Laos Pre-Trip Preparation

Traveling with Incredible Asia Journey means that your tickets and accommodation will be booked, your transportation and food as well will be prepared. However, to make sure that your holiday in Laos will be a pleasant, safe, and enjoyable one, you have to prepare few things by yourselves.


Your tour in Laos will be joyful if have a good preparation for your trip.

- Make sure that your Laos Visa is ready. Anyone wanting to get into this country must have a visa and passport with valid for six months beyond the ending date of your trip.

- Read Laos Travel Guide to have a general understanding about Laos.

- Read your travel itinerary and ask your travel agent anything you don’t understand. Contact your local manager in country for any issue you may have while traveling

- Inform your health condition to travel agent (in case you get sick or tired) then they will reschedule your itinerary.

- Make sure your credit card will work in Laos or go to the bank to exchange your money into kip (Lao Currency)

- Ask your cell phone provider for an international data plan if you will need coverage whilst traveling.

- Check the weather to bring along suitable clothes.

- Check your departure flight and set alarm in case you forget!

- Read up a bit about Laos before you leave and learn some of the most important words such as Hello: Sa-bai-Dee and Thank you: Khawp Jai

Laos Kip

What to bring along for Laos trip?

- Personal papers (passport, visas, travel insurance certificate, air tickets, tour voucher, etc.) It is highly recommended to make a paper copy of your passport and driver's license, which are invaluable for replacing a lost passport.

- Money: credit card, debit card, traveler’s cheques and money pouch, cash in US Dollars or Thai Baht as ATM machines can be sparsely located in Huay Xai, Laos kip currency, Luang Prabang, Vientiane and Vang Vieng

- Some games for long bus rides or the evenings with villagers and friends you meet along

- Camera, batteries and extra memory cards

- Cell phone, cell phone charger and portable power bank

- Medication (including a doctor’s letter if you are taking medicine under doctor’s prescription)

- Dry pack if planning water-based activities like river tubing, kayaking or rafting

- Laptop charger (if you are bringing your laptop)

- First aid kit for outdoor activities if you plan such

First Aid Kit

What clothes/items to bring along for Laos trip?

- Sun protection, a hat, mosquito spray and sunscreen

- Insect repellent

- Comfortable sandals or shoes: Sandals with the rugged bottom for hiking, good walking boots with ankle support - a comfortable change of shoes. 

- Lightweight, light-colored clothing to reflect the beating sun

- Clothes suitable for visiting temples (long pants/skirts, long sleeved tops)

- Lightweight and loose-fitting clothes including cotton and linens to combat the humidity

Travel Packing

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