Got Pier

Got Pier is not a new pier for the local people who travel from between Cat Ba Island and the mainland. However, Got Pier is a new pier for Halong Bay Cruises. There are day cruises and overnight cruises starting from this harbour. The Halong Bay Cruises embark at this pier are the cruises visiting Lan Ha Bay. 

Cruises at Got Pier

From 2016, the Halong Bay Cruises started the new route to visit Lan Ha Bay and now more and more new and nice cruises in Halong Bay move to the Got Pier for their route in Lan Ha Bay. 

Up to date 2019, the most luxury day cruise start at Got Pier is Halong Bay Luxury Escape Sails with 7-hour itinerary and luxury cruise, good lunch and nice bus on an expressway. 

There are good overnight cruises starting from Got Pier like VSpirit Premier Cruise, Perla Dawn Sails

You will see that most of the cruises in Got Harbour are new and nice cruises. They choose this route because Halong Bay center now is more and more crowded and polluted while Lan Ha Bay is cleaner and less crowded.

Hanoi to Got Pier

How is Got Pier at the moment?

At the moment Got Habour is not very good comparing to Tuan Chau or Sun Piers because they do not have a huge number of cruises like Halong Bay and the local authority has not invested in this harbor a lot. Another reason is this was a local pier in the past so it is more difficult to widen it fast. However, we see that now there are more and more cruises here so there are more actions from the government investing to make this area to be more organized. There will be a good future for this area and it definitely become one of the good piers for tourists in the future.

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