Lan Ha Bay

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1. Lan Ha Bay Overview

Lan Ha Bay is located in the east of Cat Ba Island and in the south of Halong Bay. It is easy to take a trip from Hanoi to Lan Bay by car/bus and take a Lan Ha Bay cruise around this beautiful bay to enjoy the most beautiful of the Halong and Lan Ha Bay. Lan Ha Bay belongs to Cat Ba Island area in Hai Phong. Because Lan Ha Bay also has hundreds of islands like Halong Bay, people think that it belongs to the Halong Bay area. Lan Ha Bay with around 400 large and small islands has become a paradise for tourists to go kayaking, go swimming or stay overnight in this beautiful bay.

Beautiful Lan Ha Bay

2. What to see in Lan Ha Bay?

Lan Ha Bay has an isolated appeal with more than 300 karst islands and several white-sand beaches. Cruising in Lan Ha Bay, you will see hundreds of mounts with different shapes depending on your imagination including Hon Guoc (Wooden Shoe Island), Hon Doi (Bat Grotto), etc. Also, you can have a chance to see about 139 beautiful and small sandy beaches of Lan Ha Bay. You will be interested in islands that has a sandy beach between two stone mountains in this beautiful bay.

Islands in Lan Ha Bay

3. What to do in Lan Ha Bay?

Go swimming in Lan Ha Bay: Calm and clean water of small beaches in Lan Ha Bay will be a good place for you to come and swim at Monkey Island or Van Boi Con Island.

Swimming in Lan Ha Bay

Do kayaking in Lan Ha Bay: With hundreds of small sandy beaches and small islands, Lan Ha Bay is a paradise for those who want to do kayaking to explore the wild nature of this area. You can kayak in Cai Beo Floating Village, Van Boi Center, Ba Trai Dao Area or Monkey Island Area...

Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay

Climb in Lan Ha Bay: There is an International Rock Climbing Center here, so you can book a half or full day tour to climb. It will be an interesting journey for your wonderful trip in Vietnam.

Visit Viet Hai Fishing Village and Cai Beo Floating Market: Take a Lan Ha Bay cruise you will have a chance for visiting not only the bay but also the local life of Viet Hai Fishing Village and Cai Beo Floating Market.

Cycling in Viet Hai Fishing Village

Stay at a private beach in Lan Ha Bay: There are some private beaches that the locals build bungalows for you to stay overnight such as Monkey Island Resort, Sandy Beach Resort, Castaway Bungalow, and Cove Beach Bungalow. You can book one to have a lot of time for your activities in the bay like kayaking, swimming, playing beach volleyball, etc.

4. Lan Ha Bay - When to visit?

Summer in Lan Ha Bay is suitable for swimming and kayaking, so it is the best time for you to visit. You can come in the autumn to have a trip in both Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island. However, let be careful with the colder weather and storms in the autumn. Other time the Lan Ha Bay Cruise will be a good option for you. 

Summer in Lan Ha Bay

5. How to get to Lan Ha Bay?

5.1. From the center of Cat Ba

You can travel to Ben Beo to buy the sightseeing ticket and hire a boat to help you reach to the place you want. Also, you can hire a small boat of the locals to explore the places near the coastline of Lan Ha Bay.

5.2. From Hanoi to Lan Ha Bay

By local bus or private car

Nowadays, that is easy for travellers to visit Lan Ha from Hanoi. With the new highway from Hanoi to Hai Phong, it will take you about 2-hour drive by bus or private car from Hanoi to Got Ferry Port where you will get a ferry to Cai Vieng Port then drive directly to Cat Ba.

When you are in Cat Ba that is easy for you to visit Lan Ha Bay by booking a local boat in Cat Ba.

From Hanoi to Lan Ha Bay by cruise, By shuttle bus or private car with a luxury cruise package

Another way for travellers who want to join in a luxury cruise is visiting Lan Ha Bay with a luxury cruise. With the fast development of tourism, Halong Bay now seems crowded because there are some hundred cruises in Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. The trip to Halong Bay with a cruise seems less enjoyable because that is not easy for travellers to find a quiet place for relaxation. 

