Laos Weather and Climate

Laos’s climate can be described as the tropical monsoon in most of the plains, subtropical in the far north and in the mountains.  It is characterized by strong monsoon influences with the two distinguishable seasons: the winter monsoon, which brings good weather and a bit of cool at night from November to February, and the summer monsoon, which brings a high rate of rainfall and high humidity together with a considerable amount of sun, from May to the beginning or the middle of October, which makes it sometimes feel quite uncomfortable. 

However, the monsoons are quite irregular: they do not always arrive in the same period, and they don't always have the same intensity.  The average temperature is from 22°C to 27°C year-round. Days are usually warm and sunny almost all year round. The climate in Laos throughout the wet season varies from region to region. 

For instance, the lowlands witness a higher temperature range of about 29°C while the temperature is likely to average 23°C in the higher mountain valleys. In cooler months, the temperature is often as low as 15-20°C (58-68°F) at night, and in the lower land like Vientiane capital city and it can even drop to below freezing in the mountainous areas. 

Phousi Hill 

What is the best time to visit Laos

The high tourist season in Laos is the dry, cool season from late-October and February when the air is cleaner with lower temperature especially in the months of November and December.

Moreover, the high water level in the rivers promises a real possibility to make river trips giving you a chance to discover the best places in Laos in the most fantastic way. 

The cool season is a stunning time to visit the country, but the later short-lived hot weather, which lasts from March to April, is a lot less pleasurable to travel. March to May may not be the most appealing time to visit the country.

One more factor that can make traveling during hot season less attractive is the smoke produced when farmers set fire to the degraded forest and rice stubble to get the soil prepared for the next crop cycle which can feel quite unbearable at times. 

However, if you expect the much smaller crowds with less foot traffic and much lower hotel costs, the shoulder season (July and August), when the weather can be wet with high humidity in most parts of Laos, the rains are more consistent but the landscapes are truly imposing in emerald green is another popular time to travel to the Land of Million Elephant.

If you are planning to visit some areas such as Luang Prabang during this period, you can still expect the chance of great weather.

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