When Is The Best Time To Visit Hanoi?

Many people may think Hanoi belongs to Southeast Asia so it will be hot all the time of the year and T-Shirts are enough to travel in Vietnam all year time round. That is not correct. There are seasons in Hanoi and you need to know about it then decide the best time for you to visit Hanoi .

1. The dry season from October to April in Hanoi

From October to April can be the best time to visit Hanoi as this time is not hot and that is the dry season in Hanoi. There is no typhoon so you do not have to worry about canceling the tours you have booked to some destinations like Ninh Binh, Sapa, Halong Bay. In the typhoon season, sometimes you may have to cancel the tours you have booked.

The end of September is the end of the rainy season in Hanoi so from October there is not downpour and you can enjoy your trip in the best way.

1.1 October to November

This time is the best of the best time to visit Hanoi as it is the dry season and cool-season also. That is the Autumn season so Hanoi is not cold and not hot. The temperature is about 180C to 250C, the humidity is 74% and the length of the day is 11 hours. You will see that that is the perfect weather to travel. You can travel quite a lot in one day and you will not feel tired of the heat or the cold. You will enjoy most of the moment in Hanoi.

Hanoi Street in Autumn

1.2. December to February 

This time of the year is the coldest time in Hanoi. So if you wish to visit Hanoi, you should bring a jacket and sweater with you. The temperature can decrease to 15˚C - 18˚C in the day time and even to decreases to 10˚C - 11˚C at night time. The humidity is about 60% to 65%.

Hanoi Street in Winter

That is the dry season so that is easy for you to stroll around your hotels or the places around Hanoi. Remember to bring a jacket with you especially when you travel to the high mountainous area like Sapa, Mai Chau, Ha Giang because sometimes there is snow or ice there. If you take a trip to Halong Bay , you should bring more jackets as it is colder in the sea.

Although it is cold from December to February, it is still the best time to visit Hanoi and around. Each year a lot of travelers visiting Vietnam as that is the Christmas Holiday Period.

From January to February is the time for Lunar New Year depending on different years and the date will change. So you should check the calendar and ask your travel agents to know about that holiday because you may get a problem with services on Lunar New Year Period. 

Hanoi Lunar New Year

1.3. From March to Aril

From March to April, the weather will be warmer because it is Spring in North Vietnam. You still need a warm coat in the cold day but in general, the temperature is perfect for traveling ( From 18˚C - 23˚C in March and from 22˚C - 28˚C in April).  The temperature is good this time but the humidity is from 85% to 90% so it is misty in many places. You may not have nice photos as the sky is not very clear. It is rainy often and the rain is wet enough to be dirty. So this time if you do trekking, that will be hard and that is not a good time for photos hunter. 

From March, many roads in Hanoi are covered with vibrant colors

2. Rainy and the hot season from May to September 

2.1. May to June – The hot season 

May to June is the hottest season in Han. The temperature from  26˚C - 33˚C and sometimes it may reach to 39˚C in the day time. So if you do not hot weather, that is a very hard time for you to travel outside this time on the hot day. 

This period, the downpour starts but not a lot and not for a long time in a day. Although that is the hot and rainy period, that is the best time for photos as the sky is clear and there are a lot of places in Vietnam harvest the rice. If you visit Tam Coc – a day tour from Hanoi, you can take a boat trip with the rice field along the river. Get on the peak of Hang Mua, you can take the most beautiful photos of Tam Coc. See Hang Mua Tam Coc Day Tour for more information. So this is the best time for visiting Tam Coc and one of the best times to have nice photos around Hanoi. 

Golden Rice Tam Coc

2.2.July to August – Typhoon season

That is still a very hot period in Hanoi. It is a bit less hot than May to June but that is the rainy and typhoon season in Hanoi and around. You may have to cancel some tours because of the rain and typhoon. It may rain all day or it is stormy and some boat trips cannot depart like Halong Bay or Tam Coc, Trang An Boat Trip.

The temperature from  24˚C - 32˚C and sometimes it may reach to 37˚C in the day time. So you may like this weather. 

Hanoi Rainy Season

2.3. September

September is the beginning of autumn so the weather is cooler. However, the world weather has changed recently so this time of the year is not really cool like 20 years ago. It is still a bit hot in September but it is good enough for travel.  That is also the end of the typhoon season so there is still typhoon sometimes. The temperature is from  22˚C - 28˚C.

Green Rice is one of the most unique specialty of Hanoi in September

When you are in Hanoi this time, you may visit Sapa as that is the rice terrace field. You will have the most beautiful photos of the rice fields in Sapa. That is amazing.

Rice field in Sapa

From May to September is also a good time for the best deals for the  tour package in Vietnam  as that is the low season for international tourists. So if you would like to travel with a low budget then this period will be good for you. 

So the best time to visit Hanoi depending on what you wish but for the weather, we advise from October to November and from March to April when it is in the dry season and it is not cold and not too hot.

We hope that with our information above, you can choose the best time suitable for your purpose and your group’s interest.

Incredible Asia Journeys is happy to arrange for you the holiday to Vietnam.

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