simply turn up to the airport and proceed through customs, where you will be given a free VOA (Visa On Arrival) for the duration of 30 days.

If staying longer than 30 days, then you need to arrange your visa prior to arrival. The options for these are single or multiple entry for a period of up to 3 months and can be applied for in one of two ways:

1. Apply Online – To enter Vietnam through this method, you have to be formally ‘invited’ to the country by a local operator. These can be found online by searching for ‘Vietnam visa online’; once you have chosen a single or multiple entry visa, you simply pay the fee and await your invite document and application form, which should be emailed in the next few days. After this, complete the application form and take it, with the invite document and two passport-sized photos, to the airport, where your visa will be processed.

2. Apply at your Embassy – Applications can be made at the Vietnamese embassy in Kuala Lumpur, where an appointment must be made. Once the application fee is paid and the passport is handed over, you should receive your visa fairly swiftly.

Q: Should I bring the local currency or U.S dollars?

It is exceptionally difficult to find money exchange services anywhere outside of Vietnam that will have the local currency, dong, in stock. It is much easier to change your Malaysian ringgit to U.S dollars and take those to Vietnam before you leave Malaysia. U.S dollars can be used to paid for most tours but are begrudgingly accepted at shops in the city centres, so you should consider changing dollars to dong at regular intervals throughout your trip. 

Q: What is the transportation like in Vietnam?

In terms of transportation, Vietnam is a few years behind Malaysia. The public transport system is not particularly good and most people opt to get around via motorbikes and cars, which is why the traffic in Vietnam is so legendary outside of it. There is no MRT, subway or tram, so the only alternatives for tourists are the bus, taxi or motorbike taxi services.

On one of our Vietnam tour packages from Malaysia, your transport is already organised for you by professional tour organisers and executed by professional drivers. This includes transport for everywhere except during your free time; either before a tour has started or after it has concluded for the day. For these times, customers can use the public transport mentioned above or download the Grab app for a private, reliable service.

Q: What is the level of English like in Vietnam?

English in Vietnam is not a strong suit, though it is improving rapidly due to the vast rise in touristic interest in the country. Many people in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, centre of Hoi An and District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City will be able to converse, though locals selling fruit on the street might have more trouble. Try and embrace the language and learn a few phrases before you arrive; it will always be appreciated by the locals.

Q: Is the local food safe to eat?

Vietnam has a world-renowned street food scene, leading many to believe that improper sanitisation and hygiene must run rampant around small streetside stalls selling rice, noodles, sandwiches and desserts. This is certainly not the case in Vietnam and the vast majority of tourists leave with stomachs full but without a hint of sickness from the food that they ate. Of course, exercise a bit of caution when checking out a restaurant or stall, just as you would in any other country, but you can feel completely safe in Vietnam when it comes to food.

Q: How easy is it to get to other countries in Southeast Asia from Vietnam?

After your Vietnam tour package from Malaysia is over, you may want to head onto another destination. From Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, this is very easy via flight, which is by far the quickest, safest, most comfortable and usually cheapest option. Buses are available from Hanoi to Laos or China and from Ho Chi Minh City to Cambodia, but these are long, arduous journeys taking at least 6 hours but up to 20 in other cases.

Please see the list of Vietnam tour packages from Malaysia below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries!

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