Where to Stay in Sapa

When you’re gazing at the jagged dragon’s teeth of Sapa’s forested mountains, watching its misted breath glide slowly across the valleys, it’s hard to imagine all the turmoil that the beautiful hill region has been through. Since French colonisation in the late 19th century, Sapa has risen from the ashes of various wars with China, France, America and even its own government to become one of the essential excursions on any Vietnam holiday.

Terraced rice fields in Sapa

Trekking the wonderfully quaint paths between rows of rice paddies, shadowed by gigantic limestone karsts and accompanied by colourful members of friendly hill tribes is an unmissable experience. The answer to the question of where to stay in Sapa is a long one, considering the amount of Vietnamese-run and native-run hotels, hostels and homestays in Sapa Town and along the region’s trekking routes. Here is a quick guide to some of the best Sapa accommodation options around Vietnam’s northern crown.

1. Where to Stay in Sapa Town

The natural place for people to search for Sapa accommodation is also its most tourist. Sapa Town is the centre of activity in the region, offering a huge variety of accommodation options, meaning that you’ll be covered even during the most frantic holidays. If you don’t have a set plan then Sapa Town is the place to figure it all out, but we recommend maybe just one night here before moving on to the much more authentic attractions of the region.

1.1. Heart of Sapa Hotel 

Located exactly where the name suggests, the Heart of Sapa Hotel is close enough to the main restaurants and attractions of Sapa while finding peace down a small alley with not much traffic. The rooms are very reasonably priced and warmly welcoming, offering a cosy interior and incredible views of the wisps of mist flying past the mountains.

Heart of Sapa Hotel - https://heartofsapahotel.com/ - +84 203 772 456

Heart of Sapa Hotel

1.2. Sapa Odyssey Hotel 

Backpackers looking for places to stay in Sapa will not be short of options, but the best of these is the Sapa Odyssey Hostel, a cheap accommodation option built around the incredible views of Sapa’s green karsts that guests can enjoy from the balcony. There are several private room options with the same stunning views, as well as a nice communal area in which guests can unwind after hiking.

Sapa Odyssey Hotel – (Search on Booking.com) - +84 945 183 001

Views from Sapa Odyssey Hostel

2. Where to Stay in Ta Phin Village

A mild-mannered trek separates Ta Phin Village from Sapa. This is a popular destination for short treks, with many people opting to stay in Ta Phin to avoid the buzz of Sapa Town 12km south. Ta Phin is the home of both the Black Hmong and the Red Dao, two proud hill tribes easily distinguishable by the black or red bandanas atop their heads. Let's find out what those accommodations brought to you by Incredible Asia Journeys!

2.1. Sapa Heavenly Homestay

The much smaller number of accommodation options compared with Sapa Town evidences the genuine nature of Ta Phin, and there are few options more genuine than Sapa Heavenly Homestay, a wide, wooden stilt house operated by a Black H’mong local called Mr Dat. The beds are very comfortable, the food is of a deliciously local flavour and the hospitality of Mr. Dat and his family knows no bounds.

Sapa Heavenly Homestay – (Search on Booking.com) - +84 975 565 308

Sapa Heavenly Homestay

2.2. Ta Phin Stone Garden Ecological

If Sapa Town is chosen for its views, then Ta Phin Stone Garden Ecological is chosen for the beautiful garden on the property. The bamboo walkways, small ponds, a variety of native flowers and wood-hewn chairs create a wonderfully blissful atmosphere in this quiet section of Sapa. Rooms open up onto the garden and all needs are tended to by the caring Mr. Thanh and his wife.

Ta Phin Stone Garden Ecological – (Search on Booking.com) - +84 912 927 769

Ta Phin Stone Garden Ecological

3. Where to Stay in Lao Chai Village

The harmony of people and nature is the reason that visitors decide to look for places to stay in Sapa, and there aren’t many better options to feel this than Lao Chai. The 100 Black H’mong families that live here are always welcoming guests into their traditional homes, many of which run without electricity and require a completely different change of mindset for most travellers who wish to experience life without modern comforts.

3.1. Mica House 

The lopsided brick gateway and thatched cottage roof of Amica House are as charming as the homestay’s interior. Each room has a cosy, rustic feel and views of the stunning valley of rice can be enjoyed through the large windows throughout the property, especially when specks of fog fly in front of the limestone mountains.

Amica House – (Search on Booking.com) - +84 983 048 166

A corner of Amica House

3.2. Sapa Clay House 

As the name suggests, Sapa Clay House is made from durable clay, a feature of traditional homes of the Ha Nhi hill tribe. Rooms in the seasonal house are modelled on the four distinct seasons of Sapa, while the private bamboo hut is fitted with contemporary amenities and stunning views from the outdoor shower and garden.

Sapa Clay House - https://sapaclayhouse.com/ - +84 965 288 160

Views from Sapa Clay House 

4. Where to Stay in Giang Ta Chai

The village of Giang Ta Chai lies on the other side of a stream, connected by a suspension bridge over the Muong Hoa Valley. It also lies close to a waterfall as well as thick groves of bamboo, which have been the surroundings for the generations of the Red Dao hill tribe that live here. Giang Ta Chai is the beautiful terminal destination for some of the extended treks from Sapa.

4.1. Mrs. Soi’s Homestay 

Due to its eponymous host, Mrs. Soi’s Homestay is one of the friendliest places to stay in Sapa. Mrs. Soi looks after guests like her children, cooking delicious food and providing warm, comfortable, humble beds in the communal sleeping area. As with most homestays in Sapa, the views of the undulating scenery outside are outstanding.

Mrs. Soi’s Homestayhttps://mrs-sois-homestay.sa-pa-hotels.com/en/

Mrs. Soi’s Homestay

4.2. Po Mu House 

The feeling of community throughout the Po Mu House is very evident. Comfortable mattresses are placed together and dinner is a very social affair on one long table. The very welcoming Mr Minh and his family will give you lots of tips for hiking to nearby waterfalls and along paths that other tourists don’t hear about.

Po Mu House – (Search on Booking.com) - +84 968 456 984

Po Mu House

With the above-mentioned suggested Sapa accommodations, we hope that you can find out the suitable places to stay in Sapa. Thank you for reading this Sapa Travel Guide! Also, if you want to book any Sapa tour, contact us to make your dream trip come true!

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