Cambodia Weather and Climate

Located in the Indochina Peninsula, Cambodia has a tropical monsoon climate. However, it has limited coastline so it is hotter compared to Vietnam.  There are two main seasons in Cambodia: The Wet Season and The Rain Season. The Wet season lasts from May to October which brings 75% of rainfall on this country. 

The peak of Wet Season is from July to September when it can rain constantly for up to three days. As a result, floods happen frequently in Phnom Penh and some areas of Cambodia in late July and early August. If you travel to Cambodia in this time, many outdoor activities might be affected (hiking, biking or cruise tour will be canceled due to flood).

The Dry Season starts in October and ends in April. From November to January, it is mild and cool (around and above 20 Celsius degree). The other months are a little bit hotter but it’s quite comfortable. Therefore, the Dry Season is also the peak tourist season in Cambodia.

From April, the temperature changes quickly. It becomes very hot, sometimes up to 40 Celsius degree. The hot weather keeps going in May and June together with high humidity. If you have the holiday in Cambodia during this time, please remember to wake up early. After 10 am, you are not advised to go out because it is very hot and sunny.

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