Hanoi Weather in February

February is known as the most festive month of the year, especially Lunar New Year (or Tet) – the biggest holiday in Vietnam in February. If you are planning to visit Hanoi in February, pay attention to the weather to have a wonderful trip without any weather trouble. Hanoi weather in February gives you opportunities to explore the beauty of Hanoi many outdoor activities.

Peach flowers blooming in Nhat Tan Flower Garden in February

1. The Temperature in Hanoi in February

The weather in February becomes warmer than the weather in January with the average temperature from 15˚C (59˚F) to 21˚C (69.8˚F), but it is still cool enough to support a number of outdoor festivals. In general, the daily low temperature can drop down to 10˚C (50˚F), while the high temperature fluctuates between 14˚C (57.2˚F) and 29˚C (84.2˚F).

1.1. Rainfall

In February, drizzling rain and mist occur more often, especially in the morning. Hanoi in February receives a slight larger amount of rainfall from 25mm to 30mm compared with 21mm of January’s rainfall. The number of wet days in Hanoi at this time ranges from 11 to 17 days. 

1.2. Sunrise and sunset

Hanoi receives around 11 hours of daylight, in which there are usually 2 hours or less of bright sunshine each day. In February, the sun rises at around 6.30 am and sunset occurs at 5.46 pm in general.

The maximum UV ray level will be high at mid-day when the sky is clear.

2. Best places to visit in Hanoi in February

2.1. Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake, also called Sword Lake, is the ideal place to escape from the noise and bustle of Hanoi. The best time to visit Hoan Kiem Lake is after dawn when people gather together to enjoy the fresh air or do morning yoga or exercises. You can walk around the lake and see beautiful decorations prepared for Tet holiday. Especially, you can see some people who write calligraphy, they are called “ông đồ". They create great artworks for those who want to buy one with the hope of praying for a happy new year. Three days of weekends are the time of Walking Street in Hoan Kiem Lake, so you can enjoy more and have many interesting traditional activities.

"Ông đồ" in Tet holiday

2.2. Hanoi Old Quarter

Near Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Old Quarter is worth to visit with many interesting things to discover. Besides walking, hiring a cyclo is another way to discover Hanoi Old Quarter. You have to pay about 100,000 VND (about 4.5 USD) for 1 or 2 person/ 1 hour. Hanoi Old Quarter with 36 streets including Jam Street, Sugar Street, Salt Street… is considered as the eternal soul of the city.

Here are our best Hanoi tours to discover Hanoi in February:

+ Hanoi Street Food Tour : Hanoi Street Food Tour starts to walk around Hanoi Old Quarter to look for delicious food along the streets. Also, you can have a chance to learn how to make traditional dishes with ancient family recipes. There are many options of Hanoi foods for you to enjoy including Bun Bo, Banh Cuon, Cha Ca, Bun Rieu, Banh Mi, Pho, and Egg Coffee.

+ Hanoi Motorbike Tour : Hanoi Motorbike Tour brings you to the hidden world of Hanoi, from small alleys to beautiful architectural sites such as Tran Quoc Pagoda on West Lake, Temple of Literature, Hanoi Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, and Long Bien Bridge. Joining Hanoi Motorbike Tour, you will have an interesting food experience in Hanoi with "bia hoi" and many special street foods.

+ Hanoi Scooter Tour : Like Hanoi Motorbike Tour gives you a chance to discover small corners of Hanoi. In the time of February, Hanoi becomes more colourful with the decoration for Tet holiday. So it is a good time for you to enjoy the beauty of Hanoi and Hanoi special foods.

Hanoi Old Quarter prepares for Tet holiday

3. Things to eat in Hanoi in February

Hanoi in February is the time of Tet holiday, so you can have a chance to enjoy many kinds of Vietnamese specialities in this occasion such as Bánh Chưng, Bánh Tét, Dưa Hành… 

Besides, we suggest that you should try some street food from the food vendors here. You will enjoy some hot food on the sidewalks with for a cheap price. If you want a bargain for your food, ask them and you will get a fixed price.

Banh Chung for Tet holiday

4. Best places to visit from Hanoi in February

February is considered the time of festivals all over the country. In this post, we will introduce you some famous festival you can visit around Hanoi. 

4.1. Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival

Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival takes place on the 6th day of the lunar first month every year at Bai Dinh Pagoda, Gia Sinh Commune, Gia Vien District, Ninh Binh Province. In the past, Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival only lasted for 1 week; however, in recent years, the festival opens during the whole spring to help tourists enjoy cheerful atmosphere of this festival and beautiful sights in Bai Dinh Pagoda more. During the festival, Bai Dinh Pagoda, as well as the other attractions in Ninh Binh, are always crowded. You can have a chance to enjoy the special atmosphere of the festival, explore marvellous scenes and Vietnamese culture, and join many interesting traditional games.

Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival

4.2. Perfume Pagoda Festival

The Perfume Pagoda is located far 69 km south of Hanoi, at Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Ha Tay Province. The Perfume Pagoda is famous for Huong Tich Cave that was actually discovered 2,000 years ago. Every year, thousands of pilgrims visit this cave to pray for happiness and prosperity in the coming year.

Perfume Pagoda Festival

4.3. Lim Festival

Lim Festival is held in Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province, which is far about 18km from Hanoi on 12th and 13th of the lunar first month of the year. One of the highlights of Lim Festival is “Quan họ” singing. On this day, people gather to climb Lim Hill to enjoy the “Quan họ" performance in the river. Traditional costumes are a special feature of this art, in which females are dressed in the four-panel traditional dresses called Ao Tu Than and Non Quai Thao, while males are dressed in "áo the” and “khăn xếp”.

Besides, you can take part in many traditional games such as swings, wrestling, rice cooking or human chess. “Quan họ” Bac Ninh is recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage entry since 2009.

Quan ho Bac Ninh in the river

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