Dark and Bright Caves Halong Bay

Dark and Bright Caves is one of the beautiful places to visit when you do the trip to Halong Bay. When you read the itinerary of the boat in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay you may see Dark and Bright Cave listed in the itinerary. Those caves are a very good place to go kayaking and taking the sampan boat trip.

Nowadays, most of the cruises which have an itinerary to Lan Ha Bay choose Dark and Bright Caves for a stop in the itinerary to go kayaking and travellers like it very much.

Dark and Bright Caves Overview

1. Introduction of Dark and Bright Caves

Dark and Bright Caves belong to Lan Ha Bay where is the less touristy area of Halong Bay. Lan Ha Bay is the Southern part of Halong Bay which shares the same climate, geography and scenery as Halong Bay. However, there are fewer cruises and Lan Ha Bay is far from the city so it is cleaner than Halong Bay now more and more new and nice cruises choose Lan Ha Bay for their itinerary. Get more detail for Lan Ha Bay Cruises.

When you visit Dark and Bright Caves you will see that is a very beautiful area with some tunnels caves. There are caves which you can go through easily by kayak or sampan boat then see a large lagoon surrounded by closed mountains and those caves are Bright Cave. There is a cave which is very long and you only can visit it in the good tide and only by kayak but not other means of transportation. That cave is Dark Cave.

Kayaking in Dark and Bright Cave

1.1. Dark Cave

In the Dark and Bright Caves area, there is a long tunnel cave where there is little light there. This cave in the past was opened to the tourists but it is a dangerous trip to do on your own. Tourists needed the support of captain and guide to visit this cave because only in the good tide you can visit the Dark Cave. If the tide is low or high you cannot visit the cave. So in this cave, you visit the cave and the tide raises and you may get stuck in the cave and you have to wait for the good tide to get out. There is little light in the cave and you need a good torch to get in the cave. That is a long cave and when the tide goes in and if you are not strong enough you cannot get out by kayak. Now, the Lan Ha Bay management does not allow tourists to go in anymore.

1.2. Bright Caves

There are some tunnel caves in the Dark and Bright Caves area. Those tunnel caves lead to the lagoon and you can go through them easily with the kayak or sampan boat because they are not long caves. Passing the caves you will see a large lagoon opened in front of your eyes surrounded by the karst rocks like the walls. You may see the monkeys in this area because it is next to Cat Ba National Park. That is a perfect ear to do kayaking and sampan boat trips. You will feel very relaxed there.

Kayaking in Dark and Bright Cave

2. FAQs about Dark and Bright Cave

There are some questions travellers may have for Dark and Bright Cave as below.

2.1. Why does that area have the name Dark and Bright Cave?

So it is easy to understand the name of the Dark and Bright Caves. There are Dark Caves where you have to use some source of light to go across the cave and you almost see nothing if there is no source of light while you can see another side of the Bright Cave easily from this side. 

2.2. What to do in Dark and Bright Caves?

Dar and Bright Cave area is a perfect place for you to have some outdoor activity. Most of the cruises in Lan Ha Bay now choose this place for a stop. Here, you can go kayaking or sampan boat rowed by local people. That is a clean area and quiet area next to Cat Ba Island.

When you do kayaking there or relax on a sampan boat the sound you can hear most is the sound of the paddle moving in the water. The air is really fresh as it belongs to Cat Ba National Park.

Click HERE to learn more about things to do on Cat Ba Island. Sometimes, you will see money in the mountains when you go there. There are some boats in Halong Bay that also stop there for travellers to do swimming there as the water there is clean.

2.3. Where is Dark and Bright Cave?

It is located in Lan Ha Bay near Cat Ba Island. Lan Ha Bay is a part of Halong Bay so we can say Dark and Bright Cave is located in Halong Bay.

Nowadays, Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay are managed by 2 different provinces which are Quang Ninh and Hai Phong so for the boats with Halong Bay Itinerary they will not go to Dark and Bright Cave anymore.

If you wish to visit Dark and Bright Cave, please choose the Lan Ha Bay Cruises and you can visit Dark and Bright Cave.

V'Spirit Premier Cruise

2.4. What Cruises should I book to visit Dark and Bright Caves?

There are so many cruises in Lan Ha Bay and some cruises starting from Halong have itineraries going to Dark and Bright Caves.

There are some good cruises you can go with such as VSpirit Premier Cruise, Perla Dawn Sails, Scarlet Pearl Cruise, Mon Cheri Cruise which you can book with and you can visit Dark and Bright Caves.

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