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  • Aclass Legend Cruise

    With its sleek wooden furnishings and immaculate light arrangement, elegance runs throughout the Aclass Legend Cruise ship as it glides effortlessly through Halong Bay. The 14 luxury cabins, restaurant, and reception area are fitted with large windows designed for the best views of the bay, and the sundeck provides a relaxing area to sit and soak up the magic.We have a first-class crew to take care of your needs, be it in the restaurant, at the bar, on the sundeck or in your cabin. Our job is to ensure that you have everything you need for a wonderful vacation in Halong Bay.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2014
    From $ 157
    $ 117 /person
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  • Alisa Cruise

    Alisa – the Princess of the Ocean – Expect More Than A Cruise! Alisa Cruise began with a vision in 2016 to provide a new, different kind of service than what was on offer at the time. We fostered a connection among people on our cruises while providing 4-star services to everyone on board. Everywhere that Alisa goes, we bring luxury worthy of a princess, for which the company is named.Everything we do at Alisa Cruise is to facilitate a greater connection between customers and staff; we commit to providing the highest quality service and acknowledge that the needs of the customer should be put first.We consider ourselves to have a dual responsibility towards society and the environment and the way we conduct ourselves on and off the ship reflects this. We are devoted to keeping the trust that customers continuously place in us and are constantly inspired to be the best cruise that we can be. If you are looking for a perfect cruise in Halong Bay for your family vacation, Alisa Cruise will be one of the best choices for you.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 187
    $ 157 /person
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  • Aphrodite Cruise

    As the first 5-star cruise ship in Halong Bay, The Aphrodite Cruise; named for the Greek goddess of love and beauty; fittingly serves its purpose with a luxurious service designed to help you get the most out of this romantic region. With 17 cabins in four different classes, you are sure to find the same bountiful pleasure you would expect from any 5-star service; from 100% cotton sheets to a 32-inch television and beyond. 17 to 22 square metres of space per cabin means that you will have the time and space to unwind at your leisure.The Aphrodite Cruise makes your family trips, solo travels, friends trips, or honeymoon time to Halong Bay one of the utmost splendour. Whether you are on the gorgeous open-air sundeck, in the lavish dining room, or in a state of bliss in the Jacuzzi or sauna, our staff are trained to provide a world-class service befitting of a world-class destination.Our dedication to the protection of Halong Bay’s fragile environment is what sets us apart from other tours. We are thorough in our recycling efforts and encourage our customers to take a similar approach.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2012
    From $ 193
    $ 156 /person
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  • Calypso cruise

    The Calypso Cruise brings style and class to Halong Bay trip with its glamour and grandeur. The yellow sails and sleek white wooden exterior of the Calypso Cruiser creates a harmony of pure beauty with the outstanding scenery of Bai Tu Long Bay - a smaller part of Halong Bay, while inside you will find wide windows and luxury amenities. There are 12 deluxe cabins on the Calypso Cruiser, a fine dining restaurant and a magical sundeck, areas rich with detailed wooden furnishings and overall stylistic beauty. Whether you are in your luxury accommodation, feasting on the best local seafood in the restaurant or starting the day with Tai Chi on the sundeck, the Calypso Cruiser is here to make it happen for you.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2009
    From $ 162
    $ 135 /person
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  • Dragon Pearl Cruise

    Belonging to the Indochina Junk company, the Dragon Pearl Junk is modelled after the red-sailed Chinese boats that sailed through Halong Bay many years ago. There are 11 teak and oak cabins onboard, each one traditional in its decoration but very modern in the comforts available within. View the bay from our huge windows, or from up on either of our two sundecks with a drink from the bar.We focus on the off-the-beaten-track route to ensure that you can see the hidden Bai Tu Long Bay (a part of Halong Bay) without the throngs of tourists. Our crew will display the utmost hospitality when showing you the hidden gems of their country.The Dragon Pearl Junk is perfect for up to 20 people and serves customers best in a large group.
    Bai Tu Long Bay - Launched in 2010
    From $ 200
    $ 165 /person
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  • Emperor Cruises

