Luon Cave - The Picture of Paradise

What is Luon Cave?

Translating to ‘Tunnel Cave’, Luon Cave sits about one kilometre away from The Amazing Cave in the centre of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Halong Bay. Luon Cave is one of the most spectacular wet caves in all of Halong Bay, meaning that it is only accessible by kayak or local sampan boat. The actual ‘cave’ bit of Luon Cave is only about 60 meters long, opening with one mouth onto the ocean and the other end onto a glorious grotto, enclosed with high rock walls dressed with verdant trees.

Panorama of Luon Cave

What do I do at Luon Cave?

Being one of the most beautiful Halong Bay Caves, the natural splendour of Luon Cave and the environment around it gives it an amazingly tranquil atmosphere, one in which visitors to the cave love to unwind. The mouth of the cave looks almost man-made; cut out of a perfectly flat piece of rock, with several interesting rock formations almost dripping into the water from the cave ceiling above.

It is not so much the ‘tunnel’ part of Tunnel Cave that makes it a popular destination, but the open-air grotto that serves as its garden. 60 meters from the sea, Luon Cave opens up spectacularly into a picture of pure serenity. Jutting limestone walls enclose the magical area, where Benjamin fig trees, banyan trees and orchids cling to the steeped and sheer mountain faces, with emerald water reflecting the colour of the greenery around it.

Impressive kites and colourful kingfishers can be seen nesting in the trees high above, while some mischievous monkeys make their home here, swinging between the dangerous branches in search of fruit.

Luon Cave can only be explored by kayak and sampan boat. Although it is one of the more popular Halong Bay caves, the absence of big ships adds to the wonderful quietness of the cave and helps it retain its whimsical aura. 

Kayaking in Luon Cave

What is the history of Luon Cave?

Fossils found in Luon Cave affirmed its habitation by humans thousands of years ago; freshwater snail fossils indicate that they were farmed in small quantities by the original humans living in this area. Halong Bay’s caves were a good spot for habitation because of the shelter and cool air that they provide. Luon Cave, in particular, has a rich food supply within its brackish waters, with prawns, squid, cuttlefish, and snails flourishing, along with several varieties of birds attracted by the abundance of small fruits. 

What tours visit Luon Cave?

Many Halong Bay tours feature Luon Cave as an excursion in their itineraries. Tour operators like Syrena CruiseIndochina Sails and Aphrodite Cruise feature the cave visit in their Halong Bay 3 nights 2 days cruise as well as their Halong Bay overnight cruise. An exploration of this cave usually lasts about one hour and is held on the morning of the third day, often your last activity before you re-board your cruise ship and head back to the harbour for your transfer to Hanoi.

Cruise in Ha Long Bay

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