The weather in Halong Bay in April

There is no doubt to say that Halong Bay is the most highlighted destination for your Vietnam Tour. With thousands of limestone islands merging from the sea, Halong Bay attracts all travellers to Vietnam and to North Vietnam.

April is the month which marks the end of Halong Bay’s peak season from a weather perspective; nevertheless, this can come with lower numbers of visitors, together with numerous advantages. Therefore, it can be said that this is Halong Bay at its very best as the weather is warm and pleasant whilst travellers have the chance to enjoy a less–crowded Halong Bay. 

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1. How is the weather in Halong Bay in April?

April is the ideal time to visit Halong Bay as there is a low possibility of storms in comparison with the period of May – September and the weather is reasonably comfortable for outdoor activities. April has a maximum temperature of 27°C and a minimum temperature of 21°C, which makes the average temperature of 23°C.

With regard to the rainfall, the average monthly rainfall starts to rise to 57mm falling over an average of 13 days, together with the rise of the average temperature. If you travel to Halong Bay in April, you will experience a full day of sunshine (an average of 8 hours of sunshine each day, considered to be the highest in the year). The average sea temperature is warmer, compared to the previous months, good for swimming at 29°C. With all the favourable conditions as mentioned, it is a great time to discover the ravishing beauty of Halong Bay.  

Average temperature: 23°C

High temperature: 27°C

Low temperature: 21°C

Average hours of sunshine per day: 8 hours

Monthly rainfall: 57mm over an average of 13 days 

Average Sea Temperature: 29°C

2. What to do in Halong Bay in April? 

Halong Bay in April offers you a wide range of interesting activities which you can enjoy in very good conditions such as sightseeing magnificent scenery, savouring stunning fresh seafood, exploring magical caves, swimming in the emerald water, practising Tai Chi on the boat’s top deck, fishing squids at night, as well as sailing through the bay by kayaks or bamboo boat. You can easily find these activities included in almost all the tour packages in Halong Bay.     

Most of the cruise companies can arrange for you cruise tours that consist of sleeping on board within the bay. The Halong Bay 2 day-1 night trip is the most popular whilst you may spend 2 nights aboard a cruise to maximize your experience in this World Heritage Site if you have more time. For those who are short on time, the day trip to Halong Bay is not a bad idea. 

Halong Bay kayaking

What is great about travelling to Halong Bay in April is the clear sky which is perfect for photo hunters to capture the excellent moments of the bay’s panorama. If natural conservation is your concern, you may venture to Cat Ba National Park which is located near Halong bay to hike and spot rare “Cat Ba languor” monkey, along with seahawks, hornbills and cuckoos. If you prefer a bird’s eye view over the marvellous bay, the amazing flight by seaplane organized by Hai Au Aviation should be in your consideration.   

3. Should or should not visit Halong Bay in April (Pros and Cons)?

Obviously, visiting Halong Bay in April comes with many advantages as you can expect warm average temperatures and generally good weather for discovering the bay. First, it is the end the winter in April in Ha Long Bay, and summer is on its way so the weather is warm and summery, not to mention the lower humidity levels in comparison with the summer months, making April a pleasure time of year to explore the world-famous bay. In addition to that, the relatively warm sea temperature is ideal for enjoying activities like swimming and kayaking. Last but not least, the average monthly rainfall is around 57mm falling over an average of 13 days, which is considerably dry compared to the summer months, making it unlikely that your cruise will be influenced by bad weather. 

However, travelling to Halong Bay in April has a minor disadvantage. There’s Reunification Day which falls on the 30th of April which often attracts locals arriving in Halong at the end of April. You just need to consider avoiding the locals’ national holiday to have a smooth trip to Halong Bay.    

4. How to pack for the Halong Bay trip in April? 

How to fill your suitcase if you join the Halong Bay trip in April? Kindly see the below useful tips when packing for your April trip in Halong Bay:

Bring a hat, a swimsuit, a beach cover-up or large T-shirt,  flip-flops or waterproof sandals, sun cream and sunglasses with you for outdoor activities. 

Remember to bring along a light jacket and sweater for some cold days or for the nights when the temperature drops a bit.

If possible, pack prescription, over-the-counter medications, and a first-aid kit, together with insect repellent in a sealable plastic storage bag.

Pack a waterproof bag for your phone or camera. 

Packing items cleverly for your Halong Bay cruise tour

5. Travel tips for Halong Bay in April

In general, April is a perfect month to visit Halong Bay by taking a tour with one of Halong Bay Cruises but you still need to take note of some travel tips which is vital for your upcoming trip in April. 

Avoid the last few days in April as it coincides with Vietnam’s Reunification Day; therefore, there will be a large number of local tourists coming to Halong Bay on their holiday and price may increase slightly.

