Should I book Halong Bay cruise in advance?

Halong Bay is listed as the top destination in Asia and Vietnam. So have a plan for booking Halong Bay cruise is very important for any travelers who wish to visit Halong Bay. However, you may wonder whether to book a Halong Bay cruise online in advance or on arrival. Please see some points below and you may have the final decision for booking a cruise in Halong Bay in advance or on arrival. We will guide you through some aspects then you can choose a suitable way for you.

Availability: There are a lot of choices for you for booking in advance online.

It is clear that there is a huge advantage for booking online with the online booking website comparing to booking with category on arrival. Moreover, when you book online in advance you will have a lot of time to study clearly about one cruise if that is good or not and it is suable for your group or not. Some cruises can be good for this group but it may be not good for your group. For example, there are some cruises in Halong Bay that will be very good for young adults who wish the party cruise but it can be not good for your group if your group are elderly people or groups with small kids. There are some luxury cruises which are very good for the elderly or group with children with big cabins for your family but they can be not so good for some young adults because the young adults may like the party cruise.

And there are some cruises suitable for Asian people who like something big and huge but European travelers may like a boutique cruise with good services.

It is clear that you book online in advance you have a lot of time to study about one cruise to know that is good for your group or not. Because you book in advance so there is more chance for the availability of the cabins especially if you have some special requests for cabins like connecting cabins, cabins for family, cabins far from the engine or near the stair.

And if one cruise you like is not available that is easy to study more cruise to find the best one for your group.

So it is obviously better to book Halong Bay cruise in advance online especially in the high season from Oct to the end of April.


Transparency: It must be booked online in advance option. 

When you book a cruise online it means that you have a lot of time to study the site you are booking. You can easily see the price listings, information, itinerary and what’s included or not included in the online website.  

You know that for the online booking site the reputation is all they have. They will lose the business very fast if their services are not good or unreliable. 

If you book on arrival, normally you do not have much time to see study the cruise you want to book clearly so it can be not suitable for your group as we mentioned above and it leads to the unhappiness with the services not because of they are not good but they are not suitable with your group.

The disadvantage of booking online is you cannot predict the weather so the cruise can be canceled or changed. However, if the cruise is canceled by the government it is 100% refunded to you if you have not used the services so it is not different from booking on arrival. The difference is when you book in advance online you have booked it and now you get the refund and if you intend to book on arrival but you have not booked that. So there is no difference. In the bad weather case, booking online clients and booking on arrival clients will the same chance.

Price: It is fair for booking online in advance and booking on arrival.

If you booking a Halong Bay cruise online there are some promotions you may get or if you study well you may get a good deal from the online booking site or from a suitable cruise for your group. Most of the case the price of the cruise will not raise up where the price of the cruise company raise up because of normal reason like fuel fee, salary, living standard except the government policy raise up too up the entrance fee too much. 

When you book the Halong Bay cruise on arrival you also have a chance to have a good deal like last-minute deal while online is early booking so they are fair. However, most of the reputable cruise will be easy to be fully booked so booking a cruise in Halong Bay in advance is still good for you. 

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Inclusions: If you have a clear and fixed plan for your trip then booking in advance will be a good option.

If you travel on a long trip like for some months and you need flexibility and your plan may change a lot because you may change your mind about the places or the duration in each destination then booking on arrival will be good for you.

If you travel with your family or kids so booking in advance is good.

If you want a relaxed holiday in Vietnam then please choose the booking in advance so you will have a perfect holiday. Just arrive and get everything ready. 

Thank you very much for choosing Incredible Asia Journeys – The leading agency in Vietnam for your trip.

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