For that reason now there is a good option for the traveller to enjoy the overnight on the best bay in the world – that is an overnight on Lan Ha Bay Cruise.

The Lan Ha Bay Cruise shuttle bus will pick you up from Hanoi around 09.30 for 2-hour drive to Got Ferry Port where you will hop on a luxury cruise and enjoy the Lan Ha Bay Cruise for 1 night or 2 night. That is the easy way and convenient way to enjoy the trip in Lan Ha Bay or Halong Bay in general ( Lan Ha Bay is a part of Halong Bay) because until now there are not many cruises in this area for visiting a large area so that will be not too crowded to visit this area. You can enjoy the trip in a place of nowhere.

From Hanoi to Lan Bay you may take a private car if you do not wish to go by cruise bus. In that case, the private car will pick you up from your hotel to the Got Ferry Port where you will meet the cruise team for enjoying the cruise and the car and driver will wait for you to pick you up after your trip for the transfer to Hanoi.

6.1. Lan Ha Bay 2 day 1 night Cruise 

DAY 1: Hanoi – Lan Ha Bay Cruise (Lunch/ Dinner)

09:00 – 09:30: Our air-conditioned van will pick you up from your hotel in Hanoi and take you to Hai Phong.

12:00: You will arrive at the bay and be transported to your Cruise, our luxurious cruise ship where you will be welcomed with a complimentary drink. After our quick safety briefing, you are free to check into your cabin. Take the following time to relax or head out to the deck to watch the landscape roll past.

13:15: You will be served a special lunch of fresh seafood and local delicacies. Life doesn’t get much better when dining on local sea produce out in the open water in which it was caught. Following lunch, we will set sail for Lan Ha Bay, passing Da Chong islet where you will see an ancient lighthouse built by the French over a century ago.

15:00: Over 300 karst islands and limestone outcrops of Lan Ha greet you in unison on the final part of the day's cruise. Ba Trai Dao beach is one of the many white sand beaches that lie in the shadows of the limestone towers and can be explored via kayaks. Alternatively, you can slip into the crystal clear waters and watch the sea life beneath the surface.

17:00: We return to the ship and prepare for the evening festivities.

17:30 – 18:30: All fans of Happy Hour should head to the bar as we begin our special offers on an extensive list of drinks.

18:00: This free Vietnamese cooking demonstration will teach you preparation techniques for delicious local appetizers.

19:15: Spoil yourself with the unique Signature Dinner in our distinguished restaurant.

20:45 - 00:00: The evening is now yours. Choose to spend it with exotic cocktails and friends as you glide silently past the steadfast rocky giants around you, or opt instead for the indulgent spa service. Alternatively, you can retire to watch movies, try your hand at squid fishing or simply take it all in on our rooftop deck under a fresh night sky.

DAY 2: Lan Ha Bay Cruise - Dark & Bright Cave – Ha Long Bay - Hanoi (Light Breakfast/Brunch)

06:30: Morning is a magical time of day on Lan Ha Bay. You can take the chance to participate in our daily Tai Chi sessions on the top deck or watch the stunning scenery stream past with an early morning cup of tea, coffee or juice. A light breakfast of pastries and beverages follows shortly at 7 am.

7:30 - 9:15: The final stage of your trip is a journey through dark caves and among the remote islets accessible via rowing boats that locals use in their daily lives. The staggering beauty of this World Heritage region will certainly leave long-lasting impressions. 

09:30: As we return to the ship, you will check out of your cabin as we cruise back to the mainland. After an early brunch and a final farewell from our crew at 11:30 you will board our transfer boat and head back to the wharf to be met by the bus that will take you back to Hanoi.

6.2. Lan Ha 3 day 2-night Cruise

DAY 1: Hanoi – Lan Ha Bay Cruise (Lunch/ Dinner)

09:00 – 09:30: Our air-conditioned van will transport you from your hotel in Hanoi to Lan Ha Boat Habour.

