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Vietnam Travel Guide

Vietnam Overview

At Incredible Asia Journeys, we not only arrange for you the unique itinerary to create the remarkable experiences but also provide you the useful tips for your holiday to Vietnam. The below Vietnam travel guide is an outstanding example. It can be said that Vietnam is a country of the diversity, in terms of landscape, culture, weather & climate so Vietnam travel guide which is written by our travel specialists is essential on your planning process. There are the citizens of some countries who got the visa exemption to enter Vietnam and also there are few different ways to apply for a Vietnam visa, read the instruction in our  Vietnam travel guide for further information. That will be useful for you to visit different trips to Vietnam such as Northern Vietnam with Halong Bay Tours, Sapa Tours and Southern Vietnam with Ho Chi Minh Tours and Mekong Delta Tours.

Vietnam is a tropical country but the weather and climate vary from the North to the South. In addition to that, Vietnamese respects and preserves their customs so consider Dos and Don’ts before traveling. All the above points, not to mention Vietnam overview, pre-trip preparation and transportation are well put in the following Vietnam travel guide. 

Vietnam Overview

Why visit VietnamVietnam is a peaceful and beautiful country located in South East Asia, across the South China Sea. Being favored by nature, Vietnam has a coastline of approximately 3,200 kilometers. Accordi [...]

Vietnam Visa Guide

Vietnam Visa is important for travelers who visit Vietnam for holiday or business. Most travelers visiting Vietnam need a visa; however, there are some exemptions for the countries which have reciprocal [...]

Vietnam Weather and Climate

Vietnam Weather & ClimateVietnam Weather is important for visitors to Vietnam. Understanding the weather in Vietnam will help you to choose the best tours suitable for you when you have the plan to Visit Vietnam. Located across the East Sea, Vietnam has typical trop [...]

Vietnam Pre-Trip Preparation

What to prepare for the trip to Vietnam?Traveling with Incredible Asia Journey, you don’t have to worry about transportation, accommodation or food as we prepared all of it for you. However, to have a smooth and happy journey, there are few things you have to [...]

Vietnam Transportation

Thanks to economic development in the last 20 years, transportation in Vietnam has been improved to encourage the development of tourism. Many new roads, bridges and airports have been built in recent years which make getting around Vietnam much easier. With the good transportation system, you c [...]

Dos & Don'ts in Vietnam

Dos and Don'ts in VietnamVietnam is well known as a friendly and non-religious country. Vietnam still preserves customs which have lasted for thousands of years. As a result, to have a happy in your Vietnam ho [...]