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  • Paradise Luxury Cruise

    As the name suggests, a Halong Bay tour on the Paradise Luxury Cruise is exactly that; a luxurious cruise through paradise. The Paradise Luxury Cruise has a unique blend of contemporary chic with ancient Vietnamese artisanship. Classical dark wood and its fine detailing create an air of affluence with the modern amenities throughout the ship; a marriage of pure romance. Our dining room is one of the utmost sophistication, offering an astounding unlimited a la carte menu and free flow on certain beverages. You can find the best views upstairs on the open sundeck where nothing will block your panoramic views of the dramatic limestone mountains. The tranquil onboard day spa promises a soothing experience and is one of the many reasons why Paradise Luxury Cruise is leading the way in high-end cruising around Halong Bay. Now it's easier to choose one of the best Halong Bay cruises for a family, friends, and couples.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2009
    From $ 221
    $ 174 /person
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  • Aphrodite Cruise

    As the first 5-star cruise ship in Halong Bay, The Aphrodite Cruise; named for the Greek goddess of love and beauty; fittingly serves its purpose with a luxurious service designed to help you get the most out of this romantic region. With 17 cabins in four different classes, you are sure to find the same bountiful pleasure you would expect from any 5-star service; from 100% cotton sheets to a 32-inch television and beyond. 17 to 22 square metres of space per cabin means that you will have the time and space to unwind at your leisure.The Aphrodite Cruise makes your family trips, solo travels, friends trips, or honeymoon time to Halong Bay one of the utmost splendour. Whether you are on the gorgeous open-air sundeck, in the lavish dining room, or in a state of bliss in the Jacuzzi or sauna, our staff are trained to provide a world-class service befitting of a world-class destination.Our dedication to the protection of Halong Bay’s fragile environment is what sets us apart from other tours. We are thorough in our recycling efforts and encourage our customers to take a similar approach.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2012
    From $ 193
    $ 156 /person
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  • Huong Hai Sealife Cruise

    26 luxury cabins and a constant 4 star level of service makes Huong Hai Sealife Cruises one of the best options for people visiting Halong Bay. We commit ourselves to your expectations: professional service and professional facilities. Our crew is friendly and attentive and our amenities; be it the dining room, bar, sundeck, cabin, or massage rooms; are to the highest standard. During Bai Tu Long cruise trip, we get you closer to the beauty and further from the tourists, with more chances to interact with locals at fishing villages and more stops in secluded spots. Experience Halong Bay as it’s meant to be, with Huong Hai Sealife Cruises. If you are looking for a Halong Bay Cruise for your honeymoon vacation or summer vacation with your family or friends, Huong Hai Sealife Cruise will be one of the best choices you should not miss out.
    Bai Tu Long Bay - Launched in 2013
    From $ 160
    $ 125 /person
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  • V'Spirit Classic Cruise

     “V’Spirit” is short for “Vietnamese Spirit” – a national philosophy advocating warm hospitality to guests, which is what we can guarantee you on one of our Halong Bay Deluxe Cruises. The crew members that you will meet are professionally trained and experienced, committing themselves to show you the true meaning of V’Spirit.We have three wooden junk boats in our fleet designed in traditional Vietnamese style, yet loaded with contemporary amenities. Each of our deluxe cabins includes sea-view windows and a modern bathroom, with large, comfortable beds and plenty of extra space. Upstairs, you will find a classy restaurant where you will taste some of the best food available in Vietnam. The sundeck and the bar are fantastic places for meeting people and catching amazing views of the magnificent Halong Bay.As possibly the biggest highlight of any Vietnam Tour, Halong Bay is awaiting your discovery and V’Spirit is thrilled to be there with you. Our excellent customer service means that you can focus on the beauty all around you while we take care of everything else. As one of the top recommendations on Tripadvisor, we are proud to call ourselves one of the best Halong Bay Cruises and hope to have the fantastic time with your family, friends or have a great honeymoon time in otherworldly Halong Bay.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2012
    From $ 135
    $ 110 /person
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  • Starlight Cruise

