Cambodia Pre-Trip Preparation

To have a smooth and joyful trip to Cambodia, you should be well prepared. Here are some things that you should do to prepare by yourself. 

- Make sure that your Cambodia Visa is ready. 

- Read Cambodia Travel Guide. You will have a general understanding about Cambodia.

- Read your travel itinerary and ask your travel agent any questions you have.

- Inform any health conditions to travel agent (in case you get sick or tired) then they will reschedule your itinerary.

-  Make sure your credit card will work in Cambodia or go to the bank to exchange your money into Riel (Cambodia Currency)

- Register international data plan with your cell phone provider.

- Check the calendar if there is any Cambodian festival during the time you traveling to Cambodia and ask your travel agent to arrange for you (in case you are interested).

- Check the weather to bring along suitable clothes.

- Check your departure flight and set alarm in case you forget

Riel- Cambodia Currency

What to bring along for Cambodia Holiday?

- Personal papers (visa, passport, travel insurance certificate, air ticket, etc.). A copy of your passport is highly recommended.

- Money (cash in US Dollar, visa card, debit card or Cambodian riel cash)

- Camera, batteries and extra memory cards

- Cell phone, cell phone charger, portable power bank

- Laptop and laptop charger (if you want to work with laptop on your trip)

- Medicine (if you are taking medicine under doctor’s prescription)

- First aid kit (urgo durable, bandage, aspirin, etc.)

First Aid Kit

What clothes/items to bring along for Cambodia Holiday?

- Glasses/contact lenses

- Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat or umbrella if you go to Cambodia in the summer (from May to September)

- Insect repellent

- Comfortable walking shoes

- Comfortable clothes (check the weather to bring along suitable clothes or ask your travel agent). There should be at least one long pant/skirt, long-sleeved top for visiting temples/pagoda) and a waterproof jacket.

- Swimming suit (if you travel to Sihanoukville)

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