Cambodia Transportation

To encourage the tourism development, the Cambodia government invested quite a lot of money to improve Cambodia's transportation system.
Nowadays, that is not difficult for travelers who wish to have to travel to Cambodia to access Cambodia or to travel around Cambodia.
You will easily to travel by yourselves in Siem Reap with different transportation means like Taxi, Tuk Tuk, motorbike or join in Siem Reap Tours with the comfortable car. The experience visiting the Angkor Temples will be an unforgetable memory for you.
Travelling in Phnom Penh is easy too and that is easy to access Phnom Penh from Vietnam by flight, bus or even boat.

How to access Cambodia?

Cambodia can be accessed through the Phnom Penh International Airport and the Siem Reap International Airport; both of which provide full services for passengers on international flights operated by many international airlines. In other way, tourists can access Cambodia by land from neighboring Vietnam, Laos or Thailand.
You can access Cambodia from Vietnam through 9 international border checkpoints: Bavet (Cambodian side) and Mok Bai (Vietnamese side), Kaam Samnor (Cambodian side) and Yin Soeung (Vietnamese side), Phnom Den (Cambodian side) and Tin Bienh (Vietnamese side), Trapaing Phlong (Cambodian side) and Xamat (Vietnamese side), Trapaing Srè (Cambodian side) and Bonue (Vietnamese side), Oyadav (Cambodian side) and Lethanh (Vietnamese side), Banteay Chakrei (Cambodian side) and Dinh Ba (Vietnamese side), Preak Chak (Cambodian side) and Ha Tieng (Vietnamese side), Samrong (Cambodian side) and Mi Quy Tei (Vietnamese side).
You can access Cambodia from Laos through Trapaing Kreal international border checkpoint located in Stung Treng Province (Laos side) and Norg Nokbiane in Champasak Province (Cambodia side).

How to get around in Cambodia?

There are many ways to get around Cambodia. Each option has its own advantage and disadvantage which will be listed in the following:

By plane

To save time and effort, travelers normally choose to travel by place for long distance. They often choose to fly from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Hue or Danang or Nha Trang or Phan Thiet and vice versa.


- Safe
- Save time and effort 
- Enjoy spectacular scenery from above


- Small airplanes, small exit gate
- Small seat
- Small luggage compartment
Cambodia Angkor Air

By Tuk-tuk

Tuk-tuk is the most distinguished vehicles of Cambodia. Most popular tourist destinations, including Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and the South Coast offer tuk-tuk to carry tourists.


- Easy to catch
- Cheap
- Exotic experience


- Uncomfortable
- Hot in summer
- Dangerous if you have careless driver

Tuk-Tuk in Cambodia


Taxi is easy to catch in towns and cities in Cambodia. However, there are still very few metered taxis, with just a handful of operators in Phnom Penh. Fortunately, Uber entered the market which will surely improve this situation.


- Comfortable
- Safe


- Not always available
- No fixed price

Taxi in Cambodia


Motos, also known as Tuk Tuk are very popular in Cambodia. Moto drivers often stand in front of hotels or major tourist centers.


- Cheap
- Easy to catch
- Flexible


- Be overcharged (especially at night)

Motorcycle taxi in Cambodia


As in Vietnam, cyclo is chosen by many tourists as it a unique vehicle which only exists in Southeast Asia. In Phnom Penh cyclo drivers can either be flagged down on main roads or found waiting around markets and major hotels.


- Cheap
- Easy to access


-  Be overcharged without bargain
-  Slow

Cyclo in Cambodia

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