    Starlight Cruise oozes luxury as it skates over the silky water of Halong Bay. Its elegant style and world-class accommodation make it one of the top cruises for anyone seeking a tour of pure opulence. Starlight Cruise features contemporary amenities and areas draped in chic appeal in its 32 rooms, all of which are 5-star international standard.A restaurant, library, bar, wine cellar, spa and two lounges make up the rest of the Starlight Cruise, with a sundeck upstairs topping everything with its open-air views of Halong Bay’s incredible mountain scenery. The food we serve is of the utmost quality and we use nothing other than the freshest local ingredients in all of our dishes. Our chefs have found the perfect balance in their Vietnamese fusion food and are always exciting to share it with new guests.You will be greeted with a genuine smile from start to finish from our crew. They are always happy to assist you and have a level of care that goes beyond most Bai Tu Long Bay cruises. We know that our job is to ensure that you take home the fondest memories of Halong Bay, and we strive to do just that.
    Bai Tu Long Bay - Launched in 2013
    From $ 176
    $ 140 /person
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  • Stellar Cruise

    The iconic red sails of the Stellar Cruise stretch high into the sky, bestowing a man-made grace on Halong Bay, an area of utter natural brilliance. The sophistication and elegance of a Halong Bay junk boat is unrivalled in Halong Bay; Aclass Cruises have carved a favourable reputation in this UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the perfect match of wonderful amenities, wonderfully friendly staff and an itinerary that focuses on your enjoyment, not your money.There are plenty of places on board a Stellar Cruise to relax in the rugged grandeur of the bay, be it with a drink at the bar, food in the restaurant, a book on the sundeck or a movie in your room. The burnished wood that runs throughout our junk boat bestows a feeling of antiquity and chic aided in no small part by the splendour of Halong Bay’s beautiful islands, caves, floating villages, pearl farms and the excited buzz that transpires at every waking moment of a Halong Bay cruise. Join Stellar Cruise to experience the buzz for yourself, safe in the knowledge of complete security and comfort on board.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 171
    $ 132 /person
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  • Aclass Legend Cruise

    With its sleek wooden furnishings and immaculate light arrangement, elegance runs throughout the Aclass Legend Cruise ship as it glides effortlessly through Halong Bay. The 14 luxury cabins, restaurant, and reception area are fitted with large windows designed for the best views of the bay, and the sundeck provides a relaxing area to sit and soak up the magic.We have a first-class crew to take care of your needs, be it in the restaurant, at the bar, on the sundeck or in your cabin. Our job is to ensure that you have everything you need for a wonderful vacation in Halong Bay.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2014
    From $ 157
    $ 117 /person
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  • Swan Cruises

    Known worldwide for its elegance and beauty, the graceful swan glides slowly through the water, just as we do in UNESCO World Heritage-listed Halong Bay. The Swan is a source of inspiration for romantic stories; your own romantic story in Halong Bay should begin with Swan Cruises.12 deluxe cabins offer passengers untold luxury. This continues throughout our beautiful restaurant and wide sundeck, along with every small detail of the ship, all of which are coated in elegance. Our staffs are a close-knit group and they will always serve you with a smile.Choose Swan Cruises for a sophisticated time in Halong Bay.Among the cruises in Bai Tu Long - The Northern part of Halong Bay, Swan Cruises is one of the good option for you to enjoy your trip in the less touristic area.
    Bai Tu Long Bay - Launched in 2015
    From $ 162
    $ 135 /person
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  • Perla Dawn Sails

