Hanoi Weather in July

Hanoi – the lovely capital of Vietnam – is one of the hot spots to visit in the world recommended by TripAdvisor. Visiting Hanoi, you will have a chance to discover the beauty of culture, people, and attractive destinations. To plan a wonderful trip to Hanoi in July, you should pay attention to its weather at this time. In this post, Incredible Asia Journeys are pleased to show all you need to know about the weather in Hanoi in July for your great trip.

Streets in Hanoi covered with sunshine

The Temperature in Hanoi in July

In July, the temperature in Hanoi is still high and just 1-2˚C higher than the temperature in June with the average temperature at about 26˚C (78.8˚F) to 33˚C (91.4˚F). Daily low temperature ranges from 24˚C (75.2˚F) to 29˚C (84.2˚F), while the average high temperature fluctuates from 29˚C (84.2˚F) to 37˚C (98.6˚F). In the first half of the month, it feels hot from 10.00 am to 09.00 pm, which decreases from the mid of July, lasting from 11.00 am to 08.00 pm.

Sunrise and Sunset

The number of the daylight hours decreases from the beginning to the end of the month. On July 1, the sun rises at 05.18 am and sets at 06.42 pm, which brings 13.24 hours of the daylight. Until the end of July, sunrise occurs at 05.29 am and sunset takes place at 06.35 pm, with 13.06 hours of daylight.

Sunset in Long Bien Bridge


There is a slight increase in the number of wet days in July, with 15-19 rainy days, in comparison with 14 wet days in June. Hanoi receives around 290 mm of rainfall during the month. In addition, heavy rain can occur suddenly and last very long at any time of the day. So bring a raincoat with you at all times is essential when travelling in Hanoi in July.

Best Things to Do in Hanoi in July

Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature (Văn miếu Quốc Tử Giám) is one of the must-see places when visiting Hanoi. It is the first national university of Vietnam from the 11th century. Nowadays, the temple becomes one of the tranquil attractions in the bustling city. Every year, students from all over the country come here to pray in front of altars for favourable grades. The Temple of Literature consists of 5 courtyards, each of them has its own essence, which is to devote to Confucius - one of the greatest philosophers in Vietnamese history, and honour doctors whose names are listed above the backs of stone turtles symbolizing intelligence in the local mythology.

Temple of Literature

Quang Ba Flower Market

Located in Au Co St. Quang Ba Flower Market opens from 02.00 am to noon every day. You can come here at midnight to “welcome” street vendors and those who buy and sell many kinds of flowers. Between 02.00 am and 04.00 am is the best time for your experience in Quang Ba Flower Market.

Quang Ba Night Flower Market

West Lake in Hanoi

With the hot weather in July, West Lake is an ideal place to enjoy the fresh atmosphere in Hanoi. This is a freshwater lake with the shore length of 17km. Around West Lake, there are plenty of ancient pagodas, beautiful villas, five-star hotels, stylish restaurants, cafes, and nightlife venues which is worth to visit.

Consider our best Hanoi tours to discover Hanoi in July: Hanoi Street Food Tour, Hanoi Scooter Tour, or Hanoi Motorbike Tour.

A corner of West Lake in July

Best Trips from Hanoi to July

Halong Bay Tours from Hanoi

July is the time of summer vacation, so people tend to spend their vacation on beach cities to escape from the heat of summer in the bustling city. Located about 165 km from Hanoi, Halong Bay is an attraction in summer. Take a cruise tour and discover the beauty of the legend Halong Bay with almost 2,000 limestone karsts. You can have interesting experiences including kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, or discovering the mysterious beauty of caves like Thien Cung Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave

If you don’t have much time, you can book Halong Bay Day Trip for discovering Halong Bay in one day, within 4 hours on the cruise.

If you have more time, you can stay on cruise overnight for 2 day 1 night trip or 3 day 2 night trip to discover more the beauty of Halong Bay.

How to get to Halong Bay from Hanoi

It may take you 3.5 hours to get to Halong Bay from Hanoi. You can get on cruise bus that picks you up from your hotel in Hanoi to the cruise in Halong Bay and back when the cruise ends. If you want to private space for your family or group, you can transfer by private car or taxi to get to Halong Bay.

