Myanmar Weather and Climate

Like much of Southeast Asia, Myanmar’s climate is generally tropical monsoon with two distinct seasons – a rainy season from mid-May to October with average temperature between 25°C and 30°C, due to the southwest monsoon, a cool and dry season from November to mid-February with average monthly temperatures of between 20°C and 24°C (a hot pre-monsoon season from mid-February to early or mid-May with average monthly temperatures between 30°C and 35°C). 

Temperatures can vary significantly in such a large country like Burma, which has a diamond-like shape and extends 2,100 km from north to south and 925km from east to west.  Like any other country, the hill stations, lake and foothills areas in Myanmar are cooler than the southern lowland and coastal regions.

At higher altitudes, a portion of the Himalayan range in the far north has a climate that is milder and cooler with low humidity. In the Himalayan far north, Chin State in the west and parts of Shan State in the east, temperatures can get close to freezing, and they may drop below zero. Precipitation-wise in the monsoon season, some valleys and inland plains are almost arid while these areas along the coast and in the mountain slopes usually receive abundant rains. 

With heavy rains in the central area, which is home to the capital city, it is a bit cool in the monsoon season. The area along the coast has a warm climate all year round (but lower temperatures in the winter months of December and January in the northern part facing the Bay of Bengal), with very heavy summer rains. 

Rainy season in Myanmar

What is the best time to visit Myanmar?

Climate-wise, the best time for a Myanmar Tour is during the cool season from December to mid-February, when the weather is dry and sunny, the air is the clearest, it is hot in the capital and along the central and southern coast, but cool at night or even cold in inland areas. However, budget-wise, it is not an ideal choice as you will have to pay more for the same services in the low tourist season. 

The worst time to visit Myanmar is the months from February to the beginning of the rainy season - July and August, when most destinations in the country (particularly north of Yangon) can be dusty and hazy, sometimes hindering long-distance views. 

If you still desire to see how beautiful Myanmar is in the rainy season, the central plains (Mandalay, Myngyan, Magway), which are more sheltered from the monsoon are highly recommended places to visit; while the coasts, which receive heavy rains, are definitely inadvisable. 

For those who can put up with the heat and/or rain and want to have their own space to discover these popular destinations as well as easily book accommodation at good rates, the cool season is not the only great time.

Hot Air balloon in Myanmar

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