    The eight luxury suites of the Emperor Cruise are named in accordance with the final king of Vietnam, Emperor Bao Dai, whose royal villas evidenced the lavish lifestyle in which he lived. This is the irrefutable style of Emperor Cruises: luxury accommodation and luxury service fit for an emperor. The warm colours, deluxe furnishings and walls decked with art portray an opulence worthy of the Nguyen Dynasty, measuring a generous space between 38 and 70 square metres. Private balconies with views over the stunning Bai Tu Long Bay are uniform in all of our cabins, meaning that you can soak up the expansive views over the passing seascape. The wide bathrooms house every modern amenity you could need, including a large bathtub next to a floor-to-ceiling length window. Enjoy the elegant sunset from here or from our wonderful sundeck upstairs, the place to be for relaxing, sunbathing, soaking in the views and partying with a drink.Emperor Cruise would like to welcome you, our distinguished guest, to try our luxurious offerings in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
    Bai Tu Long Bay - Launched in 2000
    From $ 290
    $ 245 /person
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  • Mila Cruise

    The Mila Cruise opens up the mythical land of Halong Bay to our valued passengers. This ancient plateau has become a fairytale for Vietnamese and international tourists in recent years, and no one brings you closer to the real experience than the Mila Cruise. With our 22 cabins of the highest calibre, wonderful fitted bathrooms, elegant restaurant, spa service and wide, stretching sundeck, you are sure to find a symphony of relaxation aboard the Mila Cruise. The modern amenities dotted throughout our budget cruise in Halong Bay are there to provide you with an aura of the utmost tranquillity, in a bay where tranquillity is served in no small quantities.The mixture of wonderful service and delightful food will become part of your daily routine come evening time on the Mila Cruise. Our staffs understand the unremitting appeal of Halong Bay and they want you to experience it in the most attractive light possible.We create our own legend on board, come and be a part of it.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2014
    From $ 183
    $ 136 /person
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  • Indochina Sails

    The aromatic wood, top-class facilities and focused service onboard an Indochina Sails traditional junk boat cruise is the perfect combination for facilitating a magnificent time in Halong Bay.As part of one of the most trusted service operators in Vietnam, the Huong Hai Group, you can be guaranteed of a level of service that will make your Halong Bay Overnight tour extra special. We know you’re here for the tranquil atmosphere and we know our job is to provide exactly that. With 6 beautiful cruise ships in our fleet, you’re sure to find the vessel and itinerary that suits you.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 204
    $ 169 /person
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  • Majestic Cruise

    The majesty of Halong Bay needs a Majestic Cruise to accompany it. We take guests right into the heart of the Gulf of Tonkin to discover the true meaning of majesty.We travel to the more secluded regions of Halong Bay on our cruise, through Fairy Lake Cave, a pearl farm and Trong Cave, taking our time to soak in the incredible surroundings by kayak or swimming in the gently shimmering waters.Choose a Majestic Cruise for your once in a lifetime trip to beautiful Halong Bay.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2013
    From $ 148
    $ 110 /person
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  • Oriental Sails

    As the number one choice for many travellers to Vietnam, Oriental Sails has risen through the rankings on hard work and a boundless commitment to our customers. We offer unparalleled service and an itinerary balancing exciting activities with plenty of time for relaxing on the boat during Bai Tu Long cruise trip. The Oriental Sails has 18 deluxe cabins, decorated in traditional Vietnamese chic with a modern twist. The rattan furnishings that run throughout our elegant junk boat create an air of opulence as we skim across the water of Halong Bay. There are several large windows on board which combine with the panoramic sundeck to allow for maximum viewing potential of the incredible scenery. Join Oriental Sails for an unforgettable tour in Halong Bay with your family, friends, and partners.
    Bai Tu Long Bay - Launched in 2007
    From $ 163
    $ 125 /person
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What is a Halong Bay Junk Cruise?

When imagining the ideal Halong Bay scene, the boat the compliments it perfectly is, invariably, a Halong Bay junk cruise, with sails flying high and a sturdy, wooden hull making tracks between towering mountains. So powerful is that flawless image of Halong Bay that some cruise companies present vessels in a markedly and beautifully rustic way, giving you the chance to live your dream and imagine sailing through Halong Bay during its misty era of discovery. 

