Titop Island

Between ‘Titop’ and ‘Titov’, no one is quite sure what to call this Halong Bay Island. It was renamed from its unflattering original name of ‘Islet Number 48’ during a small boat trip between President Ho Chi Minh and his friend and ally, Gherman Titov, a Russian cosmonaut. This was in 1962, long before any sort of tourism had built up in the area, so Uncle Ho renamed the place Titov Island, which became Titop through repeated mispronunciation.

By the time Gherman Titov returned to Titop Island in 1997, tourism was kicking up in Halong Bay and his island was fast becoming a favorite spot for excursions. He died three years later, but a memorial statue was erected on the island in 2015, by which point tourism was in full flow and Titop Island had become a highlight for most Halong Bay cruises.

Titop Beach

1. Where is Titop Island?

Titop’s distinctive triangular mountain shape with a curved beach at the bottom is located about 8km from Bai Chay Harbour. It is in the heart of Halong Bay, which is why it is a popular stop for most overnight cruises in the bay.

2. What can you do on Titop Island?

Although it is a small island, Titop boasts an array of available activities for tourists:

2.1. Relaxing

An understandably popular activity in Halong Bay, most people just lie on the white sand beach, watching the boats skim the water in the distance in front of the iconic Halong Bay mountains. There are also deck chairs and a small outdoor shower available.

Relaxing in Titop Island

2.2. Titop Island Swimming

In the spring, summer, and autumn months, swimming in the warm waters is an attractive option. The water here is clean and completely safe, offering a tranquil way to soak up the magical atmosphere of Halong Bay.

Swimming in Titop Island

2.3. Kayaking

In the past, kayaking around was a great option for active tourists, but new restrictions from the authorities of Halong Bay mean that boats must drop anchor further away. Now, kayaking in Halong Bay to Titop Island is much harder but is still a viable option for those willing to put in the effort.

Kayaking in Titop Island Halong Bay

2.4. Titop Island Hiking

Another one for the more active passengers, the 400 stone steps leading up to the central peak of Titop Island can be tough on those hot summer days. However, the view it provides from the top is the quintessential Halong Bay: sporadic limestone peaks with sleek cruise ships running around their bases.

Climbing Titop Island

2.5. Playing

The Titop Island beach, while fairly small, does have space for a game of frisbee or the ever-popular Vietnamese game of Da Cau, the shuttlecock-kicking game.

Playing in Titop Island

3. How do you visit Titop Island?

Most Halong Bay day trips from Hanoi don’t feature Titop because of the time constraint, but some of the longer 6-hour day trips might make a quick pit stop. At least half of the itineraries of 3-day 2-night trips or 2-day 1-night trips visit Titop Island for at least an hour. Try V’Spirit Cruises, Phoenix Cruise, Aphrodite Cruise, Aclass Cruise, or Alisa Premier Cruise for a worthwhile expedition to the beautiful teardrop island.

V'Spirit Cruise in Halong Bay
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