How long to spend in Halong Bay?

"How long to spend in Halong Bay" or "Halong Bay how long" are common questions for many clients who want to visit Vietnam and there is more than one answer to this question. How long for Halong Bay depends on the duration you have and your interests. Most people may choose Halong Bay 1 Night Cruise and Halong Bay 2 Night Cruise while people coming from Asian countries may visit Halong Bay for 1 day.

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1. Halong Bay Overview

Halong Bay needs no introduction! It definitely should be on every traveller's bucket list! This famous Vietnamese attraction is World Heritage listed by UNESCO for its unique, natural beauty and charm. It has collected many other awards and titles making Halong Bay a must for all travellers.

2. How long to spend in Halong Bay? 

The most common question for travellers is “How long should I spend in Halong Bay?” There is no correct answer to this question as personal circumstances such as time, budget etc come into effect. Below is an analysis of the cruise tours on offer which are the most popular way for international tourists to discover the bay. Then you can decide how long to spend in Halong Bay on your own.

2.1. Halong Bay Day Trip

A Halong Bay Day Trip is one of the best day trips on offer from Hanoi. You will visit one of the most outstanding attractions in Vietnam on a deluxe boat, creating unforgettable memories.

Symphony Cruise in Halong Bay day trip

Things To Do on A Halong Bay Day Trip

Joining in on a Halong Bay 1 Day Cruise requires visitors to return to port within the day. Your cruise can last 4 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours but the 4-hour cruise option is what most operators offer. Should you wish to extend your time on the bay, contact your travel agent or tour operator for a special offer. On this cruise, you will have the chance to explore one of the many karst caves in Halong Bay. Marvel at the spectacular display of stalactites and stalagmites within these huge grottos. Visit a local fishing village, go swimming and try your hand at kayaking or opt for a bamboo boat, rowed by locals, around these beautiful emerald islands topped by rainforests. 

Please note that due to time constraints, not all of these activities will be available.

Take a bamboo boat trip to explore caves in Halong Bay

Halong Bay Day Trip - Who Is this Suitable For?

Travellers with a limited amount of time but still want a glance at this legendary Bay. The one-day Halong cruise gives you just enough time to admire its exquisite beauty and experience one or two activities.

Halong Bay Day Trip - Advantages And Disadvantages

This cruise is perfect for those travellers with limited time or for keen photographers who are less inclined to participate in outdoor activities. It is very reasonably priced for those wanting to capture or experience the beautiful panoramic views of the bay.

Day cruises do have some disadvantages. It is approximately a 4-hour drive each way from Hanoi to the wharf, so more time is spent in transit than on the beautiful bay. There is less time to experience all that Halong Bay has to offer and you may feel rushed at different destinations. You also miss the chance to witness Halong Bay at night by savouring a delicious meal under the evening sky.

2.2. Halong Bay 2-day 1-night cruise

A Halong Bay Overnight Cruise is an excellent choice for those who have a little more time to discover the Bay. Compared to the Halong Bay Day Trip, there is more time to relax and enjoy the sights and activities of this magnificent Vietnamese destination when you join in a Halong Bay Overnight cruise. Among that Halong Bay Overnight cruise for 2 days 1 night is a good option.

Halong Bay 2 Days 1 Night Cruise - Things To Do

A Halong Bay 1 Night Cruise is the most post popular choice for tourists visiting the area. There are many tourist packages offering various activities which include: sightseeing amongst the magnificent karst scenery; savouring fresh seafood; exploring magical caves; swimming in the emerald waters; practising Tai Chi on the boat deck, fishing for squid at night; enjoying the stunning sunrise and sunset; kayaking on the bay or rowing in a bamboo boat. The extra time allows you to experience the magic of Halong Bay at a more relaxed pace.

Tourists enjoy a spring roll cooking class in V'Spirit Cruise Halong Bay

Aside from the usual activities, many cruise operators can arrange Vietnamese cooking demonstrations. Uncover the secrets of creating a tasty Vietnamese dish. Whether it be a salad, a soup or fresh spring rolls, it is bound to be delicious!

With hundreds of overnight cruises available on Halong Bay, there is a cruise to fit almost every budget and individual taste. Some Halong Bay luxury cruises include spa and wellness treatment packages which you can take advantage of to recharge your batteries.

Halong Bay 2 Days 1 Night Cruise - Who Are Suitable For This Tour

A Halong Bay Overnight Cruise is a “must” for all travellers on their vacation to Vietnam. For those with a bit more time in their travel itinerary, consider an overnight cruise. By spending a night on a comfortable boat, you will have more time to explore the far corners of the bay away from the crowds of day trippers.

Halong Bay 2 Days 1 Night Cruise - Advantage & Disadvantage

A Halong Bay Overnight cruise is the best way to explore this beautiful natural wonder. More time on the bay allows you to see and experience all it has to offer at a slower pace when compared to the day cruise. Overnight cruises also offer more services and amenities for your enjoyment. Sipping a drink as you watch the sunset over the bay is truly an unforgettable experience.

Elite of the Seas Halong Bay Cruise

Of course, each type of tour has its pros and cons and a, 2 day 1 night cruise is no exception. Although you will be able to find a cruise to suit almost every budget, it is still more costly than staying on the mainland. Having only one night on the Bay still restricts how much you can see and experience when you compare it to the, 3 days 2 nights, cruises.

2.3. Halong Bay 3 Day 2 Nights Cruise

The Halong Bay 3-Day 2-Night Cruise is an excellent option for those travellers who have more time in their itineraries. It allows you to sail and discover the most remote and untouched areas of the bay. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, more are available such as kayaking and swimming but there is always the option of just relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere of this beautiful bay.

Kayaking to explore Halong Bay's surroundings

Halong Bay 3 Day 2 Nights Cruise - Things To Do

In addition to all, that’s on offer in the 2-day 1-night package, a Halong Bay 2 Night Cruise can sail further off the beaten track and allows you more time to fully appreciate the beauty of this magnificent landscape. There is additional time for swimming, kayaking, exploring the many karst caves, sunbathing on the top deck of the boat or simply relaxing. 

Take time to go swimming during your Halong Bay cruise

Most cruises use smaller day boats in their, 2 nights, tour which allows you to disembark the boat for kayaking and swimming and get amongst the smaller islands and inlets that the bigger boats can’t access. It gives you a chance to venture into the hidden areas of the bay and have a quieter time to just marvel at Mother Nature in all its splendour.

Only a, 2 nights, cruise allows you to discover the furthermost corners of the bay such as Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Cat Ba Island. More activities can be offered such as trekking through Cat Ba National Park or cycling to the local villages on Cat Ba Island that aren’t available on the 1-night cruises. 

Trekking Cat Ba National Park

Halong Bay 3 Day 2 Nights Cruise - Who For This Tour

A Halong Bay 3-Day 2-Night Cruise is the perfect option for those travellers seeking the ultimate experience on Halong Bay. The added day and night allows you to do extra activities at a more relaxed pace.

Halong Bay 3 Day 2 Nights Cruise - Advantages & Disadvantages

A Halong Bay 3-day 2-night cruise comes with obvious advantages. The stand out is that you get more time to experience this beautiful, unique UNESCO World Heritage site. You cruise further in and around the karsts where fewer tourists congregate whilst soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the excellent services on offer.

Onboard activities such as Tai Chi or squid fishing are offered each day or night so if you missed out the first time you will get a chance to participate. The choice is yours. Halong Bay 3 Day 2 Night Cruises are the most expensive cruises which may not be in all traveller’s budgets.

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