What Special Features are on a Halong Bay Junk Cruise?

Listed below are Incredible Asia Journeys’ selection of resplendent junk cruises in Halong Bay, featuring unique design and practical advancements to evoke the feeling of a romantic and ancient passage through its waterways.

Even today in the age of modern cruise ships, Halong Bay contains an ancient charm, an atmosphere that has been present since the day of its discovery. Traditional junk boats in Halong Bay match this aura perfectly, giving you a chance to enjoy an evocative passage on a beautiful boat that pays respect, with its humble appearance, to the magnificence of the bay. These sorts of ships are usually smaller than the average Halong Bay cruise, containing a burnished wooden exterior and large, vivid sails that flap above the top deck – the perfect vessel for a traditional cruise in Halong Bay.

With the smaller sizes of these boats typically come fewer cabins, an attractive feature for any passengers searching for a quiet Halong Bay cruise. The feeling of peace afforded by sailing on an ancient-style vessel is profound, and you will be able to feel it much more powerfully on a junk cruise with fewer fellow passengers. On these sorts of traditional junk cruises, Halong Bay seemingly whisks by just for you.

Despite the steamy, old-world aesthetic of these characteristic ships, they are decked out with the most modern amenities, meaning passages through the bay are both beautiful and comfortable. To this end, the traditional junk boats of the Halong Bay cruise companies listed below feature excellent bedding, air-conditioning, hot water, a shower, ample bathroom amenities, a security box, a mini-fridge and sometimes, a gorgeous balcony overlooking the romance of the scene outside.

New governmental regulations in the bay have ensured that all cruises have to meet a strict standard of safety that is uniform across the board. Ships constructed of wood are now not permitted to sail and must be made of steel instead, with wood used for decorative rather than architectural purposes. This is the case in the following range of Halong Bay junk cruises, which have all passed inspection without concern. On board, you will find the same safety equipment employed by ultramodern cruises, including a fire hose, fire extinguishers, a crew trained in first aid and life jackets for everyone on board.

As part of a culture-rich itinerary aimed at bringing the strong traditions of Vietnam to its guests, the following cultural cruises in Halong Bay contain onboard activities that give you a taste of the country in which you are sailing. Some of the tours below host traditional performances, usually during or after dinner, which include singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. Usually, at least one member of the crew is musically gifted and they get to showcase it on a nightly basis through Vietnamese bolero music, karaoke or the eerily beautiful music of the single-string dan bau or dan nhi.

To get closer to Vietnamese customs while on a Halong Bay junk cruise, you are invited to get involved in some of the ancient traditions that occur on a daily basis throughout the country, but are likely still a very foreign concept to you. The tours below regularly feature morning sessions in tai chi, an antique martial art that has cleared the minds of the Vietnamese for centuries, guaranteeing and excellent start to the day with an emboldened attitude. Some of the following cultural tours around Halong Bay also include traditional tea ceremonies in their itineraries, where passengers are encouraged to sit in Vietnamese style and sip their tea with two hands, honouring the strong Vietnamese flavour to Halong Bay and its ancient existence.

Who is a Halong Bay Junk Cruise for?

The timeless appearance of the following cruises are aimed at a certain type of passenger, someone with a taste for the finer things and with a long-held ambition to see Halong Bay from the burnished wooden deck of a traditional ship.

 For romantics – Being transported back in time with your loved one is an enchanting experience. These romantic junk cruises in Halong Bay provide every amenity necessary for you to enjoy your honeymoon, anniversary or just a couple cruising experience, all from the private balcony of a wooden junk.

 For passengers looking for a quiet time – Fewer cabins, fewer passengers and the promoted sense of isolation on such quiet cruises in Halong Bay give you a unique experience as well as one uncluttered by the stresses of modern life. Through activities like tai chi and tea ceremonies, these cruises endorse a reclusive passage with strong mental benefits.

 For refined passengers – As we get older, we grow an appreciation for simplicity and elegance, both of which the following cruise companies deliver in abundance. Middle-aged and elderly passengers especially admire the beauty of such a cruise, finding many nooks and crannies around the ships that provide moments of nostalgic beauty and wonder.

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