Hanoi weather in October

If you want to organize your holiday in Hanoi in October , take a look at the weather to ensure that your trip is at a convenient time. Hanoi weather is getting more favoured in October. At this time, autumn in Hanoi is in its most beautiful period. The city is predominantly covered by yellow and a little red from the colour of the fallen leaves, which makes Hanoi become more romantic and poetic.

In this post, Incredible Asia Journeys will give you a lot of information about Hanoi Weather in October, so it will be easier for you to know all things of its temperatures, rainfall, what to do and what to eat when you travel to Hanoi in October.

The yellow fallen leaves street in Hanoi

1. The temperature in Hanoi in October

What is the weather in Hanoi in October? Fall in October is usually considered as the most romantic and pleasant season of the year in Hanoi. The temperature decreases in Hanoi with the average temperature of 23˚C at night and 28 ˚C in daylight. The temperature of the beginning of October is usually higher than the Hanoi weather end of October. So, high temperatures are likely to occur only in the first several days of the month, from 01.00 PM to 05.00 PM. After that, Hanoi becomes cooler and more comfortable. For Japanese and Argentinean travellers, Hanoi weather in October may be similar to their hometown. Whereas, European tourists may find it warmer than that in their country.

The amount of rainfall in October is significantly less than the previous month. The number of wet days doesn’t change much, from 15 days in September to 14 days in October, but the rains are not as heavy as in previous months.

2. Sunshine Hours in Hanoi in October

In October, Hanoi receives 4-5 sunny hours per day on average. On these days, the sun rises at 05.47 AM, and sunset takes place at 05.44 PM. So Hanoi is covered with an average of 11.57 hours of daylight. And it decreases gradually from the beginning to the end of the month. So, is October a good time to visit Vietnam? The answer is YES!

3. Things to do in Hanoi in October

The weather of Hanoi in October is not too cold or too hot, so taking around 36 ancient streets of Hanoi Old Quarter is an interesting idea. It is because that the autumn still remains its beauty and the sunlight is not so strong. You can take a cyclo or walk around the streets, both of them are suitable as well.

Hoan Kiem Lake and West Lake are also two attractive destinations in October in Hanoi. Hoan Kiem Lake seems to be more romantic in autumn with yellow fallen leaves and warm weather of October, especially at night when all the nights are turned on. Besides, if you get up early and go to West Lake you can enjoy the slight wind, sunrise, and beautiful lotuses in Lotus Pond. Watching a sunrise and taking a Duck Boat ride here are the best romantic things to do in Hanoi city. 

Duck Boat in West Lake

Addition to lotus flower, milky flower is also a special characteristic of Hanoi’s autumn. You will breathe in the beautifully sweet fragrance of milky flowers when you walk along the streets of Hanoi. Some people do not like this, but let try it to know how it is.

October is also the season of changing new leaves. A lot of yellow leaves fall off the road telling winter is turning. This is a chance for tourists to take nice photos with yellow fallen leaves on the two-tree-line street like Phan Dinh Phung St. or in the areas of West Lake and Hoan Kiem Lake.

Here are some best tours to Hanoi in October in only one day

4. Things to eat in October in Hanoi

October is the season of Com Lang Vong (Green Rice Flakes in Vong Village), one of the most famous specialities of Hanoi. Vong village is about 5-6km far from the centre of Hanoi which now is Dich Vong Village, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. Tourists can come to Vong Village this time to see how to make Com from young rice. To enjoy Com, you need to just chew it slowly to feel the stickiness of the young rice, and its sweet. Also, you can enjoy Green Rice Cave made from young rice.

Green Rice Flakes in Vong Village

La Vong Grilled Fish is also a special dish of Hanoi. This may not be the oldest dish in Hanoi for more than a hundred years. To make La Vong Grilled Fish, we have to add mixed thin slices of fish to ginger, saffron, fermented cold rice, pepper and fish sauce, and then grill it on the stove before serving it on the dining tables.

There are also many best things to eat in Hanoi in October such as Pho, Banh Mi, Bun Cha,... Don't miss the chance to try all Hanoi specilities!

La Vong Grilled Fish

5. Clothing advice when visiting Hanoi in October

In October, long-sleeved shirts and jeans or sweatpants for the daylight are very suitable. Because it becomes cooler at night, so a wind coat is good for those who are not familiar with the tropical climate in the early morning and late evening.

So, it's some basic information for tourists to consider before visiting Hanoi in October, contact Incredible Asia Journeys to plan your Vietnam trips perfectly!

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