Monkey Island Cat Ba

In this blog, Incredible Asia Journeys will provide some travel tips & experiences about a trip to Monkey Island (Cat Ba).

1. Things to Know About Monkey Island

Monkey Island Cat Ba is one of the appealing tourist destinations for travelers to Cat Ba Island. Each year, there are thousands of tourists visiting Monkey Island in Cat Ba. When you travel to Monkey Island you can go swimming there to watch the funny monkeys coming down to get food or watch tourists you are seeing them.

The sandbank of Monkey Island was formed over millions of years and it owns the mountain shape. The wind and the sea have brought the rocks, coral, shells of the sea creatures, and sand to the foot of the mountain there and created a beautiful beach which you can enjoy swimming there today.

Thanks to the blue and freshwater, Monkey Island is an ideal beach for tourists who visit Cat Ba Island.

Monkey Island Cat Ba is one of the appealing tourist destinations for travelers to Cat Ba Island

2. Name of Monkey Island 

Monkey Island was formerly known as Cat Dua Island because there are a lot of pandanuses there. They look very beautiful and the fishermen usually pick the pandanus fruits to make the medicine. Later, the rangers brought the monkeys there and now there are several dozen monkeys there and the local people on Cat Ba Island call it Monkey Island. Now, most local people and tourists know it as Monkey Island and it is an easy name to remember for both local people and tourists.

The Monkey Island Cat Ba has 2 arc-shaped beaches. They are Cat Dua 1 Beach and Cat Dua 2 Beach. The beaches there are an ideal venue for swimming and relaxing when tourists visit Cat Ba Island thanks to the blue water and fresh air there. They are far from the city of the main so they are very clean.  

When you are there, you will have a chance to watch the monkeys playing there. Be careful with them because the monkeys there are quite bold with tourists and local people. They may seize the food from tourists' hands and even they may bite you in some cases so please be careful if you bring food with you.

The Monkey Island Cat Ba has 2 arc-shaped beaches

3. What to do on Monkey Island Cat Ba 

As you see there are 2 beaches there so that is a good place for swimming and relaxing. Besides that, you may walk on the beaches to collect the nice seashells brought by the sea waves and wind.

There are kayak services there where you can rent a kayak to discover the area around among the karst mountains.

There are some bungalows there where you can stay overnight for enjoying your holiday.

Feeding the monkeys is a nice activity there but be careful with those monkeys and get good advice from the tour guide.

There are 2 beaches there so that is a good place for swimming and relaxing

4. How Can You Get to Monkey Island 

If you wish to visit Monkey Island you can easily book a day tour from your hotel or an operator in Hanoi. The bus will pick you up from your hotel in Cat Ba Town to Beo Pier (a local pier) for the boat trip to Monkey Island. The boat trip will be about 15 minutes through the Cai Beo Fishing Village where you can see the floating houses and floating farm of the local people there. Once arrive on Monkey Island you can enjoy your time swimming there or walking around for taking photos of the beach and monkeys. The boat trip to Monkeys Island is nice among hundreds of limestone mountains in Lan Ha Bay. You can refer to our tour Arcady Cruise – Lan Ha Bay & Cat Ba Island to hop on a Halong Bay Cruise and explore all these TOP tourist attractions!

5. When to visit Monkey Island 

The best time to visit Monkeys Island is in summer from May to Sept but note that is the high season for domestic tourists so it will be crowded there. You may travel from April to May and from Oct to Nov when the temperature is not cold but it is not too crowded there.

If you are people who do not care much about the crowd then May to September will be the best time for swimming. 

May to September will be the best time for swimming on Monkey Island

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