Phu Quoc Overview

Covering 515 sq. km (199 sq. mi), the same size as Phuket in Thailand, Phu Quoc, which is 50kms from the Vietnamese mainland, is the largest island in Vietnam really famous for its resorts and beautiful white sand beaches.

The weather in Phu Quoc

Thanks to its monsoonal and sub-equatorial tropical climate, this peaceful tropical paradise floating in the warm turquoise waters in the Gulf of Thailand can be visited all year round. A peak season from November to March – the dry season is suitable for outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, jungle-trekking, exploring on motorcycle or bicycle while the rainy season from July to October is the ideal time for a visit to vibrant markets, Cao Dai and Buddhist temples as well as pepper plantation.

The beauty of Phu Quoc Island

Blessed with favorable natural environments like the virgin forest of over 37,000 hectares, the splendid natural beauty of mountains and forests, which are perfect for hiking, motorbiking and charming wildlife views, coral gardens offshore, varieties of wildlife species for fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling and the easy going and relaxed atmosphere. This spectacular tropical island is unsurprisingly attracting a large number of travelers, both domestic and international. 

Where to visit in Phu Quoc Island

Home to most of the beach-bungalow hotels and places to play in Phu Quoc, Long Beach, a 19-kilometer strip of white sand running south from Duong Dong, is the star and the liveliest beach of the island. If Long Beach is where to go for tourism service, the capital and largest city of Phu Quoc named Duong Dong is the place to go for a few old colonial-era buildings, the Caodist temples, the island’s main fishing fleet with an picturesque sight of all the boats lined up along the banks and a visit to the central market.

What to do in Phu Quoc

Besides taking advantage of the resorts lining Long Beach and development beginning on the east coast, you should also spend time on escaping and exploration. There is no lack of interesting activities to enjoy: dive the ridges, kayak in the bays, experience the wonderful scenery of Phu Quoc by taking a drive on wide roads around the beautiful island, sit in a hammock and admire the sparkling cobalt sea with squeaking white sand or just lazily lie on the white sand along the beach, indulge in a massage and dine on fresh seafood. All of these activities will take you to the fullest charm of Phu Quoc. For food lovers, a chance to sample high-quality fish sauce (nuoc mam) and black pepper - the island’s most valuable crop will be the highest expected moment.

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