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Myanmar Travel Guide

Myanmar Overview

Travelling to Myanmar may give travellers (especially first timers) some challenges as this country has only recently opened its doors to foreign travelers and its tourism industry is very young. Nevertheless, you no need to worry about it with Incredible Asia Journeys’ Myanmar travel guide and Myanmar package tours. Use the below Myanmar travel guide to plan your trip to this tropical country before or after us arranging you the trip to better discover this attractive destination. Reading our Myanmar travel guide, including 6 clear parts of Myanmar Overview, Myanmar Weather and Climate, Myanmar Transportation, Myanmar Visa Guide, Myanmar Pre-Trip Preparation and Do & don't in Myanmar will not only give you the better understanding about this marvelous region but also inspire your upcoming trip with Incredible Asia Journeys

Myanmar Overview

A Glance at MyanmarComing to Myanmar, which remains somewhat untouched and isolated in the eyes of the travelers, you can feel as if you are one of the first people to explore all that this beautiful and magical country has to offer. Having impressive scenery to exciting settlements, Mya [...]

Myanmar Visa Guide

Foreign visitors to Myanmar must obtain a visa for Myanmar unless they are in the list of the countries having the visa exemption. Before you join in a Myanmar Tours, please read the following guideline about the visa [...]

Myanmar Weather and Climate

Myanmar Weather OverviewLike much of Southeast Asia, Myanmar’s climate is generally tropical monsoon with two distinct seasons – a rainy season from mid-May to October with average temperature between 25°C and 30°C, due to the southwest monsoon, a cool and dry season from November [...]

Myanmar Pre-Trip Preparation

What to prepare for the trip to Myanmar?Traveling with Incredible Asia Journey means that your tickets and accommodation will be booked, your transportation and food as well will be prepared but not for all the places and not all the time. However, to make sure that your holiday will be [...]

Myanmar Transportation

With plenty of opportunities to mix with the locals and take in the scenery, it is never less than fascinating to get around Myanmar, which is hot on the Southeast Asia travel trail right now. Please learn more about the Myanmar Transportation info [...]

Dos & don'ts in Myanmar

Myanmar has only recently opened its doors to foreign travelers and Burmese are well known as friendly. The country is not completely opaque as far as customs and traditions go. As a result, to have a happy time for your trip to [...]