Pack a swimsuit! Enjoy your time in the emerald water.

Remember to wear suncream, the April sun can burn you quite easily when you participate in outdoor activities. 

There are several ways to experience the spectacular Halong Bay, but the most popular one is on a cruise, and unsurprisingly you can easily book the tours via any travel agency and hotel in Hanoi. To help you to make a wise decision amongst many choices. Below are some highly regarded Halong Bay Cruises for April which are categorized into luxury cruises, mid-range cruises & budget cruises (overnight cruises) and day cruises.

6.1. Perla Dawn Cruise - Luxury cruise 

Recognized as the rising star among luxury cruises in Halong Bay, an overnight trip with Perla Dawn Cruise will not surely disappoint you.

Perla Dawn Cruise features 18 luxurious and well-furnished cabins, all with private balcony and as always some stunning food cooked by highly skilled chefs. Guests will be provided with an elite, professional crew, as well as many exciting activities to take up their time including kayaking, tai chi, swimming, and squid fishing.

What makes Perla Dawn Cruise outstanding is its unique itinerary. This cruise will take you by luxury van via the new highway to Got Ferry Terminal (Haiphong City) where you will step onto a beautiful boat and head toward Halong and Lan Ha Bay, plus Bai Tu Long Bay (if you join in the 3 day-2 night itinerary). You will have the chance to experience all of the usual Halong activities such as swimming and kayaking with the added bonus of sightseeing a little further out toward the Da Chong, Con Vit, and Gia Luan islets. In addition to be a sailing pioneer to discover Halong Bay - Bai Tu Long - Lan Ha Bay, another advantage when cruising with Perla Dawn Sails is shortening the transfer time to 1.5 hours, instead of 4 hours from Hanoi to Halong Bay each way. 

Perla Dawn Cruise

6.2. LaFairy Sails Cruise - Mid-range cruise

Most Halong Bay visitors opt for midrange or budget cruises, but there is still a huge range of price and value for money and LaFairy Sails Cruise is considered to be one of the more affordable cruises in Halong, compared to its competitors. 

Built-in traditional wooden style with 11 premium balconies and deluxe sea-view cabins, LaFairy Sails is the perfect choice for travellers who want to have their Halong Bay experience in a small boat and a cosy ambiance. With LaFairy Sails Cruise, you will have the opportunity to go swimming into the jade green water, kayak at Ngoc Trai area and explore Me Cung Cave which not many Halong Bay Cruises stop at. After a day full of activity, you savour a beautiful and dreamlike dinner on the top deck under the evening stars in the middle of the peaceful bay whilst enjoying the fascinating traditional music performances. A boutique 4-star cruise which is very attentive to small details, LaFairy Sails is the right option for travellers looking for a great value deal.

LaFairy Sails Cruise

6.3. V’Spirit Classic Cruise - Budget cruise

Amongst many different cruise lines in Halong Bay, V’Spirit Classic Cruise offers one of the best deals around. Halong Bay offers a wide range of experiences such as visiting the cave, swimming, practising Tai Chi, fishing squids at night, and kayaking; V’Sprit Cruise has them all. Get back to the pier by noon the following day, you will be pleased with the clean accommodation, good food, great service, as well as lasting memories. 

V’Spirit Classic Cruise houses different kinds of cabins (Deluxe cabin, Premium balcony cabin, Family cabin) so it is suitable for a solo traveller, or whether you are travelling with family, on business or as a couple.

V’Spirit Classic Cruise

6.4. Incredible Cruise - Day cruise 

Unlike all the cruises listed above, Incredible Cruise is the Halong Bay day cruise for travellers who are short in time but still want to visit One of the New Seven World Wonders of Nature, Halong Bay. A full day cruise with Incredible Cruise is one of the very best ways to get a quick glimpse into the ravishing beauty and exotic charm of Vietnam.  

Incredible Cruise’s one-day tour follows a traditional itinerary which you will marvel at stalactites and stalagmites of the magical cave, passing by the Dog Stone, Burning Incense Islet and Fighting-Cock Islet. You will also get the chance to try a daring kayak adventure around Ba Hang fishing village. Along with their usual Halong Bay activities, Incredible Cruise also offers a welcome drink with a tea break including sampling some green bean cake, in addition to two bottles of water per person.

The best thing is the price of the tour itself is at the lower end of the spectrum, great for any travellers looking to find good value for their one-day cruise around the bay.

Incredible Cruise is the Halong Bay

Choosing Incredible Cruise among hundreds of Halong Bay day cruises, you will not regret it! 

Below are some cruise itineraries you may join in Halong Bay:

Halong Bay Day Trip.

Halong Bay 2 Day 1 Night Cruise.

Halong Bay 3 Day 2 Night Cruise.

You may join in the different tours with Halong Bay by clicking on the list below:

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