Visit Vietnam in November: Weather & Tips for Tourists

If you are curious about “Is it good to visit Vietnam in November?”, you’re in the right place! November offers a sweet spot between seasons, with delightful sunshine and comfortable temperatures across the country. The Vietnam weather becomes cooler, no longer as scorching as the previous summer months. Thus, November is a peak tourist season, so you can encounter more visitors, which adds to the lively and bustling atmosphere.

Hanoi scenery in November

So, get ready for an amazing travel guide to Vietnam in November weather that will help you plan your trip perfectly. Incredible Asia Journeys is here to make your Vietnam tour package unforgettable!

1. Overview of Vietnam Weather in November

The climate in Vietnam in November offers a delightful mix of weather across its diverse regions. While the north transitions from wet to dry with pleasant temperatures and occasional showers, ideal for outdoor activities, the south enjoys the tail-end of the rainy season, transitioning to sunny days with warm temperatures, perfect for beach lovers. So, November is the best time to visit Vietnam.

Vietnam in November cooler weather

However, be alert! The northern Vietnam might be cooler, and unpredictable downpours are a possibility throughout the country. Therefore, checking local forecasts and packing layers along with rain gear is key. Keep reading to see detailed weather conditions for each region featuring exciting things to do in Vietnam in November!

2. Vietnam November Weather by Region

2.1. Northern Vietnam (Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay)

The north experiences a significant drop in temperatures, transitioning from the hot summer months to a more comfortable autumn climate. Expect temperatures to range from 18°C to 28°C. The cooler weather is ideal for trekking in Sapa, exploring the ancient streets of Hanoi, and cruising through the picturesque Halong Bay. 

Cooler weather in Northern Vietnam in November

This is the perfect time to pack layers, including light sweaters and jackets, as mornings and evenings can be quite chilly.

2.2. Central Vietnam (Da Nang, Hoi An & Hue)

Central Vietnam in November sees a decrease in rainfall compared to previous months, but occasional storms can still occur. Temperatures range from 22°C to 27°C. 

Hoian in November

This region is perfect for exploring historical sites in Hue, enjoying the beaches in Da Nang, and wandering through the charming streets of Hoi An. Pack a mix of light clothing and some rain gear just in case.

2.3. Southern Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, Phu Quoc Island)

In the south, the temperature in Vietnam in November marks the beginning of the dry season, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 32°C. 

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam in November

The weather is warm and sunny, making it ideal for beach activities on Phu Quoc Island, exploring the vibrant life of Ho Chi Minh City, and taking boat trips in the Mekong Delta. Light & breathable clothing is suggested, along with sunscream.

3. Best Places to Visit Vietnam in November

As mentioned above, each region in Vietnam will have its TOP tourist attractions in November, let’s come closer to explore where you should visit Vietnam in November!

3.1. Hanoi

Hanoi Old Quarter in November

Hanoi, the capital city, offers a charming blend of ancient history and modern development. 

In November, the weather is cool and pleasant, making it an ideal time to explore the Old Quarter with its bustling streets and traditional shops, visit Hoan Kiem Lake, a serene spot in the city center, and the Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s first university.

3.2. Halong Bay

Known for its emerald waters and thousands of limestone islands, Halong Bay is a must-visit Vietnam destination in November. The comfortable weather is perfect for overnight cruises, kayaking and exploring caves, and relaxing on deck while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Kayaking in Halong Bay

To book your Halong Bay tours, contact Incredible Asia Journey now for hot deals and free consultation!

3.3. Sapa

Sapa, located in the northern mountains, offers stunning landscapes and vibrant local cultures. November is perfect for trekking through terraced rice fields, visiting ethnic minority villages, and enjoying the cool, crisp mountain air. 

The terraced rice fields in Sapa

The terraced rice fields are at their best during this time, displaying vibrant colors and beauty, perfect for a trek and capturing stunning photos. Remember to bring your camera to capture this picturesque moment in Sapa!

3.4. Ha Giang

Ha Giang is renowned for its rugged scenery and winding roads. In November, you can embark on the Ha Giang Loop tour 4 days, a thrilling motorbike or car route through breathtaking landscapes. Plus, at this time of year, visitors will be amazed by the buckwheat (triangle oat) flower fields on the mountain slopes, which have become a symbol of Ha Giang tourism in November.

Ha Giang tourism in November

Also, visiting the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark and exploring traditional markets are must-do activities in this stunning northern province.

3.5. Cao Bang

Cao Bang Province in Northern Vietnam is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. In November, the landscape comes alive with vibrant colors as the rice fields turn golden, and blooming buckwheat flowers and wildflowers, create a magnificent landscape.

Breathtaking Ban Gioc Waterfall

Visitors to Cao Bang in November can explore the breathtaking Ban Gioc Waterfall, one of the largest waterfalls in Vietnam, and trek through the stunning landscapes of Ba Be National Park. 

3.6. Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s bustling southern metropolis, is lively and energetic. November is great for exploring the War Remnants Museum and Reunification Palace, shopping at Ben Thanh Market, and experiencing the vibrant nightlife. 

Ho Chi Minh City in November

The city’s dynamic atmosphere and rich history offer a diverse range of activities for visitors.