V'Spirit Premier Cruise

V'Spirit Premier Cruise

Nha Trang Tours from Hanoi

Nha Trang attracts tourists by its 6km stretch of beautiful coastline with pristine white sandy beaches and the diversity of marine life. Visiting Nha Trang, you will join some interesting water activities like swimming, sunbathing, surfing, scuba diving, and snorkelling. Besides, a trip to Nha Trang also leads you to discover a series of complexes including Vinpearl Amusement Park, Tri Nguyen Aquarium, Hon Tam Resort, Hon Ba, Suoi Do, Po Nagar Champa Temples… Especially at night, Nha Trang becomes more bustling with a lot of pubs and bars along the streets. Fresh atmosphere in Nha Trang will make your stress disappear.

How to get to Nha Trang from Hanoi

You can get to Nha Trang by train or by plane. From Hanoi Station on Le Duan Street, you can take a train to Nha Trang Railway Station. It may take you 27 to 30 hours.

Also, there are a lot of flights from Hanoi to Nha Trang. You can take a flight to Cam Ranh International Airport, and then get on a taxi for about 30 km to come to Nha Trang.

Nha Trang Beach

Mui Ne Tours from Hanoi

Mui Ne – Phan Thiet is well-known for its long white sandy coastal line, crystal-like water and long lines of green coconut trees in the central of Vietnam. You can contemplate the beautiful scenery of Hon Rom Beach, Fairy Spring, Cham Temple, or Fish Market… Also, you can have an opportunities to experience a lot of different water activities such as kite surfing, swimming and scuba diving. Remember to enjoy delicious seafood dishes like fish cake noodle soup (Banh Canh Cha Ca); duck Hu Tieu (Hu Tieu Vit – a kind of noodle soup), Rolled Grilled fish; raw fish salad (Goi Ca); Quang noodle (Mi Quang), baked rice paper, (Banh Trang Nuong), pancake (Banh Xeo), Shrimp paste rice paper, Banh can (Mini-pancakes), etc.

How to get to Mui Ne – Phan Thiet from Hanoi

The easiest way to get to Mui Ne – Phan Thiet from Hanoi is by train. You can go to Hanoi Station at Le Duan Street to buy a ticket and get on a train to Phan Thiet City. After that, transfer to Mui Ne by bus or a taxi.

Mui Ne Beach

Cat Ba Islands Tours from Hanoi

Located in Hai Phong City, about 10km southeast of Halong Bay, Cat Ba Islands is one of the most favourite attractions in Vietnam and Northern Vietnam. Monkey Island, Viet Hai Village, Lan Ha Bay, and Cat Ba National Park are the most common places when visiting Cat Ba Islands. You can go swimming, do kayaking, play football, volleyball on beach, go fishing, have a sunbath or have a picnic lunch on the beaches.

How to get to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi

From Hanoi, you can catch the bus from Gia Lam or My Dinh Station to get to Hai Phong City, and then transfer to Cat Ba Town on boat.

Many tourists prefer to take a package tour to visit Halong Bay for 1-night trip, and then go to Cat Ba Island. From Tuan Chau Harbor, it is easy for you to take a ferry to Cat Ba Island.

Escape Sails Halong Bay Cruise

Hoa Lu Tam Coc Tours from Hanoi

From Hanoi, you can get a tour to famous Hoa Lu Tam Coc in Ninh Binh. A boating tour along the Ngo Dong River will bring to you wonderful experiences. We highly recommend Hoa Lu Tam Coc Day Trip that will help you to discover the beauty of Tam Coc and understand more about the history of Vietnam with Hoa Lu Ancient Capital.

Hoa Lu Tam Coc Day Trip

How to get to Hoa Lu Tam Coc from Hanoi

You can get to Hoa Lu Tam Coc by train, tour bus, taxi, or motorbike. 

By train: It may take you about 2.5 hours to transfer from Hanoi Railway Station to Ninh Binh Railway Station. The ticket price is about 70,000 to 150,000 VND.

By tour bus: If you book our tour to Hoa Lu Tam Coc, you will be pick up by our tour bus to Hoa Lu Tam Coc and back. It is the safest and simplest for you to get to Hoa Lu Tam Coc.

By taxi: If you want to get to Hoa Lu Tam Coc in the easiest way, you can take a taxi in Hanoi with the price of more than one million for one

By motorbike: Hide a motorbike in Hanoi for your trip to Ninh Binh (from 200,000 VND to 300,000 VND per day).

Tips for tourists when travelling in Hanoi in July

• July is one of the hottest months in Hanoi, so it is essential to use sun cream and sunglasses for the 13-hour-sunshine days.

• Light clothes, sun-blocking hat, and a pair of shoes would be good for the hot weather in Hanoi.

• Because of suddenly rain, you should bring a raincoat in your bag all the time in case of heavy rain.

• Remember to bring a camera to save your memorable moments in your trip around Hanoi.

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