Best Time to Visit Hoi An

At this point, Hoi An Town in Vietnam needs a very little introduction; the tourism trade is booming here and has been for a while. Tourists come from far and wide to experience the magical atmosphere of Hoi An through its lanterns, tailors, river, food, festivities, beaches, and general calm that runs throughout the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed town.

The list of reasons to visit Hoi An is numerous and only a stay of about 4 or 5 days is enough to get a true feel for the town, but the best time to visit Hoi An depends on exactly what you’re looking for. Between Hoi An’s weather fluctuations, the plethora of annual events on offer, and your own, often tight, schedule, it can be confusing to pick one time that suits you. Here’s a quick look at the best months to head to Hoi An.

Hoi An Ancient Town

1. Best Time to Visit Hoi An for the Good Weather

Located around the tropical center of Vietnam, Hoi An weather is notably warmer than the North and mildly cooler than the South. Its consistency is a big draw for tourists, who come every month to visit the wonders of Vietnam and always express massive interest in a Hoi An trip. The beauty of the town is largely outdoors, so weather is an important factor in the tourism boom that has gripped Hoi An for several years now.

So, what is the best time of year to visit Hoi An? There are only 9 degrees of difference between the coldest month of December and the hottest of July. The average temperatures in winter of around 22 or 23 degrees still make for a comfortable time in the town, if maybe a little too chilly to head to Cua Dai Beach or a day trip from Hoi An.

The main drawback of visiting Hoi An in November and December is the deluge of rain that is provided courtesy of the wet season. Nearly half of the days in these two months are expected to get rain, which often floods the river and turns the lower areas of Hoi An into vast outdoor swimming pools.

Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An

Beach season is usually in February, March, and April, all of which receive a very small amount of rain and good temperatures, making this, in most people’s opinions, the best time to visit Hoi An. Thus, during this Hoi An best time to visit, there is a peak season in the town that is struggling to cope with the tourism boom it finds itself in, bringing about higher prices for accommodation, tickets, clothing, and souvenirs. If busy streets are not your thing then you might consider saving your trip until June, July, and August, which bring hotter weather and higher humidity, but shoulder season prices and more space to relax.

2. Best Time to Visit Hoi An for the Festivals

Hoi An didn’t become a UNESCO World Heritage site by accident. The town features a huge amount of monthly and annual events that showcase Vietnamese culture both inside the region and throughout the country. In the space of a few years, Hoi An has found itself as an ambassador for Vietnam for the thousands of tourists that visit it daily during peak season. 

The best time to visit Hoi An for its iconic monthly lantern festivals coincides with the lunar calendar, as these festivals only happen on the eve of a full moon. There aren’t many experiences more magical than when Hoi An turns its lights off and tourists are invited to send illuminated lanterns floating down the river.

Hoi An New Year Festival

The Hoi An New Year Festival is held any time around late January or mid-February and is one of the most popular places to celebrate Vietnamese Tet in the country. The Festival usually happens amid almost ideal Hoi An weather in February, meaning that overcrowding in the town is not uncommon. Again, if you can deal with this then it is well worth a visit, but any claustrophobic tourists might want to aim for an October departure date to catch the much less busy Mid-Autumn Festival. This is a lively and colorful spectacle with dragon dances and traditional music spanning four days in mild, but often rainy weather.

3. Go Shopping in Hoi An

The tailors of Hoi An make a lot of money from tourists who come to get cheap, tailor-made clothes for themselves or as souvenirs. Shopping in Hoi An is high on the list of Hoi An’s appealing factors for tourists and it remains a popular activity throughout the year. However, your bargaining power fluctuates with the seasons; it’s harder to grab a great deal when the town is awash with tourists looking for the same service that you are. The time taken to produce your clothing is also lengthier if the tailors have several orders on at once, which means that saving the trip until the quieter months might be good if you’re strapped for cash or time.

A lantern street in Hoi An

As a general tip, shopping around the enormous selection of tailors or souvenir merchants in the town will help you lower the price. Vendors are reliant on tourism for business and should never be taken advantage of, but bargaining is normal in daily Vietnamese culture and it becomes a lot easier on rainy days or days in the off-peak months. While a visit to the indoor markets is also a good idea for the wet season, outdoor food markets tend to become very wet and chaotic; this is part of the charm of Vietnamese culture and should be experienced at least once.

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