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  • Petit White Dolphin Cruise

    The ‘petit’ part of the Petit White Dolphin Cruise refers to its small frame of 23.5 meters in length by 6.4 meters in width. This allows for just four cabins, meaning our cruise will never feel overcrowded. All cabins still enjoy 20m2 of space with all of the modern amenities like air-con, queen-sized bed and private bathroom, along with tested safety equipment.We serve the finest fusion foods in our wonderful dining room, and many an evening can be spent here enjoying the quiet ambience of Bai Tu Long Bay. The second floor contains the bar and the top of the Petit White Dolphin is reserved for our 50m2 sundeck, on which you will get the best views and pictures in Bai Tu Long Bay - a smaller part of Halong Bay. We cater in intimacy and offer charter cruises for between 2 and 8 people. These will be personal journeys where our staff will attend to your group’s every need. The wonderful crew of the Petite White Dolphin are friendly and attentive and trained to a very high level.The Petit White Dolphin Sail awaits in Bai Tu Long Bay, come and join us today.
    Bai Tu Long bay - Launched in 2010
    From $ 151
    $ 116 /person
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  • Amira Cruise

    The privacy that you can enjoy aboard the Amira Cruise is why we named it as we did. ‘Amira’, meaning ‘princess’ in Arabic, suggests royal treatment, something that you will most certainly receive from our small, dedicated staff. With just 3 cabins, Amira Cruise focuses on intimacy, with flexible itineraries and a wonderfully attentive service provided by our staff, who understand your need for socialising and privacy in equal measure.We want to make the Amira Cruise feel like your home for our 3-day tour and 2-day tour of Bai Tu Long Bay. To that end, we have small, comfortable rooms with every modern amenity, as well as a gorgeous sundeck on top, a great spot for lounging on those long days cruising in the bay. Cabins are decorated in luxurious white and cream colours, while furnishings are made of dark wood; a wonderful blend that creates the aura of opulence.At Amira, we are very proud of our cruises and will continue to provide the absolute best service to our guests.
    Bai Tu Long bay - Launched in 2016
    From $ 175
    $ 150 /person
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What are Halong Bay Private Cruises?

The services listed below are those of Halong Bay private cruises, containing ships with a small amount of cabins, perfect for family reunions, groups of friends or business partners looking to close a deal in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. These cruises typically contain between 2 and 5 cabins, but depending on the size of your group, it is possible to find cruises with more. Charter bookings are always available, but private cruises in Halong Bay can also be great for couples who just want to experience the serenity of being on a small boat in a wild and expansive seascape.

What Advantages are there to Choosing a Halong Bay Private Cruise?

It is the small cruises in Halong Bay that feature in all of its evocative images. The beauty of the boat itself is usually very strong, encompassing a quaint and modern design within, while above, the red sails flap in the wind. Limestone towers certainly seem more statuesque from the top deck of private boat, helping to humble you in this ancient land.

The small amount of cabins to be found on these private cruises around Halong Bay ensure that your trip is more relaxed, more intimate and comes with greater freedom. There are much fewer fellow passengers on these cruises and your time can be spent getting to know them or spent in the serenity of your private cabin, where the world whisks by, seemingly just for you.

Fewer passengers on board mean that itineraries can be have a greater flexibility, depending on your preferences for some of the activities listed. Halong Bay private cruises can’t visit places not mentioned in the itinerary due to governmental regulations, but if passengers would rather engage in on board activities or meals at different times, then this would be perfectly possible.

All Halong Bay staff are highly-trained and can boast fantastic hospitality skills, and Halong Bay cruises with few cabins provide a more personal, tailored attention compared to other cruises in the bay. Staff will likely know you by name before you even step on board, and they will get to know your likes and dislikes very quickly; they are usually a large contributing factor to your enjoyment of the cruise, treading the line perfectly between attentive and overbearing.

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