3.7. Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is a lush, fertile region known for its waterways and floating markets. In November, you can take a boat trip through the canals, visit the Cai Rang Floating Market, and explore local villages and fruit orchards. The delta’s natural beauty and cultural richness provide a unique and memorable experience.

Mekong Delta in November

3.8. Phu Quoc Island

Heading south to Vietnam is a fantastic idea if you want to escape the chill of winter with a beach escape to Phu Quoc Island, a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches and clear waters. 

November is ideal for relaxing on Long Beach, snorkeling and diving, and exploring the island’s national parks and waterfalls. The island’s tranquil atmosphere and stunning scenery make it a perfect getaway for beach lovers.

November is ideal for Phu Quoc travel

Here are just a few of the fantastic destinations to explore in Vietnam in November. Wherever you choose to go, don't hesitate to contact Incredible Asia Journey to start planning your unforgettable trip to Vietnam in November!

4. Must-try Vietnam Food in November

Weather in Vietnam in November offers a cooler temperature in the north and the start of the dry season in the south. This shift also influences the types of dishes that are particularly appealing during this time of year. Here are some best things to eat in Vietnam in November! 

- Pho: A steaming bowl of Pho is especially comforting in the cooler weather of Northern Vietnam in November. This iconic noodle soup, made with either beef (Pho Bo) or chicken (Pho Ga), features a flavorful broth, tender slices of meat, fresh herbs, and rice noodles. The warmth of the soup and its aromatic flavors make it a perfect dish to enjoy during the chilly autumn days.

Enjoy a bowl of Pho

- Banh Mi: This Vietnamese sandwich is a must-try at any time of year, but it’s particularly satisfying during November. Filled with a variety of ingredients such as grilled pork, pate, pickled vegetables, and fresh herbs, banh mi offers a delightful mix of flavors and textures. It’s a convenient and tasty option for a quick meal while exploring the streets of cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

Banh Mi is a must-try food in Vietnam

- Lau (Hot Pot): As the weather cools down, the hot pot becomes a TOP must-try Vietnamese dish in winter. In the north, a favorite option is Lau, a hot pot simmering with various types of fish, pork, beef vegetables, and dipping sauces.

The delicious hot pot

- Banh Beo (Water fern cake): These delicate rice cakes are steamed in small bowls and topped with shrimp, pork, and crispy shallots. They are a delightful dish for a light meal.

- Mi Quang (Quang Noodles): A turmeric-infused noodle soup originating from Quang Nam province. It features thick rice noodles in a fragrant broth with pork, shrimp, peanuts, and fresh herbs.

Quang Noodle in Hoi An

- Goi Cuon Tom Thit (Spring Rolls with shrimp and pork): These fresh spring rolls are a classic Vietnamese dish and perfect for any time of year. They are filled with shrimp, pork, vegetables, and rice vermicelli, all wrapped in a thin rice paper sheet and dipped in a peanut sauce.

- Banh Khot (Mini-savory pancake): Small, savory pancakes made from rice flour and turmeric, often filled with shrimp or other seafood. They are typically enjoyed with fresh herbs and a dipping sauce.

BONUS: November brings a bounty of fresh fruits to Vietnam. Look for fruits like persimmons, pomelo, oranges, grapes, and durian (if you're adventurous!).

5. Vietnam Festivals in November

- Ooc Om Bok Festival (Tra Vinh, Soc Trang): Immerse yourself in the vibrant Khmer culture at the Ooc Om Bok Festival from 21st-27th of November, featuring colorful processions, moon worship rituals, and traditional music and dance.

Ooc Om Bok festival

- New Rice Ceremony (Tay Nguyen): Each year after the harvest, from around November to December, tourists can witness the Tay Nguyen people's gratitude for the harvest with joyous parades, traditional dances, and a communal feast.

- Buckwheat Flower Festival (Ha Giang): Be captivated by the white tapestry of buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang blooming from September to early December, complemented by traditional music, dance, and local markets.

Buckwheat flower in Ha Giang

6. Vietnam Travel Tips in November

- Bring jackets, sweaters, and hats to stay comfortable. November in North Vietnam is generally cool and dry, but it can still get quite chilly, especially in the mountains. 

- Check the weather forecast before your Vietnam travel. November is usually a good time to visit North Vietnam, but there can still be some rain and unpredictable weather. Packing accordingly will ensure you're prepared.

Hanoi Train Street

- Book your accommodation and tours in advance. November is a popular time to visit North Vietnam, so booking ahead will help avoid any disappointment.

- Take advantage of the cooler and drier November weather to explore the outdoors in North Vietnam. Consider visiting Sapa, Ha Giang, or Ninh Binh for hiking, trekking, and cycling.

Mekong Delta boat tour

Vietnam in November offers a delightful mix of weather across its diverse regions, making it an ideal time to explore the country. Whether you're drawn to the cooler temperatures in the north or the sunny beaches in the south, there's something for everyone. 

With so many things to see and do in Vietnam in November, now is the perfect time to plan your Vietnam adventure. Contact Incredible Asia Journeys today to book your unforgettable Vietnam tour package and embark on a journey of a lifetime!

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