Myanmar Transportation

With plenty of opportunities to mix with the locals and take in the scenery, it is never less than fascinating to get around Myanmar, which is hot on the Southeast Asia travel trail right now. Please learn more about the Myanmar Transportation information for the better time when you take part in a Myanmar Tour.

How to access Myanmar?

If you find it too tiring and complicated to experience an amazing journey to enter Myanmar overland from Thailand, China, India and Bangladesh, flying should be a great alternative. 

Almost everyone arrives in Myanmar at either Yangon International Airport or Mandalay International Airport, which have adequate facilities to handle larger jets. 

Those traveling from China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, and Thailand can fly directly into Mandalay International Airport while Nay Pyi Taw International Airport is the final destination for tourists departing from China and Thailand. Yangon International Airport is for most international flights.

Flying to a regional hub such as Singapore or Bangkok is the best and cheapest way to get access to Myanmar from outside the country. Myanmar Airways International- the international flag carrier serves only cities within Asia. 

Current routes within Asia include limited connections between Dehong, Kunming and Bangkok and Mandalay and flights from Phnom Penh, Siem Reap Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok to Yangon. 

How to get around in Myanmar?

Slow, loud and dirty transportation makes getting around Myanmar a funny thing to experience. Transportation in Myanmar is not really good at the moment but that is normal in the developing country and that will make your trip unforgettable.

By motorcycle taxi

Motorcycle taxi is one of the good options for  Myanmar transportation when you visit Myanmar. That will give you a chance to depart and stop whenever you want, a motorcycle taxi is a relatively comfortable way to get from one destination to another.


That is easy to find this in most of the places so that will be good option for you.


Fairly inexpensive, particularly for a solo traveler (Rates start at 500 kyat)

Motorcycle in Myanmar

By Pick-up Trucks

Connecting short-distance destinations such as from Mandalay to Amarapura, between Myingyan and Meiktila, between Bagan and Mount Popa, and up to the Golden Rock at Kyaiktiyo, pick-ups are useful or necessary for  Myanmar Transportation.


A chance to mingle with locals


Packed truck

High fares

Pick-up truck in Myanmar

By Taxis or hire cars

Coming in a variety of different forms, taxis and hire cars (with driver) are clearly the most comfortable way to travel between certain destinations in Burma.


Plentiful in most towns and cities


Expensive prices

Taxi in Myanmar

By trains and boats

A leisurely, fascinating, and usually picturesque view of the country, a chance to mix with Burmese while traveling, traveling by train and boat in Myanmar will be an unforgettable memory.


A chance to experience the most romantic and scenic ways 


The vibrating hull and the loud engine

Boat trip in Myanmar

By tri-shaw

Tri-shaw is a means of transportation that introduces an absolutely different peaceful charm of Myanmar.


Really cheap price: only amount to a dollar or two


Slow and inefficient

Not really popular (only available in smaller, relatively flat cities such as Pyay, Sittwe, and Shwebo)

Tri-shaw in Myanmar

By horse cart

A unique way to go in Myanmar? Look no further than a horse cart around the old temples of Bagan or Mrauk U.  


A little shade from the sun


Higher rates than other means of transportation (~$15-$30) range

Horse car in Myanmar

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