12:00: Our luxurious craft awaits you in the beautiful bay. After being welcomed aboard with a complimentary drink our crew will introduce themselves and provide a quick safety briefing. Feel free to check into your cabin afterwards to freshen up for the day. Make sure you leave some time to have a look around the vessel and to soak up the magical landscape as we cruise past.

13:15: A lunch featuring traditional local food will introduce you to the culinary delights of this part of Vietnam. The freshest seafood will be on offer along with beautiful appetizers and drinks. Afterwards, we set sail for Lan Ha Bay, passing an ancient French lighthouse on Da Chong Islet.

15:00: Our trip through the Cua Van area will lead you to Lan Ha, the southern part of world-renowned Halong Bay. The surrounding, remarkable limestone pillar landscape is where the region claims its fame. Take the opportunity to explore Ba Trai Dao beach with a kayak or take a dip in the translucently clear waters of the bay to watch life unfold above and beneath you. 

17:00: We will return to the cruise ship to find a place to drop anchor for the night.

17:30 – 18:30: It is Happy Hour at the bar where you can get two for one on a wide assortment of drinks.

18:00: We offer a cooking class on Vietnamese cuisine special to the area. Learn how to make delectable local appetizers out of fish and various exotic fruits and vegetables.

19:15: Enjoy the special Signature Dinner in the restaurant.

20:45 - 12:00: Now is your free time to relax with an exotic cocktail or whatever takes your fancy. Our bar has a wide range of wines, beers and other liquor and is always a welcome sight for guests after a day on the bay. Ordering a calming spa service or indulging in a spot of squid fishing under the cover of a starry sky is the perfect way to unwind.

DAY 2: Lan Ha Bay Cruise - Viet Hai Village - Ba Ham Lake (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

06:30: The early risers on board may want to try their hand at sunrise Tai Chi on the upper deck; an excellent way to boost energy levels in preparation for the day's adventures. Soak up the atmosphere in early morning Lan Ha as the locals go about their age-old routines.

08:00: Enjoy the buffet breakfast with a Vietnamese coffee, traditional iced tea or selection of fruit juices.

09:00: After your feast, you will board our Day cruiser to head to Viet Hai Village. We offer an easy bicycle ride (or an electric car service at an additional cost) along the village path and through majestic rainforests. Rice paddies roll in waves as you continue your journey through picture-postcard Vietnamese scenery before we arrive together in Viet Hai Village. Here you will get a feeling for the ancient ways of life as we visit the old straw and bamboo houses and observe how villagers have adapted to modern life.

12:00: Head back to the boat for your set menu lunch.

13:45: After you have enjoyed another hearty serving of wonderful Vietnamese food, take the option to kayak or swim around Ba Ham Lake, enclosed on all four sides by vertical rocky towers and a scene of pure serenity.

16:00: Back on board your Cruise, take some time to freshen up or relax at your leisure as we cruise to our overnight area, where with luck, you will witness a sunset to cherish.

17:30-18:30: The bar opens again for Happy Hour

18:00: Watch a demonstration by our experts on how to prepare the perfect Nem Ran, traditional Vietnamese spring rolls, before making one for yourself.

19:15: An outstanding choice of local food is on offer for your evening meal.

20:45 – 00:00: In your free time this evening, why not join us for our movie night with a film of your choice?. We also have a selection of board games or as always, our bar is open and is an ideal place to meet new people and share stories of your new adventures.

DAY 3: Lan Ha Bay Cruise Dark And Bright Cave – Ha Long Bay - Hanoi (Light Breakfast/Brunch)

06:30: Rise early like a local with another morning of Tai Chi or a saunter around the sun-dappled deck.

07:00 - 9:15: Enjoy a light breakfast of pastries and beverages before climbing into your local rowing boat to spend the last part of your trip at the Dark and Bright Caves ; two contrasting grottoes of outstanding natural beauty.

09:30: Upon returning to the boat you will collect your belongings as we cruise back to the mainland. After a final early brunch and a last goodbye from our crew at midday, we will board the bus and make the trip back to Hanoi.

Seeing more the cruises in Lan Ha Bay and cruises in Halong Bay to choose the best option for your group.

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