How much is Halong Bay cruise

Halong Bay is at the top list of travelers visiting Vietnam and Asia in general because of its beauty and it is like a masterpiece of nature. It is listed as one of 7 Natural World Wonder and it is listed by Unesco as the Natural World Heritage. It is definitely one of the best places you should visit when you visit Hanoi, Vietnam, and booking a cruise to visit Halong Bay is the best way to see Halong Bay.

So how much is Halong Bay cruise or how much you need to pay to book a cruise in Halong Bay is a common question for many travelers.

The answer is there is no exact answer. However, we can tell you some options updated to 2024 so you can estimate how much you should pay to book a cruise in Halong Bay. To answer this question you should know that there are Halong Bay overnight cruises and Halong Bay day cruises.

Halong Bay Bamboo Boat to Dark & Light Cave

1. How much is a day cruise?

1.1. Halong Bay Day Cruise

There are some options for the day trip to Halong Bay. The low-budget cruise in Halong Bay may cost about under $60/person including English speaking guide, shuttle bus, lunch, cruise, entrance fee, kayak, or sampan boat on tour. For this tour, the standard of the bus and lunch will be not high because the entrance fee for Halong Bay now is high.

There are higher standard cruises for the deluxe day cruise to Halong Bay and the Halong Bay cruise price may cost around $70/person including an English-speaking guide, a nice shuttle bus, lunch, cruise, entrance fee, kayak, or sampan boat on tour. For this tour, now most of the cruise will use the expressway to save time for the transfer.

1.2. Lan Ha Bay Day Cruise

Besides this day cruise in Halong Bay, there are day cruises in Lan Ha Bay. Lan Ha Bay is located in the South of Halong Center which is a less crowded area and cleaner than Halong Bay. Now more and more tourists are interested in this itinerary. On this route, there is a new and nice cruise. It is Escape Sails Luxury Day Cruise which uses the luxury bus/van on the expressway so it only takes more than 2 hours instead of about 4 hours like a normal cruise bus in Halong Bay for the transfer from Hanoi to the pier.

You will get on the cruise from Got Harbour which is the new harbor for tourist cruises in Hai Phong province. This cruise is a beautiful cruise with nice decorations, nice furniture, and a very good lunch. The cost for this day cruise includes English speaking guide, an entrance fee, a luxury bus/van, a very good lunch, a cooking demonstration, a good tea break with a lot of fruit and cakes, kayak or sampan boat. That is a good option for tourists with a high budget. 

Escape Sails Luxury Day Cruise Halong Bay

2. How much is an overnight cruise?

There are hundreds of overnight cruises. They are cruises in Halong Bay Center, cruises in Bai Tu Long Bay, and cruises in Lan Ha Bay.

Most of the cruises in Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay are junk boats and a lot of them were built a decade ago so some low-budget Halong Bay cruises cost around $110 to $140/per person for 1 night including bus, cruise, English-speaking guide, entrance fee, full board meal, kayak or sampan boat. So, if you book this cruise please do not hope too much for the really good services like bus or meal as you know the cost for the entrance fee for 1 night in 2024 is about $24.

The deluxe cruise in Halong Bay costs from $140 to $180/person for 1 night including a good bus on the expressway.

The Halong Bay cruise luxury cost will cost from $180 to $200/person for 1 night and there are high-end cruises with nice cabins that will cost more. 

Now, most of the Halong Bay luxury cruises depart from Got Harbour for the Lan Ha Bay route. That is a new route and most of the new cruises are doing their trip in this new area.

For more specifically, you can refer to our guide Differences among Budget, Mid-Range and Luxury Cruises in Halong Bay

Halong Bay Landscapes

So, you can see the cost of a cruise in Halong Bay varies from low budget to high budget. Please contact Incredible Asia Journeys for more details and promotion of each cruise if you have a plan to visit Halong Bay on your holiday to Vietnam.

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