Halong Bay Weather in June

June in Northern Vietnam finds itself in a curious cavity between the start of summer and the start of the rainy season. This usually means a couple of things: hot, sunny weather with occasional deluges of rain; so a pretty mixed bag overall.

A lot of international tourists write off Vietnam as a summer destination because of the heat and rain at this time. While these are definitely more intense than they are at other times of the year, they are still manageable, and tourist routes becoming less crowded mean that June is a great time to visit the usually huge draw Halong Bay. Here’s what you can expect from Halong Bay weather in June.

Halong Bay in June

1. Temperature

Like the tree-topped peaks of the iconic Halong Bay islands, Halong Bay in June reaches its own yearly peaks, with average temperatures soaring high at 29°C (84°F). While this might deter some people from colder countries who are not used to searching for shade, it tends not to pose a problem for visitors from Australia, South Africa, Brazil, etc. who like to escape the beginnings of the winter chill in their home countries and soak up the status quo in Vietnam.

For those occasional highs of around 34 or 35°C (95°F) during midday, refuge can be sought in the water, which stays at a fairly constant 28°C. It’s tough to find shade at this time of day, but Halong Bay itineraries are flexible and they often make small changes during Halong Bay June weather, such as limiting outdoor excursions, focusing on cruising time or perhaps longer visits to the airy and cool Halong Bay caves.

2. Sunshine Hours

As you might imagine by how ruthless the sun is in Halong Bay in June, it usually makes grand appearances for a lot of the day. 8 hours of sunshine is the typical amount of tanning time in June, and with this kind of allowance, it’s possible to get that sun-kissed skin within a day on the bay.

This is the longest month for sun exposure in Halong Bay and is the last chance to see it reliably before the rain clouds make more of an appearance for the rest of summer. The combination of strong sun and few clouds means that time on the sundeck is prioritized, offering the perfect excuse to lounge around, drinking cocktails and gazing at the amazing Halong Bay scenery from the cover of a parasol.

Sunshine in Halong Bay in June

3. Rainfall

The clouds congregate around June and make occasional threats to your enjoyment of Halong Bay tours. Though certainly not the worst months for rain (those are coming soon), the weather in Halong Bay in June does provide a few swift torrents before the sun makes a reappearance. All of these clouds come with silver linings, however. Rainstorms bring the temperature right down to a much more comfortable level and the lack of sun means that you don’t have to apply that fifth layer of sun cream for the day. 

If sitting in the cabin through a two-hour deluge doesn’t sound like much of a holiday, you can wander outside to catch the calm that descends on Halong Bay during a peaceful rainstorm. Rain during June is like a warm shower, and stepping out into it is not the least bit uncomfortable - it is in fact a surprisingly liberating experience. The ferocity of the rain doesn’t come for the next two months, so a canceled trip to Halong Bay in June is pretty rare.

4. Peak Season vs Off-Season

The beginning of the off-season for international tourists heralds the start of the peak season for domestic tourists. School is officially out for the summer in May, so family trips to Halong Bay become fairly commonplace for Vietnamese tourists. However, the typical Vietnamese aversion to the sun means that they want to limit exposure as much as possible, resulting in a high number of bookings for Halong Bay one day but fewer for the Halong Bay overnight cruises

For foreign tourists, June is the perfect time to get a great deal. If you can stomach the heat and rain, then prices will be heavily in your favor. Tour companies offer big savings on their overnight cruises during June and shopping around can find you a mega deal; even a look at some of the more luxury cruises can become within budget around this time. Get in touch with Incredible Asia Journeys to secure your booking in affordable prices!

Kayaking in Halong Bay

5. What to pack for a Halong Bay Cruise

If June seems like the right time to head to Halong Bay, then you’re going to want to bring a few things to make it as comfortable as possible:

5.1. Safety

Sun cream is an obvious essential for the daily 8 hours of sun rays with which you will be slowly cooked.

Similarly, you can keep your corneas unblemished by bringing sunglasses.

Walking shoes would be good for any cave or hiking excursions in case the rain has made the stairs slippery.

5.2. Clothes

Light and airy clothes are the only ones you’ll need in Halong Bay in June, there is virtually no chance of you becoming cold at any point.

If you like the fashionable look of the Vietnamese rain poncho then now is the time to purchase one, it may become your best friend during Halong Bay June weather.

A simple sun-blocking hat will ensure that your hair does not catch fire in the blaring sun.

5.3. Essentials

A Camera, mosquito repellent, and lots of cocktail cash are the perfect things to bring during the summer.

6. What to do in Halong Bay

There are several ways to beat the heat of the Halong Bay weather in June. Cave excursions to Luon Cave or Sung Sot Cave become a godsend during this month for their natural air-conditioning and complete protection from the sun. A truly magical atmosphere descends on the caves if you’re inside during a peaceful rainstorm; listening to the echoes of raindrops falling on the trees and rocks outside is an experience to be savored.

Luxury Room on Halong Bay Cruise

The popularity of water sports soars during June. Many people seek refuge by swimming in the cooler waters while opting for the sampan boat rides instead of the energy-sapping kayaking might be a good idea.

If the heat gets too much then simply relaxing on the sundeck or in your air-conditioned cabin is a very attractive prospect. Remember, this is your holiday and everything in the itinerary is optional, so don’t feel pressured to engage in every activity.

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