    The true beauty of the isolated Lan Ha Bay opens up from the deck of the Perla Dawn Sails. Our Luxury Lan Ha Bay Cruise offers you the utmost comfort and sublime service as it glides quietly past the limestone giants of Lan Ha, revealing a quiet, peaceful bay far removed from the bustle of Halong. Based on the traditional junk boat design, the sleek wooden aesthetic of the Perla Dawn sails gives you the most authentic experience possible, with its 18 cabins providing a first-class voyage and a chance for you to see some of Vietnam’s most magical scenery in complete opulence. Perla Dawn Sails is one of the newest cruises in Lan Ha Bay which is suitable for a group with kids, and also for couples with honeymoon time.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2018
    From $ 210
    $ 155 /person
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  • Alisa Cruise

    Alisa – the Princess of the Ocean – Expect More Than A Cruise! Alisa Cruise began with a vision in 2016 to provide a new, different kind of service than what was on offer at the time. We fostered a connection among people on our cruises while providing 4-star services to everyone on board. Everywhere that Alisa goes, we bring luxury worthy of a princess, for which the company is named.Everything we do at Alisa Cruise is to facilitate a greater connection between customers and staff; we commit to providing the highest quality service and acknowledge that the needs of the customer should be put first.We consider ourselves to have a dual responsibility towards society and the environment and the way we conduct ourselves on and off the ship reflects this. We are devoted to keeping the trust that customers continuously place in us and are constantly inspired to be the best cruise that we can be. If you are looking for a perfect cruise in Halong Bay for your family vacation, Alisa Cruise will be one of the best choices for you.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 187
    $ 157 /person
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What are Halong Bay Recommended Cruises?

The wealth of options for cruises around Halong Bay can be a bit overbearing at times. With over 100 options to choose from, you may be wondering which Halong Bay cruises are recommended, based off an overall return of happy customers. Incredible Asia Journeys have listed our recommended Halong Bay cruises below, all based off top-tier Tripadvisor reviews and positive feedback received over other mediums.

What are the Traits of Halong Bay Recommended Cruises?

First and foremost, the cruises listed below can all boast the best Tripadvisor reviews, along with reviews left on other sites and ones delivered to Incredible Asia Journeys personally. Each of our Halong Bay cruise suggestions has a Tripadvisor rating of 5 stars, garnered across hundreds or even thousands of reviews from very contented passengers. These reviews usually indicate a strong service that appeals to several different passengers, most of which go into detail about what made the cruise so great.

Our next parameter for measuring which are the Halong Bay recommended cruises is the experience of the companies running them. Halong Bay has been a highly popular tourist destination since the 1990s, meaning that companies have had a good amount of time to establish themselves. The longest-running of these experienced Halong Bay cruise companies have been in operation for around 15 to 20 years, growing an extensive knowledge of the bay and being able to deliver a tried-and-tested itinerary with an overall stellar service.

When we provide recommendations for Halong Bay cruises, we look at the itineraries and the balance of activities and relaxation that they possess. Some passengers prefer a highly active cruise, while some would like to spend all of their time on a sun lounger; both are perfectly possible across many cruises, but the ones we have listed here are for the majority of people who would prefer a balanced middle-ground. Between activity and placidity is exactly where the following cruises lie, treading the ideal line for most people, where fun and engaging activities are interspersed with much reclining time on the boat.

Upon leaving the boat, these cruises ensure a diverse range of activities born of their vast experience in knowing which excursions are popular and which make people want to stay on the boat. These itineraries depend on the location of course, but each cruise will know what works for their passengers and will have tailored itineraries that reflect that. These recommended Halong Bay cruise companies can pick from kayaking, cave visits, fishing village visits, pearl farm visits, beach visits, swimming, cooking classes, squid fishing, tai chi sessions and more, passing down the option to you of which excursions to take.

There is a tendency to expect any suggested Halong Bay cruises to come with huge price tags that only travellers on the highest budgets can afford. At Incredible Asia Journeys, our recommendations are based on cost-effectiveness, on whether we feel that the itinerary presented and the reviews received are reflective of the price of the cruise. We understand your budget and can personally recommend a cruise that we know will fit you.

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