Sung Sot Cave

In this blog, Incredible Asia Journeys will provide detailed information about Sung Sot Cave, one of the most famous caves in Halong Bay and unmissable on any Halong Bay cruise tour!

1. What is Sung Sot Cave?

Visitors to Sung Sot Cave in the centre of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Halong Bay are always guessing how it got its name. Hang Sung Sot translates to ‘Amazing Cave’ or ‘Surprise Cave’ (which share the same translation in Vietnamese) because of its French discoverer who exclaimed “Grotto des Surprises” when walking around the inside for the first time.

Halong Bay Panorama

2. Where is Sung Sot Cave?

Sung Sot Cave shares its home island of Bo Hon with another cave, Hang Trinh Nu. The entrance to the cave requires a 20-meter walk up some steps and through a tunnel of trees, but the moment you arrive, you will be provided with free air-conditioning courtesy of Sung Sot Cave’s system of recycled cool air. 

Surprising Cave / "Sung Sot" Cave

3. What do you do in Sung Sot Cave?

The Amazing Cave is split into two chambers; the first one is known as the ‘Waiting Room’ and the second is referred to as the ‘Serene Castle’. The Waiting Room features smooth walls and many stalactites hanging from its high ceiling, illuminated by colourful lights that add to the magical atmosphere of the grotto.

Walking through the narrow passage to Serene Castle, Sung Sot Cave opens up with a flood of light entering through a hole serving as the exit. Here we can find very interesting rock formations originating from tens of thousands of years ago that are now referred to as the things that they (sort of) resemble. If you squint (quite hard) you can make out many animals such as a bear, dragon, elephant and a climbing monkey, with other depictions like kissing couples and Happy Buddhas strewn throughout.

Surprising Cave/ "Sung Sot" Cave

As with most areas of Halong Bay, Sung Sot Cave comes with a whimsical backstory. Next to the entrance to the Serene Castle is a horse-shaped rock with an accompanying sword-shaped rock, said to be the petrified possessions of Saint Giong who protected the local residents by having elaborate battles with invading demons within the cave walls.

Visitors exit Sung Sot Cave through the ‘Royal Garden’, an outside area of banyan trees, birds and occasionally monkeys that gives a great view over the Halong Bay landscape. Passengers will re-board their cruises after walking down the steps and along a romantic wooden walkway attached to the outside of the island. 

Many cruises in Halong Bay give you a chance to discover Amazing Cave. Here are some of them:  V'spirit Cruise LaFairy Cruise Hera Cruise Indochina Sails Bhaya Classic Cruise, and Carina Cruise.

4. What is the History of Sung Sot Cave?

Historians believe the history of the Amazing Cave dates back about 470 - 520 million years ago when intense tectonic plate shifting in the Halong Bay area created vast limestone mountains, large parts of which were eroded by long periods of heavy rain followed by extreme heat. 

In the period between 67,000 BC and 9,000 BC, water seeping through gaps in the limestone mountains created its vast caves. Amazing Cave is one of Halong Bay’s largest caves and its stalactites and stalagmites are the results of tens of thousands of years of gradual dripping.

5. How do I visit Sung Sot Cave?

The cave is situated in the centre of Halong Bay and is a usual stop-off on any itinerary in the region. You can visit Amazing Cave on most long day cruises (the kind that gives you 6 hours on the bay rather than 4) and a lot of Halong Bay 3 days 2 nights or Halong Bay overnight itineraries feature Sung Sot Cave as a highlight.

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